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Life Lately/Wknd Update

I hope everyone had a great (Long) Weekend!! It was a Long Wknd here in Canada, and, as usual, it rained for most of it :)

So...I am sure you have all been missing my blog posts!! Like I said earlier, I am in a bit of a funk in all areas of my life lately..and that includes Blogging.  We are in a bit of rough patch right now...I know this means the God is carrying us, but it is hard during the said tough time. are a few highlights from LAST wknd!!

I went to Vernon to hang out with my brother and SIL, and her younger siblings (while her parents were away). It was a fun connection, and I got to say at N and S's house, which was fun. We grabbed coffee at a local coffee house, and then went to Kelowna on Saturday, and wandered around the mall. Came back around and ate a late dinner, and hung out, then I went back to their house, and relaxed, and went to sleep. Sunday, I went to church, then I went out for coffee, and ended up grabbing lunch for we three "older ones&quo…

Friday Things

Yep...still here! I just haven't felt much like blogging in awhile. Lots of things going on, etc. I was hoping to get a post for Canadian Infertility Awareness Week, but I never got around to it...however, I will try to get one done over the wknd.

Here are some of my fave things from the last couple of weeks:

1) Solo Trip Alone/Family Time

I haven't done a solo trip alone (other than to the ranch) in YEARS, and last week, I went to Vernon to hang with my brother and SIL. We had a fun few days. I love the drive is SO beautiful!!! I had a fun time getting to know my SIL, and her younger brothers and sister. And speaking of family..S and N are coming this wknd to spend a night with us. Cannot wait!!! A, K and H are coming back tomorrow!!! K and H have been gone a month, and A has been gone just over two weeks...I think it is bc I have been off that it feels like it has been forever!!! I cannot wait to see them!!!

2) Feeling Accomplished

I actually got a few things done…

Weekend Wrap Up/Calgary Trip/Mother's Day Wknd

Yes, I am writing this a week later. I just haven't really been into blogging this week. I am a in a bit of a funk. Life is just really getting to me. was last wks update. I am going to start on Thursday, since that is when I went to Calgary.

A week or so ago, Mom came to me and asked if I would like to go to Calgary with her and my Aunty to go to their Aunt's memorial service (she died April 6, but due unforseen circumstances, the service was delayed a month). I thought it would be fun to go, since I hadn't been to Calgary in 5 years, and 2 years prior to that, and prior to that, not since I had moved, back in 2004. I also hadn't seen my grandparents in 2 years, and since they have both given us all health scares in the last year, I knew it was important to see them. And hey, anytime is a good time for a (girls') road trip, right?

We left early Thursday morning, and picked up my aunt in Salmon Arm. I had bought a few snacks, but btwn Mom and S bringi…

10 on Tuesday- 10 Classic Shows That I Love(d)

Linking up with Karli for this weeks 10 On Tuesday!

1) The Cosby Show (yes, I will always love that show, please don't judge me)
2) Full House
3) Family Ties
4) Family Matters
5) Alf
6) Degrassi Street (then Jr and Sr. High)
7) Little House on the Prairie
8) Who's the Boss
9) Growing Pains
10) Home Improvement

We also would watch Facts of Life, Diff'rent Strokes, and The Wonder Years. I am sure that there were more that we watched, and those don't include kids shows/cartoons, but those are the ones that I remember most. This list also doesn't include shows in the late 90's (see this post), or specials.

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Happenings In Pictures

I have been lacking in posting pictures on the old blog lately...I know on how much you've missed them!! I will try to be less wordy, and more picturesque in this post...but before I do...I think I posted that I was my parents' for a couple of days last wk. We needed to get our car looked at, and tires changed, and we don't really have a good mechanic in town, and it was an excuse to get away for a couple of days...hubby stayed behind on kitty (and garden) patrol. My parents were also way to AB, which was perfect...I slept in their house, and ate their food!!! are some pictures of our life lately....

 The kitties started getting mobile a couple of weeks ago. They soon could not be stopped.
 This little one decided to start exploring!!
 Our Suitcase Wall did not hold them in for very long (for a few days) adorable are they??

 Sahara chose to move them into the living room. She knew she was fighting a losing battle.
One of the kitties fell in the knit…

Weeked Wrap Up

I hope everyone had a lovely wknd. Mine/ours was ok..nothing fabulous...but it was ok :)

We had BEAUTIFUL weather all wknd, which was great. Friday, I watched Amazing Race from two weeks prior, and part of the Thursday night line up, as I was at a friends all Thursday evening. Anker and I left at around mid morning to get a desk that I got for free off/from one of our local bidding sites. When we got to the place to pick it up, the lady's mom couldn't get it out of the room that it was in. We tried for a few minutes, but decided that it was too much work for us to take it apart...and it was too heavy, anyway. Came back home and watched more TV, and then a lady who is going to take one of the kitties came by to visit them again. After she left, I met up with my friend (and I also ran a couple of errands), and I got my Avon order. I went to the library, then the park (I think), then came home...only to turn right back around and go to the store to grab something for supper. We a…

Let's Talk: Hair and Make up

Linking up with Andrea for this (or is it lasts?) months topic of "Let's Talk". This week they are talking about Hair and Makeup..something I really am not super savvy in..but, you know on how I love me a link up :)

I am VERY low-maintenance when it comes to hair and makeup. I love getting all glammed, just like the next girl, but I often don't have the know-how, or want-to, to do it. Or, I sometimes just forget (esp when it comes to make up), or I don't have enough time.

That being said, is my (sort of) routine.

I rarely brush my hair..I's sad. I will (fairly) often shower, and then just leave my hair down...and it does look very nice, if I do say so, myself! I will have it up 95% of the time. This drives my younger brother crazy...just last week, while I was out there, he said "why do you have your hair up so much?" I told him that it was because it was cooler (I have super thick hair), which is the main reason that I do it …