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Summer, Pt 1

Yes, we're alive!! I thought I would do a quick post, b/c I am thinking that it has been awhile since i have written in this!!

We have had a fairly good summer! As far as the weather goes, we are only JUST NOW getting some "summer" weather...well, August, and September have been nice..June and July?? Only a few days were hot!!

I wouldn't say it's been a great summer, but it's been ok. I have been having some "stuff", that I am working through, and I had/am having some depression, it has made the summer a bit of a downer.

Just a few summer highlights:

I celebrated my 35 birthday. We had the party a few days later, thanks to my working and the Canucks (still a sore We had a few ppl in the park, and it was a nice party.

My sister graduated the end of June, and we had such a fun party!! Lots of people came to help her celebrate...lots of laughter, and pictures were had! And of course, yummy food! She is now at Bible College in Calgary.