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Christmas Re-Cap

As I am writing this, I have "The Sound of Music" playing in the backround. I love that movie. I watch it all during the year, not just at Christmas.

It also started snowing (again!) today, as I was out and about. As if we need more snow!! It does look pretty, though.I am still playing Christmas music...I may even keep a few back to listen to during the year:)

Well, our Christmas wasn't the greatest, but at least it was relaxing!! We left to go to Victoria EARLY Sunday morning. After stopping for breaky at McDonald's, we hit the road by 7. We made great time, getting to Tsawassen by 11, allowing us to get the noon sailing. We barel had time to walk around, before being called to get in our cars to board the boat!! I never even got my Starbucks!! We go to his sisters about 230. We had a good half day to spend together, so that was good. We ended up going downtown Victoria to look at the Festival of Lights, and we also ended up having a free carriage ride!! I think tha…

A Tragic Week

Last week was a very tragic week, not just in our valley, but in North America. My heart hurt for those children and adults who were tragically killed last Friday. These are the times where I question God, ask Him why bad things happen. I hope they will heal, and in time, bring hope to others. I was alos appalled at the two other shootings in the US. I just don't understand why people would do such a thing. At the same time as the shooting at Sandy Hook was taking place, there was a stabbing of school kids in China.The world definetly needs a Saviour!!

Last Saturday, I spent over 6 hours in the kitchen, baking cookies!!I had such a fun time. I sent some of them to our neighbours, gave some to friends, and family, and then a few to the church. The rest I will take with us when we go. I actually may make another batch of gingersnaps, since they are all gone, are easy to make, and they taste yummy!!

I have been really busy the last few days. Between cooking, running errands, cleaning…


Well, I really ought to be in bed, but I came on to the computer, to see if I had "won" a gift for hubby that I had bidded on, and I did:) I guess that means I have to pay it now!

This week has a been a bit blah. On Sunday night, a well-known and liked couple from my home town were killed coming back from Kamloops (I am assuming that that was where they were coming from). My family knows his dad, and one and probably more of them knew Skye. They were both teachers (she was actually my friends little boys teacher), and she was pregnant with their first baby. I don't usually get upset about things that aren't directly linked to me. But this really got me. First, anything sad that happens before Christmas is sooo, well, sad. Second, they could have been anyone of our family members driving! A and K go so often btwn the towns, and it just could have been so easily them!Well, any of us, really. I hate driving on bad roads (which these were), so now it just makes driving e…

Warning: Harsh Post Ahead!

Well, don't say I didn't warn you. This post will probably cause a few deletions of "friends" on FB, but I really don't care.

Today, I have the case of the grumpies..partly due to hubby, partly due to our house, partly due to school (final exam is tomorrow..eek!), but partly due to childlessness. I am also anxious tonight. I hate that feeling:(

Where do I start?? First of all, I hope people don't think that I am two-faced (being nice to them on FB, and "telling them off" on here), because I really do love these ppl (in a Facebook-kind of way). I guess I am just frustrated that they are griping about seemingly frivolous things! I mean..YOU HAVE KIDS!! Enjoy them!!

One of my friends (who I have talked about before) was stating that they were celebrating her dead baby's 2nd bday. I was frustrated in seeing this, b/c THEY have someone to remember. I can;t have a cake for the day that we found out that we couldn't have kids. I was also thinking w…