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Guys Behind the Blog/June

Linking up with Heavens to Betsy for GBTB (please don't confuse that with, I HAD

1 // What’s the best vacation you’ve ever been on?
   Hubby says that it was when we went to Clinton and camped (yes, as in a tent!). It was HOT...but oh so fun! Clinton is about 4 hours' North of here, in the Caribou region. We camped in a private campsite, and had the best time!

2 // If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go? 
This is the type of question that, depending on the day, merits a different answer from me. (this was from Betsy's guy, AJ...I have to keep that, b/c I am pretty sure that that is what Anker would say)...Well, he said somewhere cold, since it is about 333333333333333C degrees right now..probably any lake. Maybe Cultus Lake (near Vancouver). Yup. CL it is!

3 // Are there any summer traditions that you have or would like to start? (think things like big picnics, summer activities, bonfires, or day trips!) 
We usually…

Friday Link Ups

Happy Friday, People!!

Yes, Yes, I do realize that Marriage Equality is Legal in the US now. I am not going to comment on that...but I do like the pretty rainbows that keep popping up on my news feed.

Ok..enough of that...

Friday link ups!!!

1) Wedding/Family Wknd

My little brother got married last Saturday! I will do a blog post about it, but for now, I will just say that it was an amazing wknd. I got to spend time with my nephew, H, and I got to see N again, and I finally got to meet L :) We ate. We visited. We ate some more. We had a great wknd. Even Anker enjoyed it.

2) Lots of Hours at work

I picked up two shifts in the last two weeks, and 5 more in July (plus one more on Tuesday). It will help us financially, I am sure. I know I will be super tired...buuuut, what can you do? Besides, the (work) house has A/C.

3) Heatwave

Thanks to our friends to the South (esp, AZ, and NV..yes, I know the US State abbrevs!!-...we are getting a MAJOR heatwave. It is supposed to get up to 40C thi…

Othello Tunnels & A Picnic

***I thought I would combine two posts in one. Sorry for the random (no connection) post***

I have wanted to stop and see the Othello Tunnels for a few years, but we just kept forgetting about them, or it was yucky weather, or we were in a hurry, etc. Well, I asked Anker if we could stop on the way home from Vancouver, and said that would be a good idea. I asked Vienna if she wanted to go, and she was all for it. Since the weather was good, she wasn't too tired, and we weren't in a huge hurry, we decided to stop on our way home.

OT (as I will refer to them from now on) are about two hours' east of Vancouver, and well worth the drive. You can pack a lunch (or dinner), and have a picnic in the park, at the base of the tunnels. Or you can camp, as there is a campground very close, which is great, especially if you want to make a weekend out of it. The walk through the tunnels is about 20 minutes. There are five tunnels in all, but you can bike or walk beyond them if you cho…

A few Friday Fives

Five on Friday: Legacy Edition

There are a few things that I have noticed since Matt died that I thought required a "Friday Five" post. Here are a few (mainly from the Funeral last Friday).

1. He is with Jesus.

I don't know on how anyone deals with a death if they don't have Jesus in their life. I am SO comforted knowing that He is with Jesus. He is in a better place. We will see him again.

2. The church was FULL.

The church held 500 (so ppl said). There were 600 (I am sure of it). Which is a testament on how many people Matt influenced. As well as HOW he influenced them. No one did life like Matt. He didn't have any bad days. He was always happy and smiling. 

3. It Wasn't All Sad.

Yes, there were tears (clearly, not from me-read my other post), but there was laughter too. Lots of laughter. They also had a lovely worship time, lead by his team that he lead worship with. It was beautiful. Again, a testament to who Matt was.

4. They have Lots of Family.

Jill has b…