Happy Saturday/Sunday (wherever you are!!)!

I hope this wknd has been a good one.

I just came back from visiting friend/former co-worker tonight, where I may or may not have had two apple rolls. Yummy! I am also a good fb/blogging friend of her daughter's, so we had fun having her in common as well.

Today, I went to work, and FB'd this morning, and I watched THE HIDING PLACE, which is amazing. I had watched it YEARS ago, and have wanted to watch it again. It is a wonderful movie. I read a couple of magazines that are due to go back to the library. I came home, where hubby had pretty much made supper (ribs, potatoes and corn..yum!), and I had just enough time to call my cousin (who I hadn't called for a month). Then I spent time at my friends house, visiting and catching up. It is odd, we live about 5 minutes from each other, and we NEVER get together; we are both so busy.

Ok, so on to this weeks TTOT:

1. That God always provides for us. I am in constant awe of how God makes our dollars stretch. He provides for everything that we need, and even some things that we want!

2. Impromptu Girls' Night. My neighbour and I have been wanting to get together all summer (same as my other friend), and last night, after work, and going to SBX to grab a PSL, I went over for what I thought would be an hour or two visit, and it turned into an all nighter!! It also turns out that she knows my brother, and when she was younger, she used to get baby lambs from our ranch. Well, anyway, we started watching Bridezilla, and chatted and had tea. We were then wanting ice cream, s off we went into the foggy/rainy night. We were going to go to DQ, but she also wanted to grab a few things from W@lmart, and we decided to grab sundaes in the McD's in WM instead. It was much cheaper and the portions were smaller, too, which was much better all around. We wandered around pretty much the ENTIRE store, and had so much fun!! We got back to her place, and where she finished cleaning her stove, and where I sewed up my new bra (more on that in another post), then we watched BZ again. I went to bed at 1 am!! Other than not being able to sleep, it has been a long time since I have stayed up that late. The evening was great, and I am so glad that I (well, we) made it happen!

3. Cheap PJ's and Movies. While we were at WM, we found $3 PJ's and $5 movies. I got a movie for hubby that I knew that he would like.

4. Fall/Autumn. I LOVE fall. As much as I love summer (and I do), I really do enjoy the seasons changing. Even though I am not a slave to fashion, I do love changing my wardrobe; the boots/shoes,  baggy sweaters, scarves, yoga pants, etc. Back to school supplies (I am really sad that I didn't go back to school this year..I LOVE school supplies), I love the rain, the cooler weather. I also love the fall harvest.

5. Fall drinks are back! Starbucks (and other places) have PSL's, Salted Caramel Mocha/Hot Chocolate. I love, love, Love Fall drinks!!! Last night, I sat at SBX drinking my PSL, as it was the feeling!

6. A Decade of PSL Tumbler, 50% off! Yes, I purchased one. I love it!!! It is very pretty!

7. I am thankful that I live in a country and Province that actually have 4 seasons. Like I said, I love the changing of the seasons. I don't know if I could live in a place where it is hot.all.the time. Think of how boring that it would be if we only had one season?

8. I kind of mentioned this earlier, but fall clothes. I don't do a lot of changing of the wardrobe, and I  am certainly not a slave to fashion, but I love the changes of fall fashion. I love scarves, the baggy sweaters, hoodies, and of course, the darker colours.

9. I am thankful for family and friends that "get it", or at least that try to sincerely understand my longing for a baby. I have said this before, but I love the many infertility/pcos/ttc groups that I belong to on FB. I don't go to all of them every day, but I have a few that I go to more often than others. I love the support that I have found online, as well as my RL friends.

10. I am thankful that we live in an awesome Country that has not seen, and has not known war. Like I said above, I watched THE HIDING PLACE, and it amazing! I want to buy it. I think everyone should have a WW2 movie in their movie collection. It will keep you humble. Honest. True Story. Even if you don't have faith or are a Christian, you should watch it. The acting and set design alone is amazing (this was done back in 1977). I am thankful for our freedom. I try to not to take this for granted. I try to thank God every day (or at least recognise) for our freedom; physical, political, spiritual, etc.

Happy Saturday!


Considerer said…
It sounds like things are going well for you and you're enjoying the change in seasons.

I'm right there with you on #9. Such a good thing to have understanding people around us IRL and virtually.
in the coop said…
It is a grand week when you get to visit two friends in one week, especially one that lasts until past midnight!

I'm glad someone enjoys the changing seasons. While I don't mind 3 of the four seasons, I'd be just fine skipping winter all together.

Hope you have another good week!
I love fall, too. Hate cold weather, so I'll tolerate even the hottest summer days, but I. Love. Fall.

Have you seen the movie Mrs. Miniver, with Greer Garson? Another good WWII movie, made in 1942 and based on a book.
Kristi said…
The Hiding Place is also based on a book by the same name. I haven't watched the movie, but I bet it's wonderful.
SouthMainMuse said…
Gosh. I get the longing for a baby bit. That was almost 10 years of my life. Do the pregnancy tests really say "I'm sorry" or was that your creation. It's v clever but just seeing it made my stomach hurt. Sound like you have a lot of other wonderful stuff going on in your life. So concentrate on that for now.
Clark Farley said…
inevitable as they are, this might be a year when I hardly complain about the cold (of winter)...not sure how I arranged it in my head... living in New England all my life and somehow expressing surprise at the cold in October! lol

good list sounds like a very good week
Thank you ladies for leaving such nice comments:) Yes, even though it is still hot out, I am looking forward to fall. We had a couple of days where it rained, and I actually enjoyed it. I am still wearing capri's though (at least most of the time). Yes, I really want to read THP book as well. I didn't make the "i'm sorry" pg test, but I think someone came up with it. I don't think they really say that, no. Yah, I am not a huge Deep Winter person, either....but it is nice for curling up with a good book:) No, I haven't seen those movies...are they any good?
Hey April just seen your messages and thanks for stopping by as well. I must of missed this post this morning as was doing catch up on reading blogs after this busy weekend. Love your fall post, I don't really keep up with fashion trends either, but I do love fall for the scarfs and boots and jeans! Love your coffee mug you got, very festive.

Even though I don't often comment about this, your desire to have children...I have been there with different struggles of my own. I think that God has a plan for you. I am working on Part 2 of my story where I want to share the vitamins I take as truly thank God for them and how I have my health back. Sometimes when things feel like they are going wrong or you feel like things are not happening....I had to learn that God knows whats best and I can tell you from experience I am glad that I didn't do what I thought was best as God had an even better plan for me, even better than I could image. So Sending a smile your way, God is with you through all of these bumps in the road you face...hang in there. It's going to get better.
ps. on a side note, Menchie's was good. I think I would like to go once in awhile for a treat. The twine crafts I found on Pinterest are like cardboard letters wrapped in twine. I am working on wrapping a box with twine and I seen a tutorial on wrapping a bottle with twine. Do a search on Pinterest when you have time. I also will be pining some myself. Also the prinatbles is just what I call them not sure if it's the right name...but you got it. Just print it off and frame it! They are cute inexpensive way to decorate. Thank you for your kind words about my mom and I.
I don't think you missed my comments, as I commented around 830 are so sweet:) would love to be your friend on FB (if you are on there) msg me and I will tell you my name.

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