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I love me a random/one liner post. They are easy and quick!!!

So, it's been a month since I have lost posted (not including today), here are some updates:

I took a POPARD Course the week of July 10-14, and I really enjoyed it.

I also house sat that week, and it was great.

I joined Tupperware. I love their products.

Our garden is growing beautifully.

I have had two babysitting jobs this summer. God is good at providing me some money for the summer.

I went to the lake in Chase with a friend a few weeks ago, and loved it.

I went to my parents' twice this summer. This last time, I spent in our old B&B Cabin, and loved it.

I am still only reading magazines. I should probably read a book soon.

I am still watching too much tv. Ha!

B.C has been hit with a TON of fires! Thankfully, we haven't been put on evacuation alert, but there are some places near us that were. There are now two fires really close to us, and one fairly close to us. We are praying for rain.

I met up with a …


Yes, I do realize that this old blog has been lacking. Again. I have been busy doing courses, babysitting/respite, going to my parents' for a few days, and meeting with friends and family. I will try to do a quick update in the form of randoms and one liners, but for now, I thought I would do a short post about our anniversary! It is our TENTH!!! I cannot believe that we have lasted this long :) Ha! Seriously, I super proud of us for sticking it out, and I think that if we can do it, anyone can (**cough, cough** Brangelina, TomKat, Eva Longoria and Tony Parker, well, you get the idea).

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We have been through a lot. Infertility, financial woes, 4 diagnosises, 1 move, three cars three cats, 1 fish, 1 major hospital stay, countless trips, lots of anger and frustrations, loss of Church life (mostly Anker, but me as well), lots of Volunteer and ministry experi…