Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I wasn't going to post tonight, but as I was reading one of the blogs I frequent, I had an idea. The U.S celebrates their Thanksgiving tomorrow, and I am reminded that I have alot to be thankful for. Lately, it seems that I have struggled with this, and the area of contentment. We live in a small apartment, we seem to be always financially strapped, I still don't have a job, and although I am feeling MUCH better, my hair is still falling out, and my leg is still going numb, and Anker has been sick twice in the last 3 weeks. I can get down, almost to the point of depression, crying, etc. Yes, I believe that there are times for this...but I also need to be thankful for the things I have, and that I am basically, for the most part, happy.

In the last week or so, I have learned that a friend of ours found out that her cancer has returned, a boy died at an airport, our second/third cousin died in a head-on collision (only a 6 month baby surviving), some friends that I know just got laid off from their jobs. The blog that I was just at is a mom of a 5 yr old girl who is fighting brain cancer. Compared to that, what have I got to complain about? I have my family, and a few close friends, we DO have a place to live, two GREAT churches who love and care for Anker and I, even though I really do NEED a job, my days are pretty much my own, and I can spend them however I like, my husband is (when he isn't sick), is able to go out make a living for us. I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea.

Am I where I really want to be in life? Yes and no..I love being married, and even though times are tough, I am happier married than single. I would have loved to have been a mom by now, but that isn't happening, and obviously, God knows that now isn't the time. I am trying to understand why this hasn't happened yet, but I am thankful that God knows HIS will and timing!! I just must keep on loving and serving him, and waiting for his perfect timing!!

Well, I will come off my soap box now:) This is for me as well as for whoever reads this.

Not much new for us. I am seeing a neurologist Jan 7, to do some more assessment. I think my hair is falling out b/c of my PCOS, so I am seeing a dermatologist Dec 12. I am in our Churchs Christmas play as an extra, so that has kept me a bit busy. That's pretty much it. Not much new.

One final Uncle was driving to Prince George from my family's ranch (where he and my aunt live), and he was side-swiped by a low-bed truck. He was in his company's truck, and that is probably what saved him. He is doing ok, but I think pretty shocked still. We are thankful to God for sparing him!!

Sorry so long between postings....I have nothing exciting to post!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Just thought I would quickly update everyone on what is up. Just like the name, things have been pretty quiet lately. Really not much happening, and I guess in a way, it is good.

Labour Day Weekend, Anker and I joined my family in a short road trip to Salmon Arm, to help celebrate my dad's aunt's 80th birthday! It was a great time. Luke met up with us there, so that was really fun. We ended up going the family, as our car needed work done, and we didn't want to risk driving it. It was a fun short drive..talking about various things. Our family grew up with no T.V in the car, so even though I think the boys find it a bit boring, at least they aren't fighting over what movie to watch!! They always wanted us to talk and interact with one another, or read a Mom and Dad were given the gift of the night in a motel, so we went there first, and had a quick swim in the pool. Anker had to quickly go and buy some swim shorts, first, though!! We ended up getting ready at the motel, as Anker and I were staying with dad's cousin, and we went there after the party.

The party was quite fun, and a great evening. Anker doesn't generally like crowds, and finds it hard to talk to people he doesn't know, but every time I looked at him, he was talking to someone, so I think he really enjoyed himself. I didn't sleep that night, due to my hernia bugging me, so I coughed pretty much all night. The next morning, there was to be a breakfast hosted at D's house, so we puttered around with that. Their house is beautiful, which they pretty much built from the ground up. So, the breakfast was wonderful, and it was great chatting with everyone. It rained for a few minutes, but it didn't dampen the spirits. There were a fair number of people there, so it was good to get some more visiting in. We left at about 11, and home around 1. I am soo glad we went, and hope to go back to visit them who live there again!!

Unfortunately, that was the start of my hernia bugging my again, which lasted for about a couple of weeks. I have found that pretty much losing weight "cures" it. I don't even know if the meds I take help. I have lost a few pounds, and I am determined to keep them off. For me, when it is bugging me, I cough A LOT, and I cough at night, so I don't sleep well. I also have a hard time (even more than normal) bending down, and walking is awful. So, I try to do what I can to keep the weight down, so I don't get "sick" again.

Other than the party, really not much has been going on with us. I am trying to get out a bit every day or every other day, just to get out, do something. Anker is usually home by 10 or 11 in the morning, so that means that we are home A LOT together. It's fine, but I also need time Often, I will go to Starbucks or Tim Hortons, and write or read. Or, I will run errands or have appointments in the afternoon. Sometimes, I will go to the park, and read, but that will be coming to a close, as it is getting COOLD!!

So, regarding my health, it seems that I am on more meds/vitamins/supplements than a 33 yr old should be, but what can you do? I started feeling better around the end of Sept, which totally made my mood better!! Even cleaning the house was easier!! I had a nerve test the 25th of September, and we find the results of that the end of October. I should have made the appt to see him the Monday after the test, but I didn't even think of, now I have to wait until the 29th. I also will have to have a Lumbar Puncture, but I was too chicken to have it (a needle in my back..really??), so I cancelled it, and will chat w/ Dr. C about it on the 29th. Actually, there was more to it than that..I have heard people dying from having an LP. A friend of ours' daughter had one, and within a week, she was leaking spinal fluid..she was ok, though. I DO realize that I probably DO have to have this done...and will just have to "suck it up", I guess. One other thing I wanted to mention is that the numbing in my left leg seems to be more frequent. I have had this over a year, and I have no clue as to what it is. It used to only come once every few weeks, now, it's almost every day. And to top that hair has been falling out for almost two months (or more..can't remember if I noticed it in July or Aug..I remember I was at my parents' place when I noticed was on either one of those times), so I got my blood tested, and the only thing that was "wrong" was that I have low Iron, so I am taking iron now. I hope that helps. I can feel hair is getting thinner.

As for work, well, still NOTHING! I am still working with T.H.E.O, and there isn't really much to report. I finally talked with my case worker, and explained to him that I was finding this all very frustrating. They are suppose to advocate for you, re: getting work. I was referred to another worker there to help me apply for jobs (due to comp/program issues, i can't do it from home), and that was going well, but then she just "dumped" me. Anyway...I told this to him, and was very shocked, and would talk to her. I hope something comes up soon!!

We had a very lovely September, weather-wise, and the last few days have been VERY COLD!! I love this time of year...I love the fall colours, Thanksgiving, and yes, even Halloween!

I have been thinking of taking the ECE program next year, and the next couple of weeks, I will be doing some research on the job itself.

I have been volunteering at a seniors home, and I will be doing a bit more this month, so that will be fun. I am also teaching Sunday School one or two Sundays a month. We are also going to a four week marriage class, where we watch a funny movie about marriage:) It's really fun to be with other married couples..that for me, as been my dream!!

I think that about does it for now...sorry so long, but I guess since I go TOO long btwn posts, then it can get a bit long!!

Anker is doing well...his knee still bothers him, and he had a bad weekend of being sick..probably his IBS acting up, but for the most part, he is doing well.

Heading to the family's place tomorrow after church. My brother and his girlfriend will be there, as well as the rest of the family. Looking forward to spending it with the family.

I also wanted to say that I came across a blog earlier this summer, and I was quite moved by this story. They are a lovely Christian family, who live in the Phoenix area. She is a 5 year old battling brain cancer.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Our Staycation Vacation

I thought I would quickly tell you about our little vacay we did last weekend. It was a great time, even if it was short:( Hopefully, next year, we can spend some more time away. It was a beautiful weekend, and we are really glad we did it.

On Thursday, and Friday, I madly dashed around cleaning, and organizing. Friday night, Anker's sister K, and her hubby, C, and their daughter G, stayed here. After meeting up, and then bringing them home, they got settled in, and then took us out for supper at White Spot!! It was so yummy, complete w/ Blueberry pie!! We also ended up going to the small carnival held at the local mall. Sadly, it closed about an hour after we got there, but G had some fun time going on the rides w/ her parents.

Saturday morning, we just hung out, and Anker made breakfast, while we all watched Star Wars. We didn't bother to rush, and just enjoyed lounging around, and the visiting time together. We showed them downtown Kamloops (they are from the Coast). We took them the Farmer's Market, one of our favourite bakeries, and a few other stores, as well as a quick grocery run. We left Kamloops at around 2 or so.

Drove to my family's place, and they stayed at the B&B, and Anker and I camped in my parents' backyard. Not really where we wanted to camp, but due to the fire ban, and various other reasons, we thought it might be the best place to camp. We got the tent/bedding up rather late, and Anker was tired, so we decided to go to bed..sadly, I didn't sleep. I don't know what it is...I just didn't sleep really much at all while we were away. It could have something to do w/ my cough...or just the thought of being out at night? The first two nights were cold..the last night wasn't as bad. So, I pretty much just laid there, and wished I had a light to read with!! (we actually DID have a fire in the bbq pit, since there really wasn't a ban, but Dad didn't want any fires on the ranch-it is sooo dry.) We did have a fire both nights, and enjoyed roasted marshmallows:)

Went to church on Sunday, and then went to one of the lakes to swim! Had a very nice time. Loved the water, wished we could have stayed longer. We packed a picnic lunch, which was oh so yummy!! Sunday night, went to the B&B and we all had supper together, and a nice visit.

Monday morning, we woke up to NO electricty. Apparently, the whole valley was out, and it didn't go on until 1 pm. Everyone brought out their camp stove (for breakfast and coffee), and K even made a fire in the stove at the cabin!! (anything for your coffee:)) They came down for a short tour, as G wanted to ride the pony. About 12:30, we went to Wells Gray Park. We saw two of the falls, and also went up to the very end of the road, (to Clearwater Lake) something I hadn't done in years, and of course Anker had never been up there before. We discovered there was a store, and a cafe, as well as a beautiful campsite!! We will definitely be going back to camp. We had a nice picnic, by the Clearwater River, accompanied by lots of Aphids!! Came home and got some of our food and went back up and we had a nice dinner w/ them again. We put our foods together, which was nice. Tuesday morning, we just hung out, and visited, and took the tent, etc, down, and then said good bye!!

So, that was it..nothing exciting. Just a nice trip, w/ Anker's sister.

Just a few other tidbits....

I worked my first day on my new went really well. I work two days next week, and 3 days the week after. I didn't get the day salon job, which makes me upset, but I guess something better is around the corner.

The owners are wanting to sell the place we live in. We are hoping it is for investment, as we really don't want to move. We met w/ the realtor today, and we just talked about our options.

I got the results of my MRI today. Basically, they are inconlusive. They are wanting me to do a few more tests.

Tomorrow we (well, me for sure) are heading out to help celebrate my Aunt's 80th bday!! We are staying over night, and we have decided to go w/ my parents, so we can save on gas, and also, it needs serious brake job, being done on Tuesday. We are staying the night at my cousins, and some are staying in the hotel.

I think that's it for now!! Have a great Long Weekend:)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summer Gone, Already???

Hello, Everyone!!

I can't believe summer is ALMOST over...I feel like I haven't really done much this summer. I have been to the beach only a few times, and we have only been camping Oh well...there's always next summer. I was going to wait until I saw the neurologist before I posted, but it has been over a month since I have updated the blog:)

I guess the first thing to say is that I am pretty much 100% better from my "stroke". I still have no idea what it was, hence the appointment w/ the neuro. next week, but I am pretty much better...on one hand, I am SO happy, but on the other, I am still mystified by what happened, and if I still had it, then maybe they could figure out what it was. I guess it is was just a "freak" thing that happened, but will know for sure when we see him next week. It was awhile before I could se him, b/c he was away on summer holidays, etc. I still have the numbing in my left leg, which comes a lot more then it used to, and my right hand, mainly when I am on the computer, gets all twitchy, so will talk to him about that as well.

The next cool thing is that it looks like I have a job!! I found one of my "old" school chums from my Birch Island days on Facebook, and started talking, and I found out that she has moved back to Kamloops. We got together for coffee one day, and I found out that she is needing a babysitter for when she starts work. She is a nurse, and hopes to get a position at the hospital, and when she does, I will be working full time, too!! Right now, she has another part time job, so I will be working she needs someone..hopefully about 2-3 days/wk. I am SO excited..and a bit relieved, since we are SO behind on our bills, and our car needs work on it desperately!!

We really haven't had much of a summer, fun-wise. Like I said, we only went "away" (to my parents) once, ok twice, this summer, and even I haven't gone swimming much. His sister and her family are coming this weekend, and they are staying here, on Friday, then we are all going to my parents, where they will stay at my parents' B&B, and we will camp. It should be a fun weekend, where we will probably go to Wells Gray, and maybe to the beach!!

It has also been a bit of a stressful summer, money-wise. Just not enough money to do even the fraction of what we want to do. Also, Anker didn't get his week off like he did last we didn't get to go away, or even just stay at home and do day trips. He IS getting a few days off this weekend, only b/c we got someone to clean for him at the Dental centre. The church is still in summer-mode, so it is okay if he leaves for a few days. Also, not finding any jobs, and my health didn't make it the greatest summer, either.

We did have a nice 2 yr anniversary, though. I just relaxed all day, and we went to a Mongolian Grill restaurant, which was really nice. Neither of us had been there before, so it was a new experience for both of us. We came home and watched "Speed" together. That was our night.

My HH seems to be ok, but I still can't do a lot of walking, esp up hills, althought THAT is due to my NOT being in shape. Walking has always been "my thing", I loved it, and I could walk fairly fast. Not sure what has happened, but even slight inclines make my legs are sore. BUT I am trying to do a bit walk every day, or at least every other day, to help strengthen them. I am also losing a bit of weight, I had lost almost 6 pounds, but I gained back two, so I hope I have lost, or at least not gained when I weigh myself today!! The one thing about my hernia that is helping me to lose a bit, is that I have to eat little meals through out the day, not three big meals. Of course, sometimes I eat a bit more, then I pay for

The baby-making is on hold for now...until we get a bit more financially stable (whatever that, and until my cycles are a bit more regular. More on that at another time.

We finally gave up our newspaper routes. Anker still has the daily one in the morning, but the afternoon ones we just gave up. It really wasn't worth it, money-wise, and it was just tying us down. I may pick on up later in the fall, if we find one that is close to us, etc.

On August 6-9, I took a few days and went to my parents. I was getting cabin fever, and NEEDED to get away. First though, we four sisters had a nice sisters day. We went swimming, had lunch, went shopping, and watched a movie (The Proposal, the second time for me..I love that movie). It was the first time we had all gotten together like this in a was fun being together, and just relaxing. The plan is to do something that we each want to do. So, that evening,I got a ride home with them, and just spent Friday just hanging out and reading, and swimming in the pool. It was such a nice day!! Becoming Shiloh music festival started that weekend, but I didn't have plans to go, so I just hung out at home. Anker was bored, and he missed me, I guess, so he came out on Saturday. We made supper for everyone, since they were at the festival all day, and would be going back for the evening, and that was really fun. We had a nice evening, just he and I. Saw the puppies, which had grown SO MUCH. We went for a walk, and caught up with Joseph and Cadence, and we visited w/ them. Sunday, we went to church, which was being held at Shiloh, and it was a great service. The Lord was definitely there!! Had lunch w/ Jill and her family, which was really nice. So, that was that weekend.

I think that is pretty much it for now....lots of little things going on, but not really exciting enough for a blog, I don't think. I tried to start on the book "Twilight", but I just can't get into it. I may just watch the movie first.

Well, that's all for now:) Have a great weekend, everyone!!

I think Anker and I are going to my great aunts 80th bday on Labour Day weekend in Salmon Arm. It sounds like it is going to be a mini-reunion, so I am really looking forward to that!!

PS..I forgot to mention about our August long weekend. On Saturday, Anker and I went to the Farmer's Market together for the first time. It wasn't a long time spent, but we got some great fruits and veggies. On Sunday, Anker and I were invited to our friends who live right by the river. We had a great time riding their boat, and I went swimming in the river (with a life jacket on, of course!!), and I had a great time. Anker enjoyed it too...had a great supper outside, and a great visit!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

A Quick Health Report

I thought that I would do a quick (??) health post, since even through Facebook, not alot of people knew (or still know) what is going on with me.

First, I do this, not so that I whine the world (I actually don't know if I want to do, but because I believe that everyone has been very sincere, and asking me how things are going, etc. Also, I don't like repeating myself a bunch of

First, right now, I seem to be doing ok, which is great!! But more on that, later:)

First before I do that, I wanted to just quickly update you on our summer "vacation". We took a quick trip to the ranch to camp there this past weekend. It was good, but it was VERY windy, and we really couldn't have much of a fire, so that was kind of I hope next time, we can do more of a fire, and there will no wind. We will probably go one more time for sure this summer. We may be meeting up w/ his sister and her family for a few days the end of August, at my parents place, which will be nice. We may end up going back to Vancouver, and taking in the PNE. It is just so hard to do anything, not so much financially (although, that is part of it), as it is mainly the time he is able to get away, and getting someone to cover his work, if needed. This is mainly at the Dental Office, and any extra jobs (like he has now). Also, he STILL has the morning papers, which I believe we will get rid of. They really don't make enough, and again, they just keep us tied down. 90% of the year, that is fine, but not the 10 percent you want and need to get away. Ok, sorry..back to our weekend. So, we went up to Wells Gray Park, and just hung out. I read alot, which was nice. My cousin and her family were there, and also a family friend w/ her children there, too, so we were able to see all of them. I was also able to see the puppies, which are now 3 months!! I have pictures of them on Facebook:) We even when to the newly opened A&W which opened, in Clearwater on our way home.

Ok, so just a short update on what happened. On the early morning of July 11 at about 1:30, i was having a coughing spell (more on that later), and I started to say something or move my mouth, when, I suddenly couldn't move it. It freaked me out, but I thought "ok, I must have slept on it wrong, or whatever", but I still was really bothered by it. I finally went back to bed at 2:15, feeling a bit better, but still not 100%. So, the next morning, I tried to get up at about 8 or 9, when I suddenly tried to get out of bed using my arm, and I couldn't get out of bed. I tried to call for Anker, but he was on the computer, and I am sure he thought I was putting the drama on. Again, I couldn't talk. I wont go into any more details, but I will tell you that I thought my Bells Palsy was back. That would have been ok...I mean, not the best, but I could have lived with it. I called my mom, and I could hardly speak to her..I immediately gave the phone to Anker. (I just told her that I thought my BP was back). Basically, she told Anker to take me to hospital, and Anker had to finish up things for VBS (set up), so he drove me down to the hospital, and I sat there for about 3 hours, which really wasn't that long. SOOO..they finally took me back about 2:30, and I was worried that the DR wouldn't take me seriously. Thankfully, he did. He did all sorts of tests, and I got a CT/ECG/Blood work done. By this time, I was feeling a bit better, speech-wise. My friend came down for awhile to sit w/ me, and Anker came later, which I was very glad to see...I was missing him!! The thing that the DR was concerned about was that I couldn't move my tongue to both sides of mouth. All the tests came out negative, which was a relief, but they also had a neurologist see me, which again, he did all the tests, and he wanted me to have an MRI. I still don't have FULL speech usage yet, but it is MUCH better than it was. I have my "good" days and "bad" days, and even when we camping, I seemed to have a good weekend. I have a cousin that is a DR, and she said that they may not ever find a diagnosis...blah! I wass suppose to help w/ VBS the next week, and I sadly didn't end up helping, so I just had a relaxing and quiet week.

I followed up w/ my GP, and I asked him to do a Corotid Artery U/S on my neck...I don't know what is up, but it could have something to do w/ that. He again, did all of his tests, and everything was fine, as well.

My MRI was yesterday, and other than my freaking out before-hand, it went ok. I will know the results next week. I am finding, though, that you really have to stay "on top of them", so they don't lose you in the system. Even my cousin was surprised that they didn't do the U/S in the hospital. I am really missing the Calgary Health System right now. I remember when you could get a minor test in a few days.

The OTHER thing that I have, is an Hiatus Hernia. It's the protrusion (or herniation) of the upper part of the stomach into the thorax through a tear or weakness in the diaphragm. (Yes, that is the Wikipedia's I am having problems eating/sleeping. I am basically learning how to eat far as eating only a little at a time, and not drinking as much (not I am on meds, but I really just want to lose weight, so that is (again) my a few pounds at a time, and no crazy diet, BUT really try to just eat as healthy as I can. Right now, though, I am having a tough time..I won't go through it all, but it really just gets me down, and I am tired, and it is hard for me to do much excerising, b/c w/ HH, it feels like someone is sitting on top of you, and/you feel like you have just had a big turkey dinner. I also have a hard time sleeping at night, and I was doing ok, before we went away, and I am doing a bit better now, sleep-wise. I also cough quite alot, (esp at night, when I lay down) which is frustrating. When we went camping, I had to sleep out in the car, so I didn't disturb Anker. I didn't have enough pillows, I guess. BUT I am determined to lose a bit of this weight, and I hope that it will go away. Yes, it could be also a b/c of what happened when I was baby, and all the stuff that went on there, and abdominal problems, when they put it all back in.

Well, that's enough about me....

Anker is STILL having problems w/ his knee and sees a specialist (and orthopedist, I think) in August. So, yes, we are quite the pair.

On a good note, Anker has gotten another contract for 6 weeks (once/wk) for the summer, so that should help a bit. I am not even THINKING of looking for least until my speech is normal a few days in a row, and until I get my MRI results back. If it is all normal, then I will have to go "great guns" in trying to get a job. The one thing that I find VERY frustrating, is that I don't have any current education, and with my disabilities (not being on my feet for along time, having problems with retail cash transactions), makes things difficult. Hopefully, things will look up in September, or even before.

Well, I guess that does it for me tonight. TWO entries in one MONTH..SHOCKING!!

We are celebrating 2 years of wedding bliss on July 27:)

Monday, July 13, 2009

A long over-due update

Just a short update to let you know that we are still alive!! I am TERRIBLE at keeping up a blog, I am finding. I think it is mainly because I really have no clue who is reading it, and if it is being read.
Because it has been over 3 months since I updated, I think I will do this in point form, also, b/c I'm lazy....

First, I hope everyone is having a great summer! I really can't say it has been a SUPER summer, but it hasn't been all that bad...I mean, we are alive, have food, shelter, and of course, have had some lovely weather! I went for my first swim yesterday in the North/South Thompson River..VERY cold!

So, in semi-chronological order, here is our life in a nut-shell...

-End of April, went back to help my family at the end of lambing for a few days. One of the guard dogs had 12 (one died, sadly, after she laid on it) puppies. They are keeping 4, and I get to name one. They have sold most of the others.

-Enjoyed a lovely weekend at our (CCC's) Ladies Retreat, which was on Mother's Day Weekend. It was at Sunnybrae Bible Camp, which was really fun. I think they are going back next year. It was a weekend full of lots of fun, food, and fellowship, and I also experienced lots of love and prayer from my friends:)

-Just before the May long weekend, I went to Calgary (well, first I went to home the day before..b/c they wanted to go the North route..soo, I got to see the puppies) for my brother Luke's Graduation from ACAD. He has a Bachelor of Art, Photography. It was a short trip..Just me and the fam (Anker stayed home..he had to work), and it was a bit of a crazy trip, but nice to see family, and to support my brother. We also got to meet his girlfriend:) The trip, the south way this time, was a bit more relaxing. Dad showed the kids the the Banff springs hotel, and we stopped a few more places.

-May 30th, we (CCC) had our annual Church picnic. It was a great time, and although not very hot at times (it clouded over for awhile), it was a great afternoon. We also ended up hiking into Margurite Falls, which is spectacular!! You could almost go underneath the falls, and you can definately feel it splashing on your face. We went to Harold Park, in the Shuswap, about an hour and a half away.

-We sadly missed the annual Aveley Ranch picnic. I think it was b/c Anker had to work...but I was very sad we missed it. Next Year, I hope!!

-On June 1st, Anker and I started w/ 6 paper routes (daily papers, and also weekly ones), but we are now down to three, b/c it is just too much, and also, it isn't worth all the gas we were using.

-June 2nd, my friend and I, along w/ her child and dog went and spent a couple of hours at Paul Lake. I love it up there..sooo nice! I hope to go back, as that was only my second time in going..EVER!!

-June 5th, spent a lovely evening w/ some ladies on our church enjoying an outside picnic supper together, and a rousing game of Croquet..again..I think that was the first time I have played it.

-My bday was June 9, and my sister ended up coming to stay w/ me for a few days. On my actual birthday, I had some meetings to go to, and a friend came over for a late dinner. (lamb, of course!!) I scored some nice gifts, and it was a nice day. The next day, she and I went down to Riverside Park, and got KFC meals, and read and relaxed, which was totally fun.

-July 1st, we went down to Riverside Park and enjoyed the Canada Day festivities. It was a VERY hot day, so we found a tree, and got some food, and just enjoyed people watching. We also wandered around to all the booths, etc. We stayed until the fireworks, which were great this year.

-Had some nice dates w/Anker..A movie date (he watched one, I watched another..I was NOT going to sit through, some time at Riverside park...getting ice cream, and going for a walk..and listening to whomever is playing at the band shell that night.

-My brother Joseph, and his wife, Cadence came a few weeks ago, on a Sunday afternoon..we went to Riverside Park (yes, that is pretty much the ONLY place to go near water), and hung out and relaxed...went to Mino's for supper..YUM!

-My other brother, Adam, and his wife, Krystle, came on Saturday (late) and spent the night, and we all went to church together, which was really nice. Grabbed some food for a picnic in the park (yes, Riverside..AGAIN), and we went swimming (cold), and visited.

-I also started Volunteering once a week at a Seniors' home. Mainly, to get me doing something else, but mainly, to have something on my resume that is current. I have only done it twice (I hope to go this week), but I really like it. If I don't have a job in September, I may go twice/week.

I think that about covers the events. We haven't been home (the ranch) in two months..Actually, I think Anker hasn't been there since Easter, and our plans are to go camping there this weekend. It will be the only time that we can get away....unless we go to the PNE, which we aren't sure yet if we are going. It will be good to go and see the family for a few days.

I was suppose to help w/ VBS this week, and although I may do a bit, I won't be able to do what I wanted...I am sure you heard what happened, through Facebook..but basically, I woke up this past Saturday (and also, in the middle of the night on Saturday) not being able to talk. It was a very scary experience, and I spent all day in ER on Saturday, trying to figure out what happened. I saw my GP today, and it could be a number of things..but they are doing a few more tests to rule anything else out. If you can remember, please pray!

I am still looking (if you can call it that) for work...I really would love to get training, but A) I really don't even know what I want to..combined w/ can we do schooling here, etc, B) Where I am going for work search Counselling, they don't seem to want to train me. I think the Lord wants me to just not worry about it...but I worry...b/c we never seem to have enough..and i don't mean for wants..I mean for needs.

One final thing...Anker finally got his bike up and running. He is very happy about it. It looks great. Not sure if you would get me on it, though!!

Hope to maybe go on a couple of days' holiday w/ Anker's sister, and her family. Not sure what it will entail. Maybe even just meeting at my our parents' place for a few days.

I think that is about it for now...So much for being short...could you please..if you read this..leave a comment? I would love to know if anyone is reading this..thanks:)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Just a couple quick things I forgot...I took a Superhost course in March..just a 2 half days, but it was interesting, and I can put it on my resume at least.

Also, I met a lady who's blog I have been reading lately. I found it on my friend Jamie's blog. I found out that she grew up near where I grew up, and I think her dad even taught my aunts, and dad. I was in our greeting gazeebo, and I saw these little boys, and I asked them their names, and they told me...which of course sounded familiar, but anyone can have those names...but then they told me their baby brothers name..and I was sure that it was her. So, a while later I told her that I had come across her blog...and we talked...but not for long, as it was busy, and they were leaving to tour the place..anyway..just sort of funny:)


Hi Everyone:)

I have been debating about whether to change the settings of this blog to public, so that I can get more I am still not sure how to upload pics, nor do I know how to make a link to other blogs I frequent. If someone can help me, please do so!!

So..I came across a blog last night (through a friend of a friend, and yes I was bored), and I was very moved. A beautiful family. Three beautiful girls. About to have another. Then at her 20 wk u/s discover that the baby they want so dearly will not live when she is born. How does one cope with that? Alot of grace, and alot of faith. What an amazing family, with an amazing story. The blog was public, and her story is known around the world...this tiny little baby has left this amazing legacy!! The point of this story (other than that I was moved) was that they trusted God. So, that got me much do we really trust/rely on God??

I have been having some "Trust Issues" w/ God lately. Just wondering what He has for us! What are His long range plans?? I don't see them. I see just the regular day grind..which isn't bad, but just wondering if He has more? Sometimes, I worry about things, that, as Anker puts it, I really don't need to worry about. Money, a bigger house, babies (yes, I had to put that in there). But really, do I need to worry about things? No, I shouldn't. I just need to trust and rely on God and provide EVERYTHING that we NEED!!! Like last week, things were really tight, as they always are...and we had to go to my parents house for the weekend (more on that later), and I was worrying on how we would get the gas to get out..(yes, things are that tight), amongst other things. Then, Wed (not sure of the day), I open the mail and there was my GST chq that I TOTALLY forgot was due to come this week. I NEVER forget when money is supposed to come! YAY!! That is just something simple, that totally made realise that God has bigger plans, and God is bigger than us!! But more than that, that God is watching and looking out for us!! Anyway..I hope this is an encouragement to anything you are going through.

Ok..enough of the deep thoughts!! I know it has been awhile since I have written...:) I am really not sure where to start....

I guess I will start w/ this past weekend. We had a great time at my parents place. They are lambing, so of course, it was a hub-bub of activity. They are also doing Agri-tourism, so that makes things REALLY busy!! I mainly was outside, w/ one of my aunts, as a greeter. Sadly, the weather wasn't as nice as it could have (and should in my opinion, but at least it didn't snow!! I had to get my winter jacket out, that was still in the came in very handy. It rained and was VERY cold on Sunday. On Saturday, it wasn't quite as bad, but still not really warm. I got some great shots...and I have posted them to my Facebook account. On Saturday, they had organized an Easter Egg hunt. I think they had about 40 kids come out to that. It was a hit, and the kids got TONS of loot. On Sunday, we had a lovely Service, and since everyone is too busy to go to church, they have "Shepherd's Chapel", in which they hold a short half hour service in usually the tea house, but since we had a Youth Group from the Coast helping us for the weekend, we had it outside w/ a bonfire. After they left, mom had organized a staff kids EE hunt. Some of the adults got in on it, too!! Anker spent most of the weekend working on yet another outhouse..this time, above the road, near where they are going to make a small camping site. The rest of the day went well..but COLD. We did get some visitors, which was very surprising. In the late afternoon, I went and wandered around, taking pictures, and cuddling the lambs. Had a nice Easter Dinner of Lamb (of course!!), and then we made our way home.

In March, Anker and I took two trips to my parents place. One was for my sisters bday, which was fun. It was a cold weekend, and there was still snow (there still, actually, but not much). The second to last weekend of March, we went, as Anker was to help John w/ a project. We had to get the car looked at, so I stayed in Clearwater, and I visited my friend Jill. I hadn't seem them since they moved, and it was great to see their house. I sure miss her here, though!!

I am still doing Sunday School the first week of the month, and Anker had just started Ushering. I am really happy about that. He actually hasn't done it yet, since his first week, was this last, and we were at the he had to switch w/ someone. Our life is pretty quiet, really. I wish in a way, that we went out more, but we really don't have alot of money to be going out all the time. We do what we can, though.

As for the jobs..nothing much has happened. I am getting interviews, though...just not much coming from them. I hope things turn around soon. I did send off two resumes last week, so maybe I will hear back from them this week. Anker is still working at both jobs. The dental office that he works at is moving a block down the street, into a bigger building, so he will be re-negotiating his contract, which will be good.

I am looking forward to the CCC's ladies retreat Mother's Day long weekend. I am being "sponsored" for the third year in a row...and I very humbled by this. I didn't ask (of course not!), nor did I expect it. It will be at Sunnybrae Bible Camp, so it will be a bit more rustic than the last two years (that i have gone), but it supposed to be really nice. Looking forward to spending time w/ the ladies, and going somewhere different.

I also got my hair highlighted the other week. I really love it...a friend from the church did it, so she gave me a nice discount, which was nice. My family got to see it last weekend (I didn't tell them), and although it took most of them all wknd to notice it..they finally did, and the consences was that they liked it. It was the first time I have had it done this way, and only the 3rd time EVER I have had it dyed.

Anker is getting his bike all ready for the spring/summer. He is SO excited about it, and it is fun seeing his so happy about something he really loves to do (even if I do get bored w/ all of his "bike talk" He rode dad's bike last weekend, and you would have thought someone gave him a million bucks, he was SO happy!! He needs to get his learners and then drivers for the bike, since he doesn't have it anymore (long story), so that will take a bit of time..but I am sure he will do great.

Well, I think that about does it for now!! I hope everyone has a wonderful spring. I also hope that I don't take too long to update this blog. I often don't know what to write, as I don't want to write things that bore everyone!!

Keep on trusting..and please leave a comment!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Long Time, No Post!

Well, hello everyone! I DO hope that people are reading the blog. I know it's not overly interesting, and I guess most people with Facebook know what is going on, but I still like blogs. I even stalk blogs of people I don't know:)

So, I have about 3 months worth of news to catch you up on...I will try to make it short!

I think the first major event since I last wrote was Joseph's wedding. What a fun day that was! We all braved the -35C weather, and had a great weekend. Because the roads were so bad, Anker and I decided to stay at the Wells Gray Hotel, which was where the rehearsel dinner and Reception were held, and we are SO GLAD we did. It was a "mini-holiday" for us, which was nice. Sadly, that was also the weekend that our cars heat decided to also take a vacation! We aren't really sure what went wrong, but it seems to come back when the weather is warmer. So, the wedding was great. I found a cute dress, and a great price, so that was fun. Everyone looked beautiful. They had a dance, which was really fun. It was neat seeing everyone dance. My mom, who doesnt usually dance, was up there almost the whole time. I danced w/ my younger cousins, and all of my family members. Anker and I even danced some dances together.

The week before, we held Cadence's Bachelorette party. Don't worry. It was all very tame. We had supper at Chapter's Viewpoint..very nice, and we went back to the girls' hotel and played a game, and opened presents. That was also the night that it started to snow..ALOT.

So, we came back to Kamloops for a few days, and on Christmas Eve, headed back to my family's place. (FYI..for those of you who may be wondering why we dont spend it w/ Anker's family, it is b/c he only has one sister that is close [in proxmity] to us, and they were renovating their house. His other sister lives in the US, and his parents are dead). We had a nice time with the family. I really enjoyed Christmas this year. We were ALL home...Adam and Krystle did leave the next day for Toronto, but they were there for the yay! Joseph and Cadence came back from their honeymon to help up celebrate. It snowed almost the whole time we were there, so it made it really Christmass-y:) My grandparents were also there. Came home on the 27, I think.

For New Years Eve, we had a Grey's Anatomy Marathon. Yes, I am into that, I had to get caught up w/ this season! It was a quiet night, which was fine.

January was pretty quiet. Anker has hurt his back, so he had to cut down on his work. I am looking for work, but there really isnt much out right now. It is REALLY frustrating. I can't be on my feet or even walking for a long time, so I just can't take any retail job. I am trying to just give everything over to God, as he is our Ultimate Provider. I am seeing this more, and it is being confirmed to me..even in this last week or so. Anker has gone back to his Bible Study, but he skipped yesterday, as he wasn't feeling well. I am going to my ladies Bible study, and I am even reading the book:) I am still struggling w/ making friends here. My friend, Jill moved away, and I really miss her. She lived SO was nice:) I have made a few friends here...but I still feel lonely some of the time. The last weekend of Jan, our ladies had our 2nd Annual Sleepover at the church. We had a fun time. We watched movies (Mamma Mia!, which was ok...the music saved it), and ate, and visited. On Sunday, Anker and I went to the Ranch, as I really missed my family, and I had missed my mom's and Adam's bdays. So, after church, we set out. I was warned there would be bad roads, but we didnt think it would be that bad..sadly, we were wrong. After Heffley Creek, the roads got bad, but Anker insisted on continuing. Anyway..we made it, and had a quick 24 hour visit w/ family. Short but sweet. I then declared that it was time that we move to Clearwater. Dad reminded me that spring would be here SOON:) The roads were much better on the way back on Monday. I think that about does it for this time. I tried to shorten things up. I hope you February has gotten off to a great start! I am looking forward to Valentine's Day. Ours last year wasn't very good, so we hope to do much better this year!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Random Things about Me

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1) I am the oldest of 7 children.
2) I was homsechooled from the end of Gr 4 on.
3) My family owns a Sheep Ranch that is the largest family owned/operated heritage sheep ranch in Western Canada.
4) I am a magazine junkie..People, US weekly..tons of others.
5) I love the Young and the Restless. I have watched it on and off for about 13 years.
6) When I was a kid, i used to sneak down stairs, to where our tv was and watch various mom never knew this until I told her, about a year or so ago.
7) I log on to almost every day..I also get their daily newsletter. (same as you,
8) I spent my 20th bday in Venice.
9) I went to an authentic Italian wedding, in Italy.
10) I use to watch Cooking shows as a kid..and I STILL love to watch them to this day.
11) I was in the delivery room when my little brother, Isaac, was born.
12) I have ADD, and I can't sit for more than two hours watching tv or a movie.
13) Newborn Babies scare me a bit...they are too little, and I am afraid I will break/drop them (bathing them
14) The Sound of Music is probably my favourite movie.
15) I got chicken pox when I was 12, and we watched Jaws and Pollyanna over and over for a week straight.
16) I met my husband on a dating site. We were married with in one year of meeting in person.
17) I love photography.
18) I am double jointed.
19) I became addicted to "Grey's Anatomy" this year. I have to have something to replace "ER".
20) I love Webkinz.
21) We went camping on our honeymoon.
22) I don't understand the necessity of iPods, Blackberries, and other new gadgets.
23) I don't like movies/shows with excessive amounts of gore, violence.
24) I could actually care less for the Turkey at Christmas/Thanks giving..My fav. holiday foods are the yams and stuffing.
25) I don't have 3-D vision. I really have no idea on how I got my drives license.