Ten Things of Thankful: Childhood Home Edition

I am sorry I am late with this weeks TTT, but I was very busy ystrdy. I can't say yet what it was, because it has to do with my special/unique blog post that I hope to do today or tomorrow. If you are my friend of FB, you will probably see a few pics of what we did yesterday.

I will say, however, that we are having a great (but busy) time. I hope that the next few days will be fairly relaxing. I was going to go in the pool, but I can see a lot of storm clouds brewing, and I can hear some thunder, and it is windy...I think I will try later on!

I will do a post on our "camping" trip mid week, I think:)

I got this idea about this wks TTT from http://www.thankfulme.net/2013/07/ten-things-of-thankful-childhood-home.html, and I knew that I was coming to my parents' so I decided that this would be the week to do Child Home Edition. So, without further ado, here they are (in, as usual, no particular order..however, I will say that I could have done about 20 things of thankful...there are so many)

1. Country Roads. I love 'em. Every time I drive the, I am always am amazed at it's beauty.
2. Country Stores.  I love this lil country store. I think our family started frequenting it when I was in my teens (but my grandpa did when my dad was growing up). This is the epitome of a country store. Love it.
3. The Laundry that we hung to dry (still do). Is there anything more lovely than the smell of fresh laundry off the line? I think not.

 4. The garden (and fruit trees) that we have in order to grow yummy things from our garden..and although we don't have them anymore, we loved picking fruit from our raspberry bushes. We still have rhubarb today.


5. Quiet place to sit...In the morning, or anytime.

6. Our family's trampoline. I spent hours on this jumping away my summer days. This is in disarray, and beyond repair, but it was good back when we were growing up. Honest.

7. Looking at this view every day.
8. Our  Backyard barbeque! We didn't have the fancy type that everyone else used..we had a friend make one for us. We still use it...
9. Picking Huckleberries and Blueberries by the side of the logging road. I actually hated picking them, but I love the rewards..pies, jams, fresh fruit to snack on...it was soo good!
10. The Sunsets:)


Considerer said…
Goregous, gorgeous post April - and you're not late at all. The hop's open intentionally all weekend so people can join in at whatever point suits them :)

Your childhood home looks stunning. The view! The sunset! The abundance of good food growing.

I'm glad you had such an awesome time.

(also, TOTALLY didn't know that Huckleberries were a real thing! That's awesome)
Great post. I love all the pictures, really beautiful. I love the sign on the country store, classic! I love those little stores too. I love gardens and fresh berries make the best jams and pies. Thanks for sharing. Looks like a lovely place where you grew up.
clark farley said…
Very good pictures... liked the views and the country road photos especially, a feeling of being there.
Sounds like a good time.
Kristi Campbell said…
One week, I got mine in about two minutes before midnight on Sunday so you're early! Great photos and I think the idea of a homestead edition is wonderful. Enjoy your trip!
Awesome pics! Such beautiful country!
I love driving winding,country roads. There's a lovely sense of peace when you're the only one on the road...Have fun camping!
Kristi said…
I'm so glad that you wrote this post. The landscape looks so familiar. Love the greenery and the berries!

How kind of you to mention my post, too.
Thank you for all the lovely comments! I nearly didn't do it this wknd, as I wanted to be out and about, but when I got back from church, it was rainy and cloudy, so I thought it was a great opportunity to get it done! I may do a part two next week! No problem, Kristi:) You were my inspiration, so I only thought it was fair that I credited you for the idea.
in the coop said…
This was a great idea for a post. (Never apologize for when you get it linked. We're just happy you do.)

I love the local store. It is a dying breed, for sure. Sadly, we don't have any around here.

One of my boys went to Montana with my husband and discovered huckleberry jam. We had never heard of it before, but now, my son dreams of going back just to get some more jam.

I'm glad you had such a great weekend. Very curious to know what you did. :)
What a sweet idea for a post! And what a pretty place! (Although I was worried for a minute that that was a ginormous snake coiled up on the trampoline. It isn't, is it?)
lol..not a snake...it is a pool hose, or something..haha.

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