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Weekend Recap: Birthday Edition (from 2.5 weeks ago!)Let's Be Friends Blog Hop

Well, I realize that this is from 3 weeks ago, but I did want to do a short post about it, b/c it was a nice wknd.

A number of weeks ago, Mom and I had talked about my birthday weekend, and what I would like to do...she suggested that we come to the ranch, as they would be having H for the wknd, and before we all left, we could go out for supper. It was such a good idea, that I went for it!!

Friday was my actual birthday, and I was greeted at school with cards, gifts, and coffee! It was a lovely day, and we had two cupcake parties (another student in our class has the same birthday as me), as I brought cupcakes to share. Right after school, I went downtown to pick up my Steaped Tea order, dropped them off with my friend, came home and got Anker, finished packing, and then headed on up the hill to White Spot for supper. I kind of wanted it semi kid-friendly, as Mom and Dad were looking after H that wknd (b/c SOMEONE got married on my birthday, after they forgot that a certain sister ha…

Randoms/Life Update

Here are some randoms of our lives, and a little life update :)

Our garden is giving us food! There are about 10000 strawberries that we have got from our garden! Anker has made some strawberry/orange jam, and it was SO GOOD! We are also getting zucchini and snap peas. Yum!

Our new neighbours have moved in. They seem nice, and so far, quite quiet. We shall see. The new neighbours to the other side of us seem nice, too...Anker actually talked to them. They like to garden, and were there last wknd putting in some stuff.

There is a fire burning not too far from us. Thankfully, it's not threatening any buildings, and I HOPE that it has been contained, but I am not sure. My friend and I went up the other day to check it out. I actually had no idea that it was even burning until she told me, which is weird, b/c I would have thought I would seen or smelled the smoke. Anyway, none of us are worried....yet :)

I fell a couple of weeks ago on my way to work. It was all so silly. Anker was so…

Five On Friday

Happy Wednesday! Yes, I am still alive! I haven't really been feeling the blogging vibe lately, so this ol' blog has been lacking. I have a couple of posts that have their title, and that is as far as I have gotten. Ha! are some favourites of the last week or two:

1) School is OUT! Yay!!!

I am looking forward to 10 weeks of no school! I will be doing a bit of respite and babysitting just to cover some bills, but that's about it. This week has been BUSY! Next week, it should be a bit quieter.

2) Coscto Clothes

For the first time ever, I have bought clothes at Costco. I gotta say, that I am super impressed. I bought a long skirt that a mom at school had on, and it looked really nice, so she texted me to tell me that they were on sale. I ended up getting it, and I also got a top. They are both really comfy.

Not the greatest picture of me, but I texted this to my mom-friend from school to to show her...I really love the top...I also have a picture of the skirt..…

Show and Tell Tuesday

Happy Saturday!!! Today (a few days late!) I am linking with Andrea to talk about #thestruggleisreal.

Here are a few struggles in my life...

1) Infertility. Most of the time, I am pretty content with our not having kids, but every once in awhile, this becomes a struggle. That is when I have to take a step back, breathe, probably pray, and or talk with someone, and then go on about my day. Or, if i can...just end up being grumpy for the rest of the evening. Ha!

2) Time with God. Yes, I pray as I am going about my day...both sincere, and not-so-sincere; meaningful, and fast...but I really don't spend time with God like I know I should. I have NO excuses! At.All. I do try and read the verse of the day from my phone app, and I have about 20 devotions going. I don't read even one every day. I will go weeks without reading them, then I will read about 5 in a day. At least I try, right?

3) Reading Decent Books. I haven't read a book (decent or otherwise) in years. It has been ma…

Life Lately

It's for another LL post!!

What can I say?

We finally got our A/C in our car fixed. We now have A/C in our house...all I can say is..Yay!!!

Our garden is growing, y'all! And we got our first strawberry this year from the garden. Yummy!

I am getting a Barium Swallow done in July to rule out any swallowing issues. My issues that I did have seemed to have been left me for now.

The right side of my neck and should hurt. It started on Friday afternoon/evening, and it hasn't really gotten better. It think it may have to do with all the time I spend on my computer and phone, and probably reading all my magazines!!

Our road is completely torn up. It is kind of annoying, and smelly! They are putting in a new sewer line, so we can smell sewer (even more than usual). It's gross. I hope that they get that part of it done soon.

I got my school staff and class pictures back last week. I have them sitting very proudly in our room. I might end up buying some cheap frames to put them i…

Depression and Anxiety

I was looking through April's issue of Glamour Magazine today, and there was a section about Mental Health, and since that seems to be very popular right now, I thought I would go ahead and share some of my struggles with Anxiety and Depression.

My Mom had PPD back before it was even popular. I won't go into her struggle, but I will say that she suffered from it pretty bad. Thankfully, she was healed from it, and when asked, she will gladly share her story with you. I was about 5 when got it after she had my younger brother. Fast forward to when I was 17. I had negative thoughts and what I know now is Anxiety. I had this for about a year, and it was not fun, let me say. I worried..A LOT! I went crazy with it, and I am so thankful that Mom was there to help me through it. I never thought of going on meds...I am not sure that they would have helped at the time, anyway...or maybe they would have. second bout of it was when I was living in Calgary in the early 2000'…

Friday Favourites (on Monday!)!!

Happy Monday, Friends! I hope you are had a great wknd, and that your week is off to a great start. We are still slugging away at school in Canada, so no summer holidays yet! I do need to do another Life Lately Post, cause I have such an interesting and exciting life! Ha! I haven't even journaled in three weeks. I just haven't really felt like writing, I guess. I am too busy reading magazines, working and watching tv.

Here are my favourites from the last week (please note that most of these things happened after Friday....oooh, well):

1) Connecting with Friends:

I have been super bad about going to church lately, but I will say that I went on the 28th, and it was really nice. We have a potluck once a month after church, and since it was potluck Sunday, I ended up going. It was nice to connect with others again. On the 2nd of June, I went to a BBQ with my girls group (that originated from our church), and it was really fun. I even hit up another after party of a co-worker's…