Saturday, August 31, 2013

TTOT #8 (for me...approx)

I think I have linked up with TTOT about 8 times now. I looked on my blog, and although I didn't count all of them, I figured from the time I first posted until now has been about 8 times.

1. I am thankful for my husband who takes care of me. My back is KILLING me today (from carrying groceries, I am assuming..) and brought me in a hot water bottle. I am also thankful that he makes decisions for me when I don't know what or if I should do. Don't get me wrong, I make me own decisions most of the time, but sometimes, I ask for his opinion, or he can see that something may nor may not work (and I am not talking about him being a pessimist or a downer), and encourages to do or not to do something.
2.  I am thankful for friends. I met with my girl friends twice over last wknd, and I am mtng up with them today for coffee. I love my friends.
3. I am thankful for the rain. We got some rain this past week, and it was received with much  gratification. The weather has also cooled down, which has been wonderful.
4. I am thankful for new job opportunities. I don't have a new job yet, but there have been a few this week that I have applied to.
5. I am thankful for Long Weekends. The store is closed this wknd. I am looking forward to a 3 day wknd of laying low.
6. I am thankful that our B.C. Lions won the game last night. I watched only a few minutes of it, but kept abreast of it through Facebook updates and hubby's yells and screams (ok, not really but I am trying to make this wordy).
7. I am (sometimes) thankful that I don't have teenage kids who may have watched the VMA's on Sunday night. I am thankful that any children that I may have may or may not like the current singers of today, if you can all them that. I am also thankful that I didn't watch them. What a waste of time that is.
8. I am thankful that Fall TV is nearly on. I know that is shallow, but I am kind of grasping at straws of things to be thankful for this Saturday. I don't have a lot of shows that I watch on a regular basis, but the few that I do watch, well, I am happy that they are back.
9. I am thankful for C0stco. They have cheap(er) gas, cheaper magazines, and free food samples. Yah, I know, again, it is shallow, but lately, it is the little things, people.
10. I am thankful for the library. I think I have mentioned this before, but I love our local library. It is a free way to enjoy movies, book, magazines without having to buy or rent:)
I think this is the first time that I have had to think of things to be thankful for. It isn't because I am not thankful, but because I think I had to think of things that I haven't mentioned before, and maybe because I had to think of stuff to be thankful for this week....:) It has been a bit of a stressful week, job hunting wise...just over all frustrated, but I have already talked about that, so I won't bore you again:)
Happy Saturday!

Friday, August 30, 2013

5 on Friday, Random 5, and Let's Be Friends Blog Link Ups!

Happy Friday. This Friday actually means something to me, because we are closing the store for the wknd! So, I am looking forward to a nice long 3 day wknd, of cleaning, hanging out, catching up on my library reading, watching movies (I got 42 from the library so stoked to watch it..I don't usually like sport-related movies, but when it has a story, then I don't mind), and maybe going to our local fair. And did I say cleaning?

This wks randoms are:


For the first time in a couple of weeks, I actually feel confident and positive on the job hunt front. I applied for a job that I really would like, and it look promising:)

I got to spend time with this little lady on Tuesday.
We met up with my brother and his wife on their way through to my parents. We met at Starbucks, and had an hour or so visit. It was too short, of course, but better than nothing.
I got to spend time with my Lil Sis, and our SIL on Monday. V had to get a few things for her trip, and I wanted to see her one last time. Had a great time, and I spent very little money, which was awesome. We also went to Starbucks to grab a drink.
Which brings me to my 4th random/favourite this week. My new favourite drink is the Peach Green Tea Lemonade. It is SO good!


Let's talk about the VMA's, shall we? First off, I think they are a waste of TV space, anyway, but when I saw what happened, I was horrified! I **HAD** to go and check **it** out on YT a few days later (since I didn't watch it live) and I don't know if I can ever get that horrible image out of my head. Miley, you bad girl! I don't know that ANY one should watch those types of shows, let alone kids under 18. That being said, I can't get Robin Th!ckes song "B1urred L1nes" out of my head (my SIL played it for me the other day). Is that wrong? Anyhoo..horrible show, horrible performance, nuff said. Miley clearly needs help.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

(Last Weeks) Weekly (and Wknd) Wrap Up, and WildCard Wednesay/Mid Week Randoms Link Ups! (Aug 19-26)

Wow! I have a long title..:)

Well, if you have been following or reading my blog for the last while, you know how much I love Link ups/Blog hops! I love meeting people, and I must confess, it is a way for people to see my blog, and to get my blog out, but I DO love "meeting" people, and following their blogs. So, I have two fairly new, and brand new link ups that I am going to join today. I am also going to do LAST weeks wrap up:)

I know how much you all love and are anxiously awaiting these updates:)

I felt bad writing such a negative post, when in reality, my week, and weekend (well, until Sunday night was actually pretty good! I went out a fair amount, worked, and did as little house work as possible:)

So, starting last Monday (Aug 19), the store was closed, so I had that day off, which I really needed (although the day before, we just hung out all day, which was nice, too). I relaxed in the morning, and I went to C0stco to get gas (since it was the cheapest in the city), and to get a few things. I love that store, but because it is just the two of us, I don't go as often as most other people do. I love that they have books, magazines, and movies that are (for the most part) cheaper than other stores. I also went to the mall, and resisted the urge to buy some cute sheep PJ's:) Just hung out and relaxed in the evening.

Tuesday, I stayed home, and waiting for my parents to call, as I had a gift for Dad (his bday was earlier this month), and I wanted to give mom her and V's gift. We all met at Wendy's and had coffee, Fr0sty's and a Frosty Milkshake. I dropped off hubby, and went to work. Came home and watched tv.

Wednesday, I went to the beach. I haven't gone a lot this summer, so I wanted to get at least one more time in. I got there around 11, and there was no one there. I had a great time, reading, swimming, and relaxing in the sun. You can read about my full days adventures Here. We also went to ReStore, and to Home Depot. In the evening, we had nachos, soft cider  (my new fav drink) and watched Big Bang:)
                                   After HD, I made hubby take me out for coffee:) Yummy!

Thursday, I went to C0sto again, as my former classmate works there, and I wanted to say hi. We hung out for a few minutes, while she was on her break. I got fries and a pop. To be honest, I can't remember if I went home or if I went somewhere else before work. I went to work, and I came home. I know I grabbed some snacks at 7-11 for my supper. It was my last day at work (again), and it felt odd (again!), that I wasn't coming back on Monday. I just relaxed in the evening.

Friday, I went to C0stco, to get gas (again, cheapest in the city) and to get my magazines, as they are cheaper than the other stores (by a buck, or sometimes more). Since Starbucks wasn't in my budget (BOO), I went to McD's and I got a $1.77, since I had a coupon for a $1 off. Cheap, right? I journalled, and read my mags:) Fun times. I dropped some resumes, off, and came home and hung out at home. I know, exciting Friday night, right? I do lead such a gripping and wild life:)
(FYI: Since I am at work, this can often take longer than normal to suddenly got busy in here today...and it has taken over an hour for me to do this up)
Saturday, I went for coffee with my girls from church. I ran a few errands, and hubby and I went to our city's museum. It was only $3 each to get in, so it is a cheap date. We spent an hour looking around, and had a great time. We went for coffee, and hung out in the evening. We just watched various shows on TV together, which was nice.
Our Cheap coffee date together:)

The museum:)
Sunday, we went to church, and I dropped of hubby, and I went to my friends bday party. We had a great time together, eating, laughing, waging war on the wasps. The meal was great, the cake was even better:) And the fellowship was the BEST! It was a beautiful sunny day, and we sat outside (hence the wasps) on her lovely deck.
The yummy dinner. Garlic Bread, Ceaser Salad, and Lasagna. Thanks, Costco!
                                   The oh-so-yummy Tuxedo Cake:)Yes, it was DELISH!
I also tried Hummus for the first time (I am having problems uploading my pics ATM, so I will have to forgo that this round), and they brought over a great parmesan dip, that was oh so yummy! We had chips as appies, yummy!

                      On my way home, I spent some time in the park, reading in the sun:)
Sunday evening was when things went downhill. Hubby got all upset, due to plans not panning out, so he was grumpy. I went to talk to my friend and neighbour, and she took me out for Starbucks:) The evening kind of resolved itself. I stayed in our room and watched TV.
I think I will do this week over the wknd, as I am having problems uploading pics, and it has taken me 3 hours as it is to write this out:) And I am work, so I should get some work-type things done:)
I am looking forward to the Long Wknd. I am going to try to squeeze out the last bit of summer.
Happy Wednesday!
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Monday, August 26, 2013

Defeated and Frustrated (Misc Monday and Life Lately Link up)

Officially, I probably shouldn't blog about this, but I feel like I need to get this out. I could journal, and I will, but for some reason, since part of what I am feeling has to do with infertility, I feel like it should go on the blog.

I will do a weekly wrap up (maybe) and probably wknd wrap up (which really ties into the weekly wrap up) today or tomorrow. Maybe.

I am linking up with Carissa@Lower Case Letters, and Wild and Precious for
and Life Lately Link Ups.
I (well, we) both feel very frustrated and defeated at the moment. The plans we had aren't able to come together; I am really stressed about finding work; 4 women in our church are pregnant, even my lil brothers puppy, Ginger had her second littler of Octuplets yesterday. Darn thing is more fertile than I am:)
Hubby is in a bad mood, and when that happens, I don't like to be around him. He is grumpy, irritable, and generally, not pleasant to be around. Since our apartment is small (one bedroom, 700 square feet), there isn't a lot of space to get away from each other. I will often revert to going out for coffee with myself, or just out and about in general. Today, my sisters are coming into town, and I plan to spend some time with them. Yay for sister time!
So, back to the title of this post. I am just so tired of things not working out. I am tired of trying and not getting anywhere. I am tired of hubby having his dreams put out. I am tired of him seeing his disability, and not wanting to at least try to advance his education, so that he can get a better job. I am tired of dropping of resumes, going to interviews, only to be told that I didn't get the job. I am tired of hearing other classmates of mine getting jobs; jobs that I wanted, and even tried to get. Honestly? I am wondering if going to school was even worth it. I am tired of seeing/reading of people having fun, going on trips, adopting kids, all because they have money and a big house.
I know the Bible talks of wanting us to prosper,new things are coming (Isaiah 43:19), and that there is a new day dawning, but I don't see it. I want to be positive, both for myself, and for hubby, and I do say affirming things to him, and offer to help pray for the situation, but he often will rebuff (?) me, saying that he think God wants him to live at the bottom (whatever that means), and that God's promises aren't for him, and honestly, I am starting to believe him. I want to do the will of God; I want what He wants. The problem is that I don't know what He wants. I am praying (more like screaming) to Him on a nearly hourly basis as to what He wants for our lives.  I wish I knew what He wanted. I try to listen, and watch for signs (or something) as to what I am supposed to, and where I should go, job-wise, and whether or even if we should move. I have to stat paying off my SL in a couple of months, and if we don't have more income coming in by then, I don't know how or even if it will get paid, without something else either getting left behind or being eliminated.
All I can do is to try to lean on Him. No one else can bear this burden for me (us). They can listen and be a source of advice and a shoulder to lean on, but only God can bear this for us. HE knows what we NEED, only HE knows what is good for us. Only God can for see the future and HE knows what we need, even before asking Him. This is something that I am leaning on. Jeremiah 29:11 and the Worry Chapter in Matthew 5 have been a great comfort to me in the last few days.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ten Things of Thankful

I am actually a bit stressed at the moment. Between looking for a job, and hubby wanting to work on a project that I am not 100% behind, and being poor, well, it can make for a stressful week.

I was also in a bit of a mood last week, and I think I offended one of my FB/Blogging friends. Oops! But, like every Saturday for the last, well, I don't know how many I have been doing now, I will find 10 things to thankful, because, well, there is always something to be thankful for!

1. Cheap Dates. Hubby and I went (finally) for the first time to the Kamloops Museum today. It was only $3 each. It was a great time, if only for a short time:)  They have three floors; one is a permanent display of the history of Kamloops, and surrounding areas. The second floor is the temporary display, this time they were display mug shots from the Ontario Police. It was ok, but they are going to be bringing the War of 1812, which sounds like a great display. We then went for coffee at McD's, for an equally cheap coffee:) His was free, mine was $1 (yay for $1 drink days this summer!), and we shared a cinnamon pull apart. So, in total it was under $10, plus gas.
Our local (and only) museum.

Cappuccino for him, ice coffee for me, and Pull Aparts to share.
2. Discovering new places. I discovered the Museum (see above) and Home Depot this week. HD was redeemed by the magazines they had, and I looked through them while wandering around after a missing hubby:)
3. Not one, but 3(cheap) dates with hubby this week. I know, right!!! I am one lucky girl!!! Coffee and shopping (the mall for me, and the dollar store for hubby), and coffee at Starbucks on Sunday, Home Depot/ReStore, and coffee on Wednesday, and today's date:)
This was from Wednesdays coffee date. I guess I didn't capture Sunday's coffee date. (FYI, every time Hubby and I do things together, even if it is just running around, I consider that a date.
4. TV Shows. I bought the 5th Season of Big Bang Theory on Monday at C0stco. It was under $20, and I HAD to get it. I also have started watching Downton Abbey. The jury is still out as to whether I like it or not. I have only watched one episode. There seems to be a lot of characters, and I find that it is hard to keep them straight (even the many characters of GA I find to keep track of). That being said, I will watch a few more, and see what I think, and if I should continue the series.
4.1. Local Libraries, so that I could try out new(TV) series, read new books, watch new movies, etc. All without paying a dime.
5. Hubby cooking dinner two nights in a row. 'Nuff said.
6. C0stco. I went there 3 times this week, which is more than I go in a month. I love it there. I love the samples, the cheap drinks, pushing the big cart, showing my card. Oh, and the cheap gas:)
7. That our cable/phone/internet service provider still allows us to have their services despite our being VERY behind in paying them. Why we still have internet at the house is beyond me.
8. Friends! I met up with my church girls friends today for our weekly coffee date today. It has been a long time since I have met up with them since I usually am working Saturdays. We had a nice time together, and we are getting together tomorrow for one of the girls' bdays, too:) So yay, for friends!
9. 4 Day Weekends. With the store being closed until Tuesday, I get a 4 day weekend. Yay!
10. Blog Link Ups/Hops. I love blog hops/link ups! I found a lot to link up with this week. I love "visiting" new friends, and finding new blogs:)
...and that I know how to grab their buttons:)
10.1 Big Bang Date nights:) We are done with SSN 5. That makes me sad. Twice this week, hubby and I had dinner and watched BBT:)

10.2 Cheap coffee for my Friday Ritual. $1.77 for coffee. Can't beat that.
Wow, that actually wasn't that hard at all to think of 10 things:) (plus 3 more!)
Happy Saturday!!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

5 on Friday, Random 5 Friday, and Let's Be Friends Blog Hop

Happy Friday! I am so excited, because I am at the start of a 4 day wknd! The store is closed this week, and although my bank account will be sad, I am happy for 4 complete days off!!!

There are a whole lot of link ups today, which I am going to participate in:)  Obviously, I will be linking up the girls at 5 on Friday, but I will also be linking up with A Rural Jounal, for Random 5 Friday, and The Dwelling Tree for the Let's Be Friends Blog Hop.

When I first starting doing 5 on Friday, I thought that it originally was about your 5 favourite things of the week, but I have seen people do random thoughts and ideas of the week, so I will start doing some random thoughts as well as some of my favourites of the week.
1. I bought the 5th season of The Big Bang Theory at C0stco the other day. It was under $20, so I had to get it. Yes, I want to get all 6 seasons.
2. I got my sister, my mom and I a gift because my sister is going away for a few months. Like, really away..not just one province away. I saw a few necklaces, including this necklace at Cl@ires a few weeks ago, and I wanted to get one of these for her. There were a few to choose from, but there was one that I really liked, and in the end, I chose this one.
There are three necklaces, one for me, my sister, and our mom. If you look closely, one says Big Sis (me) Mom (for our mom) and Lil Sis (for Sister). They both liked it.
3. I went to Home Depot for the first time ever (I think) this week. You can read about my exciting adventures of the day Here.
4. I sometimes just feel the need to unplug and not reach out (virtually) to others. Between my cell phone (with apps, texting, etc), laptop with all of the social media outlets; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterst, and of course, Blogging, can honestly make me exhausted at times. There are times that I won't even open up my laptop or even glance at my phone, and watch TV with hubby or read. When I go on vacation, I will tend to not go on my computer for a day or so. Does anyone else get like that? When they just want to unplug themselves from the world?
5. One of my favourite little ringtones is one I found off of Zedge a month or so ago. I have it on my phone for when hubby calls either from our LL, or from his cell phone. It is quite the little ditty, and very sweet.
Those are my Five on Friday Randoms for the week! I hope you enjoyed!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Beach, Home Depot for the first time,and A Givaeway!

I hope everyone's week is going well. Our is going fairly well. I am a bit stressed regarding job searching, and where (or if) we should move; destination, time, etc. Other than that, it is going well.

I won't do a half week wrap up, but I will talk about my fun day today!

I didn't have anything really to do today, and I wanted to go to beach before the weather got too cold, so off I went. I got there around 11, and there was only me a few dog owners with their dogs on the beach. I went swimming in the river, and I sat in the sun, and read my mags.
                                               My magazines, my snack, my sunscreen.
This was the beach when I first got there this morning.
The other side of the beach.
I left around 2, to visit my friends gramma, and then I went home to pick up hubs to price some things out for a project we might undertake (more on that another time). We went to ReStore, which is a second hand building store (but they carry other things, to), and the proceeds to towards Habitat for Humanity. Hubby LOVES to go there.
We went on to our next stop Home Depot. I thought I had been there before, but as I walked in, I realized I had not. So, despite my not really wanting to go, I actually had fun. I ran into a couple of people that I knew who worked there, which was nice.
The HD sign.
The big orange carts. Yes, I had to grab one:)
At least there was something that I liked, and held my interest.
Did you know that have an entire (LOOONG) aisle dedicated to lumber? Nope, me neither. At least it smelled nice.
The man's ultimate play ground!
 I said I would go only if he took me out for coffee:) Off to Sbx we went.
Yummy snacks.

Not bad for a phone-camera selfie:) He was eating here...I wanted to take another picture of us, but he wouldn't let me take another one;)
One of my new favourite drinks; The Lime Refresher..Yummy!
So, on to the Giveaway part of this post.
As most of you know, I really want to try to get more followers. I only have 7, and I would like to have more...not in the 1,000's, but I would like a few more. So, as soon as I reach 25 followers, I will send out an Avon product to the 25th follower. Please add me to your blogs you follow:)
Happy Wednesday!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up (aka Life Lately Link Up) & Misc Mondays Link up (August 12-18)

Happy Monday! I am linking Wild & Precious & Carssa @ Lowercase Letters today for the Life Lately link up, and Misc Monday!

I thought I would do the weekly wrap  up and misc Mondays and add this to both link ups. (you know, trying to kill 3 birds with one stone!)

Last week was a very busy week for me...I seemed to be always going, except in the evening...where I hung out in the evening and watched TV, and read, and slept.

So, I talked about last Sunday, but I forgot to mention that we went for ice cream for supper on the way home. I had a banana split, and hubby had is favourite; Tiger, and Leaping Lizzard. We just relaxed in the evening.

Monday, I hung out and relaxed in the morning, and I met up with my cousin (well, first cousin once removed, but same thing) for coffee and a chat. I ended up working at the store until 5:30, and I came home and hung out.

Tuesday, I worked at the store in the morning, and I had my doctors apt for my ear, and I got some more ear drops. I went to the library, and then to work. I pretty much went to bed as soon as I got home. I was very tired.

Wednesday, I worked at the store, and then Anker and I ran out look at some property (well, it was a trailer) that we are interested in. I dropped him off and went to work. I came home after work and went to wasn`t the greatest evening.

Thursday, I worked at the store, and Anker and I went to look at a stove for our apartment. I dropped him off, and I ran a few errands. I visited a friend who is in the hospital, and went to the outdoor concert. I went alone, but it was still a great time.

Friday, I grabbed breakfast at Starbucks, as our old stove was moved, and blocking the stove and cupboard...I worked at the store all day, and I came home and hung out...I don't remember what all I did.....we had dinner, and I relaxed all evening, I think.

Saturday, I worked at the store all day, and I was in a bit of a blah mood. I ended up going to Starbucks, and I drowned my sorrows in a venti Mocha Frappiccino. I watched TV and relaxed and watched Big Bang Theory.

Yesterday, we relaxed all day, which we really needed. We skipped church, and spent time hanging out and playing on the computer. We went out for coffee, and did a bit of shopping. We came home, and I watchd a movie that I PVR`d, and I cleaned our bedroom. We had DQ for supper. We watched some more Big Bang.

That was our week! Hope yours was good!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Blogging Questions

I have a few questions that I was wondering if any of you wonderful bloggers could answer:)

1. How do you go about re-disgning your blog? Do you have to pay for someone to do that? Or is it for free?

2. How do you make your own button, or grab someone else's button?

3. How do you get sponsors?

4. How do you go about changing blogging sites (like BlogLovin', Blog Her, etc)?

5. How does one get more followers?

6. Is there something that I am doing (or not doing) on my blog that isn't attracting people to follow me (or even read my blog)? Or...what is it that makes some bloggers so famous/popular/get a lot of traffic?

7. How do I get my "connections" (buttons) to other social media sites (pinterest, email, instagram, twitter) to make it easier for people to contact me?

8. How do I make/get a watermark for my photos on my blog so that no one can steal them?

Thank you for answering:) Happy Sunday!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Boy Behind the Blog

Hello (again!). I was perusing through some blogs, and there was a blog link up, entitled Boy Behind the Blog. I am linking up with Mallory (first time on her blog today). Since hubby doesn't like to type, and he is watching football, I will do this for him.

1. What would you do with $1,000,000?

I would build our dream solar/tiny house, buy/build my dream motorbike, get our car completely restored. I would also help our my in-laws ranch in some way.

2. What is your dream job?

Working on the ranch, doing any or all fix it jobs.

3. Who is your celebrity crush?

Melissa Rauch (Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz, on Big Bang Theory) (FYI, the wife just found this out is ok with it, though)

4. What is your favorite sports team?

B.C Lions (CFL Football)

5. What was your AOL/AIM screen name back in the day?

Didn't have one

6. What is your dream car?
An E - Type (FYI, the wife has no clue as to what this is. She has to Google it.

7. What is your favorite post on your wife/girlfriend/fiance’s blog?
The Weekly Update posts (FYI, she had no idea that he actually read it..)

Thank you, honey for participating in this blog post;)

Ten Things of Thankful

Well, at this moment, I am in a bit of a funk...three of my siblings are leaving to go and move out of them is going to Europe. So, I feel a bit melancholy today. I may be grasping at straws as to what I am thankful for today...

1. Job Hunting: I sent off three resumes yesterday. I am very happy. I REALLY hope that something comes along in my field SOON. I am getting a bit worried/anxious right now.

2.  My job update: I quit my old/new job (not the store). I figured that I needed to quit it for a couple of reasons; if I don't leave, I never will. I won't find a job, because it will just be easy to stay there, and; I really am frustrated by what is going on there. So, I gave them my week is my last week.

3.  Holidays (sort of): We are closing the store for a week. I actually get a couple of FULL days off next week! I hope to lie around, and watch all the movies/dvds/series/pvr'd shows that I have been waiting to be watched. As it is, I had to get give a few of the movies and books back to the library, as I didn't have time to read/watch them. I also hope to do some SERIOUS job searching this week. Oh, and I hope to get to the beach at least once this week, too.

4. BBT 4th Season: I FINALLY got the 4th seasons of Big Bang Theory! It is all I can do to NOT watch it at the store..haha:) Hubby and I watched a few PVR'd episodes last night. We laughed at all 4 of them that we watched.,

5. Various Books and movies. I am planning on getting all of NP's movies. Somewhere. Somehow. I will get them. I also got a couple of Danielle Steel's books from VV today..and I also got a dvd that hubby has been wanting. Also the books I am and was (I had to give back DS' new book back to the library) reading have been great. I love reading. And watching  movies.

6. The Hubby. He has really made me happy this week. Yah, he flaked out on me on Thursday, and didn't go to the concert with me, but he said we would do something either today or tomorrow, but he has been really stepping up this week. He made supper for us last night..even though my job was pretty quiet, he offered to do that for me:) We watched BBT together...and he also moved and cleaned the old stove (see yesterdays post), and cleaned under the old stove in preparation for the new stove. He also steam cleaned our carpet this week. He also talked me down/calmed me down the other day, when I was having a bit of a meltdown. I called him crying because I was stressed thinking of all the stuff that we have to do (we have a lot on our plate right now). He calmed me down and told me not worry about it, and not to take it on...and do one thing at a time:) He doesn't always listen and understand me, and he sometimes gets a bit annoyed at me, but he was really sweet this time.

7. Old Friends: I got a LOOOONG email from an old friend of mine.  I am so happy that she still considers me a good friend. It made feel all warm and fuzzy all over..haha:) Seriously, though, I am so happy that she remembers our times together with fondness, and still thinks I am cool enough to be her friend (she is a former model..and GORGEOUS!) It is nice to know that I have made an impact on someone's life.

8. Magazines: I got my Canadian Living Magazine the other day. I didn't think I was going to like the new layout of the mag, but I looked through this months, and it is really good!

9. Forgotten Clothing: I looked in my drawer today for a camiselle to wear with my top today, and I discovered that I had a black one with the tags still attached. Have no idea where that came home, or when I got it...anyway...I like it. It is pretty.

10. The concert: I was able to go to an outside concert on Thursday night. Two country singers; Bobby Wills and Dallas Smith were there, and they were both amazing! It rained, but that didn't the spirits:) I only wished hubby could have come with me...oh wel.

Friday, August 16, 2013

5 on Friday!

I have said this before, but weekends don't really mean a lot to me right now, as I usually work Saturdays. That being said, I still do appreciate the weekend. It does feel a bit more calm, and not (usually) as busy.
 1. Matching Towels. I went to Target last week and I found some lovely towels that matched our shower curtain. I am trying to make our house a home, and buy nice things here and there. I only bought one, partially to see if it matched, and it did:) This picture really doesn't do it justice.
2. New Clothing. I purchased two new items of clothing this week. This shirt I have been wanting to get at work pretty much since I started working here. I finally bought it yesterday. I am not a HUGE t-shirt person (I usually like shirts with a V-neck), but I don't mind getting one once in awhile. I had to get know, since I love Starbucks and all:)

I also bought a new bra. Yes, I know..exciting, right? I actually think bras should be banned, and I look forward to the day when I can live in a place where women don't wear (Africa, anyone?) But once in awhile, I come across one that I like (I actually like sports bras the best). But this was pretty, too..
3. Free Outdoor Concerts. Every summer, like probably most cities, our city puts on Music in the Park, where local (and semi local) and up and coming artists come and play the bandstand, and people come and hang out, and have a nice evening. And for the last 7 years, our Country Radio station puts on a Thank You for Loving our Country concert. Free. That's right. Free. I wanted hubby to come, but he backed out the last minute, and no one else wanted to come with me. I nearly didn't go, but I thought..what the heck, I am going anyway. So, I went. I had a blast, despite the rain. I even got some kettle corn:) Sadly, I left my camera cord that connects to the computer to upload pics to the computer at home (where I got my best pics), but I did manage to get a few on my phone.not good, but it does have pictures of the pretty lights:)

Oh, while I was at the concert, I ran into a girl I took my course with, and she mentioned that the place where she is working at may be hiring..soo, I may have a lead on a job:) Yay!!!
4.Starbucks Oatmeal. I am loving SBX' oatmeal right now. I actually seem to be liking ANY oatmeal right now. McD's had a good version, too, the other day. With Starbucks, you can get several kinds of toppings:) Yummy!

5. A New (to us) Stove. Our stove has been on the fritz for years, and our oven has kicked the our LL's told us to go and buy a new stove. It is cheap, and they put it in TODAY (while I was at work...oh and did I mention that hubby was cleaning the old stove, and the area under stove in preparation for the new stove? That made my very happy).
 5.1 Sheep Socks. When we were at Target yesterday, I saw these socks, and I HAD to buy them. I just noticed that they are upside down, though. Anyway..Coming from a sheep ranch, I love pretty much anything that has sheep on them!!! They were only .75 cents:)
I was going to share some more favs, but I think I will leave them for tomorrow for TTT:)
Happy Friday!!!