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Canadian Infertility Week/We're the 1 in 6

Well, I thought I had better write something about infertility since a) we are infertile, b) it's infertility week, and c) b/c since we are infertile, and this is partly what my blog is is about!

So,'s Canadian Infertility Week May 19-28 (it was US's Infert week last month, and I had planned on writing something during that week, but I never got around to it, so, US friends, this is partly for that week as well).

First's a little factoid for ya..

I blogged this part earlier in the week, but I had to abandon to go to work, or whatever it was I was doing at the time. I do realize that it's now the 29th, but I still wanted to write what has been on my heart (or what I have thought about to write in the last 30 about this...

So..back to my post....we are the one in 6. I actually am surprised that the number is so high. I would have thought that the number would have been less.
 Here are few infertility facts:

Infertility can be traced…

New House Pictures/Let's Be Friends Blog Hop

I have promised pictures of our new place, and I keep But I thought I would do a quick post on/about it.

We have been here for a month, and we LOVE it! I am finding that we do hear more "floor/wall" noise, but it has generally been quieter than our old place.

So, without further are the pics (please excuse the mess...we are not super-clean people, and we certainly weren't when these pictures were taken).

                                      I think I have posted this new favourite spot.
                         Our bedroom. Please excuse the creams and foot lotions. And the cords.
 Our bedroom is SO MUCH bigger...well, it feels like it's twice as big. Lots of room! And yes I forgot, to clean up a bit before taking this..just keeping it real, people.
 Anker found this wood futon frame on Kijjjji for $30. We had thrown our last metal one away. We love this one.
 Our spare room. Yes, it's a junk room. But at least we can clos…

Friday Link Ups

Yes, I am still alive :) I haven't felt like blogging lately, mainly b/c I have been enjoying this weather, but also b/c I haven't had much to say. Shocking, I know! But all is (mostly) well in the W household.

Hubby hasn't been feeling well this week, so we have been kind of laying low. I worked last wknd (our holiday LW), and Monday, my brother and future SIL were coming into town, so I met up with them at A and K's house. H said some cute things. I love on how he is trying to figure out family; who is, and why. I got to read him a story, and we had a short visit, until I had to leave for work. Tuesday, I had a small procedure done at the hospital, and I relaxed most of the day. We made supper together, which was fun, and relaxed in the evening, and we got caught up on our TV shows. Wednesday, I mainly stayed home. I did run out in the morning to grab a few things, then I came home and made French Toast, and stayed home, lazed around. Thursday, I went out ran a few e…

Mother's Day Wknd/Let's Be Friends Blog Hop

Happy Tuesday! I hope you had a good wknd! Mine/ours was...well...interesting!

Friday night, I worked, so that was pretty much moot. It was a good shift though, and they have hired another person, so that's good. It was a pretty relaxed shift. I came home and relaxed all evening. During the day, which was pay day, I relaxed in the morning, and ran around and got the newest magazines, and went to the chiropractor. All before work.

Saturday, Anker and I went to the Farmers' Market and met up with K and H. We got some plants for our garden, and bought a few things. Then we went to to Jysks to grab a shower curtain and a few things. Came home and relaxed and did a few things. I ran back out and met up with A, K, and H for a few minutes at Big Little Science Centre where they were holding a Mining Day. It was actually kind of interesting, but since I went alone, and I had other things to do, I didn't stay long. I went to grab a few things, the library, and came home and relaxed…

Friday Link ups

Happy Friday!!

Wow...this week has been busy..and then not, then busy again! I am SO glad that I have the wknd off!

Here are a few of my favourites from my week...

1. Dollar Drink Days are Back!

$1 drinks are back at McD's. Happy girl, am I.

2. I got the weekly magazines, and a monthly Mag...

I had to...well, with my friend Kate and her babies on the cover and all...and I also got May's Cosmo.

3. My Yard.

Have I mentioned on how much I love my yard. I spent two hours in the sun yesterday. LOVE it.
4. Frappy Hour!

It's been Frappy hour for over a week, and yesterday was the first day that I was able to participate in it. I HAD to participate in it at least ONE day during the 10 day promotion. I met up with K and H yesterday, and we enjoyed sitting outside, enjoying our drinks.

5. Superhero Party.

I got to host a Superhero Party for a certain little someone. Since I couldn't participate in H's birthday fun that they had last wknd, and since they had had us over for s…