Friday Link Ups/Ten Things of Thankful

What? I am doing my Friday Link up post on Thursday? Shocking!

1) How 'bout them Apples?

Hubby and I bought a BUNCH of apples today for $20! They are Spartans and are SO GOOD! He has made some apple chips and applesauce. Not sure what else we can do with them.

2) $1 Menus.

Sometimes (ok, a lot of the time), I don't want to cook, and we are usually broke, so we can't afford to splurge on two full meal deals. Often, especially, when we have fries at home, I will buy two burgers off of the dollar menu (and sometimes, a pop), and come home, hubby would have cooked the fries, and BAM! That's a meal! Healthy? No. Delicious, easy and cheap, with no mess? Yes!

3) Lime Zest Chocolate Bars

We found it at/in the grocery store today, and I wanted to try to out. I really like it. Anker doesn't. Oh well. And it's dark chocolate, too (which I am usually not a fan of), which means it will fill me up without my having to eat the whole thing.

4) Funny Memes/Things I have found/seen on Facebook

 A few of these I am sure that we have all seen, had a laugh, a groan, etc. and these last few are no exception.

There was also a meme that was SO CUTE, and I STILL find myself quoting it..sadly, I have spent awhile trying to find it, and I cannot, so quoting it will have to do.."No one Understands the Teenage Kitteh". Makes me laugh. Every.Single.Time.

Growing up in the church, being a PK (Pastor's Kid), and as I continue to go to church in my adult years, I always am interested in "church-related" articles...whether they are hilarious or are in depth (or both!) Here are a few articles that have popped up in my newsfeed (that I have since had to go and find..God Bless Google...that's all I am saying), that have made me smile. And groan.
 10 Things a Pastor Doesn't Want to Hear After his Sermon 
10 Things to Never Say to your Pastor
...and my person favourite (which, I JUST saw today, and laughed SO STINKING HARD!!)
25 Really Weird Things Said to Pastors and Other Church Leaders  (I actually am with the first one...JUST KIDDING!)

5) Free Magazines (to Keep!)

I found a few at my doctors and dentists office and asked to take them home. Did I mention that they were People and US Weekly Magazines? I was very happy.

6) Broken Vessels

Love this song from Hillsongs United. I was very sad when I thought that it was on the new HU CD. ( I didn't know the title, and when I heard it on their sound system, I asked what CD it was on, and they said that it was on the CD that I was holding. Sadly, they were wrong. BOO! But I was able to find it online, and I have listened to it a few times. I LOVE it!! I hope to find/buy it on CD one day.

7) World Book

I totally forget that our library has the last two years of World Book Encyclopedias! The current year you are just able to look at, but the previous year, you can take out. I took out the letter "A". LOL. I hope to get all of them done/taken out by the end of the year, in time to start taking out the 2015s. This is particularly fun, b/c A) my dad used to sell them, and B) they STILL have a set (albeit a 1990 year) at the house. And they/we STILL look at/through them. You know, when we are too tired to pick up our laptop or phones. As a tactile person, I LOVE thumbing through them (FYI, I cannot understand e-readers, and magazines on their tablets...I am ok to read the headlines online, but I would much rather sit down and thumb through a print version of a magazine/book, than read it on a device).

8) Calico

Calico has been doing awesome this week. She LOVES her scratch post box, and we LOVE that. She pretty much sits in that all day. She hasn't slept on/in our bed yet, but she at least knows that is where we go at night. She did spend an hour or so last night, before going to sleep in in her box.

9) Family

Love that I have my brother and SIL SO CLOSE (which will soon be changing, as they are moving up the hill, near where we used to live...waa!) to us! I went over there last night, as I was having a tough time with some stuff, and needed an ear, and a prayer. They did both (Anker chose to stay home), which was awesome.

10) Facebook Groups

I have said that I enjoyed my infertile groups on Facebook, but in the last few days, I have gotten into a few other giver, cat, anxiety, among others. I love having other people to talk with/to about similar things.

(I was going to post pictures, but I didn't feel like taking the time this wk. LOL)

That's all for this week..Sorry so long!

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Christine said…
I didn't think I'd like a Kindle, seeing as how I love new book smell and feel. But my husband gave me one as a gift, and I now get annoyed when I have to read a paper book. My kindle is so much easier to read from.
Hey, this is a perfect post if you want to link it up with our ten things of thankful hop this weekend!
The A Team said…
Hey Christine,

That's funny...I think I could appreciate a reading device, especially while I travel, etc. I think it would be harder to read on, too. I think I will link up this wknd..Haven't done one in awhile. Thanks for the suggestion! Have a great wknd!
Angela said…
One of my favorite things to do with apples is to make Pork Chops and Apples with Bacon. Cook the bacon, remove from pan. Drain most of the fat (leaving about a 2 tsp.) cook the pork chops in the bacon grease, then remove from pan. Add diced apples and diced onion and cook until soft. Add everything back to the pan, add a tbsp of butter and 1/2 cup apple juice and cook until the juice is reduced. It's not healthy at all, but it's so good!
The A Team said…
I have done something good!!! Thanks for stopping by!
Anonymous said…
I'm still officially a reading device hater. I love a real book and always will. However. I am learning to appreciate their convenience in certain circumstances.
Dollar menus are terrific! They definitely make me smile!
Have a good week!
Clark Farley said…
good to see you at the TToT!
I (now) have a Kindle and, like Christine I've always love the tactile aspect of 'real' books but the there is nothing better for reading in bed than a kindle….
The A Team said…
Thank you both for stopping by!! I have missed linking up. I will try to link up more.
Vanessa D said…
I tend to talk more about my dogs, but I really do adore my cat. Her favorite place to sleep is in my purse, but occasionally she will curl up at the foot of the bed and warm my feet for me.
Kristi said…
I love books (and I remember spending hours perusing through encyclopedias as a kid!), but also love the ease and convenience of my Kindle. When I finish reading a book, it's so easy to just go to the library website and download another!
The A Team said…
Vanessa...really? In your purse? that's too funny! Kristi, I can see the convenience of a Kindle, especially while/when travelling, but I still love the look and feel of books!

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