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Five on Friday/Weekly Update

Hello, Friends! I hope u had a great wknd. My/our wknd was pretty sweet. Nothing too exciting, but not too boring, either, which is good. But I will update you on my wknd tomorrow.

My week went pretty well. We are struggling in a few areas a bit, but God is good, and I am thankful to have lots of family and friends I/we can rely on.

It seems that this week was a busy one. I was always going somewhere or doing something.  I worked a night shift Monday night, which was good. I don't normally like doing them, but this one actually went pretty well.

Here are a few of my highlights of my week:

1. Date Nights

Monday, hubby and I had our flu shots together. I know. Fun times. We then ran to the dollar store, to grab a few things. I then went home to take a nap, since I found out at 10 that morning that I had to work. I managed to sleep a few hours. We then grabbed supper at McDonald's before we went to see Mocking Jay, Part 1. I already had bought the tickets the day before, so we re…

Phone Photo Dump

Well, it's not so much of a phone dump, as a post-photos-to-Facebook-then-save-them-to-my-laptop-dump. But you get the picture.

On November 11, my friend and I took a drive to a small community 20 minutes away. She is a property manager, and she had to check on a few houses, so she asked if I wanted to come with her (I think I actually asked her, but same difference).

Here are some pictures from that day...
                                                      The day was gorgeous!
                               The view of Kamloops Lake from inside one of the properties.
                                                                  Another view.

Afterwards, we went for a bite to eat. I really wanted to try the Holiday Turkey Sandwich at Starbucks. I was a bit disappointed, mainly b/c it was so dry, but it was still good.

Last Saturday, I spent time re-arranging our room, and also did I bit of Christmas decorating.
 I actually have had this display up all yea;; but I have just…

Last Week/end's Update

Happy Friday, Friends. And a belated Thanksgiving to all my American friends, wherever you live. I hope it was wonderful.

The last couple of weeks (including wknds) have been busy, and productive, which makes me feel very happy.

I won't do an update on last week, but her are some of the highlights.

Went to a work meeting, then a budgeting seminar at Anker's support group's association. I worked last Thursday, and last Friday, went for my chiro appt, and rand a few errands, and then had a sushi date with my friend. We went to Arigato Sushi again, and it was delish! (FYI...there are two sushi restaurants by the same name in this town, but COMPLETELY different - different owners, etc))

I can't even remember what it was....but it was so good! I also had the prawn tempura, but I forgot to take a picture of that. Also very good!

I ended up grabbing a Starbucks, and meeting a friend at a local craft fair, where I bought a few things..(pictures to come in another post). Went b…

After a Long Pause.....

Yes, another break in blogging :) I am still around, though.

I have struggled the last while of where this blog should go. Should I continue? Should I just do blog hops? Should I only blog when I feel like it? Do people even care what I write about? Or even that I write at all? I love blogging. I love writing. I love words. I ALWAYS struggle with being too wordy. I always write longer than needed notes. I write more than I need to at work. So, this is a great outlet for me. But really..does anyone really read this? Does anyone care? Is it all just about kids, travel, fashion, home, food, etc?

So, I think I will continue to blog...just not as much. Or maybe I will still continue. To be honest, btwn, TV (I watch way too much..more on that in another post)/movies, Facebook, cleaning (again, more on that in another post), life with hubby, work, errands, and meeting people for coffee, and reading my endless pile (either from the library, or the few that I have bought)I am a bit overwhelmed…

Five on Friday/Oh, Hey, Friday/Update on our Week

Happy Saturday!!!

I am going to do the two link ups as an update on our week, cause I like it, and it seems to work, and because I can.

So, here we go...

1//Work (Monday)
Not sure if I posted this last week, but I worked last weekend, and Monday. They were both 12 hour shifts, and Monday's was a 5.5 shift. Monday morning, I changed our bed with new sheets, did a load of laundry, did dishes, and then I relaxed pretty much until I had to work Monday, which was nice. Work went well, and I came home and relaxed.

2//Bible Study, and Great Friends (Tuesday)
Tuesday, Anker had glass class, so I drove him downtown (we didn't have any change for parking), and I had breakfast at Tim Hortons. I also scoured our local London Drugs. Did you know they have clothes now? Weird. The rest of the day was pretty lazy. I went to ladies Bible Study, which was a great time, and then I called my friend and "told" her I was coming for tea :) Well, not really, I did ask :) We had a nice hour …

Monday Morning Gossip

I wasn't going to join this week (I don't like ONLY linking up with linkups), but I still had some things to say!

My brother went back to ON for his convocation for his Masters of Social Work. I am SO proud of him. He was the first of we kids to fully be home schooled and he had such a struggle (even in college), but he is a success story if I ever saw/heard one!

K and H flew over a week or so prior to visit and make their trip worth while, and Mom and Adam flew on Thursday. Mom got a few pictures...

Here are some pictures of the Family Fall Fair last Wednesday...

                                                    One of the two games that I manned.
                                                     They had two bouncy castles.
                                                               Me all in black.
                                                The other game that I manned.
                       The Starbucks drink (free!) that helped me get through the evening..l…