Weekend Wrap Up/Monday Morning Gossip Link Up

Happy Monday!

Linking up with Leeanne @ Join the Gossip for this weeks MMG :)

I hope your weekend was better than mine, b/c to be honest, mine/ours kind of sucked.

Let's digress, shall we?

Friday, I got paid, which was great, but after getting a few things, I only had a few dollars left. EEK! I ran to Tim Horton's to grab some coffee, read and have a snack.

FYI: Their Maple Biscuit is amazing. Just sayin. Because we don't have a lot of money, I only bought one magazine...Woman's World. Love it. I met up with our new Pastor (of Students and Youth/Young Adults)'s wife, at Starbucks. We had a nice time. Then I grabbed something to eat for us. I found a $20 deal at Little Caeser's. With us, it is a good deal, b/c two pizzas can last us a few meals. And I also got chicken wings. And garlic bread. Yum. I had a bath that night, and as I was coming out of the bathroom, I noticed that a leak that had been fixed years back, has now started leaking. Oh goody. 3 hours and 4 (soaked) towels later, it got dealt with. Sort of. I also did a couple of loads of laundry. I ended the day (more about that in another post), with watching a classic "Look Who's Talking".

Saturday, we just relaxed in the morning, and I had a few errands to run, then I met up with my lady friends from church. It turned out just only two of us meeting up, which was ok. She bought me lunch, which was sweet of her. I went to the library, and then I went to the park to read for a bit. The weather was so nice, and I wanted to enjoy it before I no longer can. I ended up spending some time with my aunt,and we went to the dog park, to allow Cassie to run, then to McD's to share some fries and talk. I was still having a bit of a rough time with it, and it was nice to talk with her about what is going on. Came home at around 8:30. I folded the laundry, and went on the computer, and went to bed.

Sunday; my aunt and I went to church with some of her friends who were trying it out, and coincidentally, where my friends go to church. It was actually nice to try a new church for a change. It was a wonderful service (again, will talk about it in another post). Came home and ate dinner, and went on the computer and then had a nap. Watched the first half of a movie, and then hung out with my aunt again. She brought me some pie she had made; peach pie..YUM! and we also shared fries again and talked in the van. I came home and relaxed and finished off the movie and started another one. I changed our sheets, and switched duvet covers. I journalled, read a magazine, talked with Anker and went to bed.

Well, that was my wknd. It wasn't exciting, but it had some ok moments.


Amy Rogers said…
I see you love your yoga pants, too. I haven't heard of Call the Midwife, but it sounds like something I would be interested in.
The A Team said…
Oh yes, I do!!! You haven't heard of it? Maybe it's not on in the States? It's really good.

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