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I can't believe that summer is half over!! I hope you have had a great summer so far. For us, our has been pretty laid back. We have gone on two trips so far, and would love to go on another "major" camping trip, and also may also go to the PNE, in Vancouver, and see Anker's sister, and also I have decided to take my Insurance Test there. I found out that re-writes cost $80, and while having to do one may be possible, I thought I would do my first attempt in Vancouver, and then see what happens. I am almost done my course. Yes, this has taken a bit longer than I had hoped, but I also don't seem to be tackling it like I thought. Oh well, it is almost over:) I have one big chapter left to go. It has been pretty hard, but interesting as well. Even if I don't pass the first try, I hope to go out and still look for work at insurance agencies in the city. I had one "pre-interview" with an HR manager of a major insurance chain here in the city, and she sai…