Show and Tell Tuesday

Happy Saturday!!! Today (a few days late!) I am linking with Andrea to talk about #thestruggleisreal.

Here are a few struggles in my life...

1) Infertility. Most of the time, I am pretty content with our not having kids, but every once in awhile, this becomes a struggle. That is when I have to take a step back, breathe, probably pray, and or talk with someone, and then go on about my day. Or, if i can...just end up being grumpy for the rest of the evening. Ha!

2) Time with God. Yes, I pray as I am going about my day...both sincere, and not-so-sincere; meaningful, and fast...but I really don't spend time with God like I know I should. I have NO excuses! At.All. I do try and read the verse of the day from my phone app, and I have about 20 devotions going. I don't read even one every day. I will go weeks without reading them, then I will read about 5 in a day. At least I try, right?

3) Reading Decent Books. I haven't read a book (decent or otherwise) in years. It has been magazines only. I wish I could get into a few Christian (or even just some sort of intellectual book) books, or even just a good thought provoking book or novel, but I cannot.

4) Health And Fitness. I want to be fit and healthy. I also want pie and fries. I want to got a walk every night. I also want to sit on my butt and watch TV/Movies. #thestruggleisreal

5) Volunteer/Ministry/Helping Others/Church Stuff. I love my job. I really do. But I also need my downtime. Therefore, I will often stay at home in the evenings, and not go out. I often will be selfish, and not help others, not get involved in ministry and or volunteer. Like our church is having VBS in July, I know I should help (and I have in the past), but I know that I will be probably pretty tired, and in need of a break.

6) Time with Anker/Others vs Being Alone. This is weird. I love my husband, my family and friends, but I also love being alone. I actually need to be very aware that people will need me (my company and my scintillating conversation!), but I often will just love to be by myself in our room. Yes, it is a very bad habit. There a lot of times when I would rather be home (in our room) than visiting with friends and even family.

7) Depression and Anxiety. This is for sure a struggle. One that I cope with on nearly a daily basis (on some level).


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