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Well, I finally decided to start a REAL blog..forget MySpace, forget FB, (I will post there too, though), and any other blog site..thanks to my friend Jamie, I found this neat blog site! I will post what i posted (as well as past posts) on this site to start with. At first, i thought, well, maybe I should wait until we have kids before we start one, but I also noticed that other ppl with no kids have one...sooooo, I thought, why not?? Here goes..!

posted Aug 6 on MySpace:The wedding was a great day...very hot though. I can't wait until my pics. come. Everything went really well. Everyone said it was a lovely day. We are just relaxing and nesting. We got a alot of nice gifts, and i had a nice Bridal shower and stagette party a week before my wedding. We were married July 27, and i also found out that my friend, also eloped that day, so that was kind of co…