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Ten Things of Thankful

I don't know if there is going to be a TToT this wk, but I am going to do one, anyway.

1) A Roof Over our Heads

We have been having a cold snap for the last week. I am VERY thankful that we have warm cars (our is working now..yay!), clothes, and a roof over our heads. Very thankful, indeed!

2)My Job

I love my job...the kids, my co-workers, WHERE I, love! We even got a raise a couple of weeks ago! I also love that it less than a 10 minute commute! There were also a couple of Money Trees that went out (one being last minute), and we raised almost $700 btwn the both of them! I love that we are all so generous and caring. There was also a "Winter Clothing Drive" that was done (again, last minute) for another school in town, and SO MUCH was given!! Not to mention the Christmas Food Hampers, etc. Did I mention the goodies that we always get??

3) Date Day

Anker and I had doctor's appointments on Tuesday, so we went to our appointment (where we were told that our …

Feeling Like A Hermit

I have always been a social person. I love people, I love going out for coffee, visiting with friends, etc. The last few years, however, I have been definitely been staying in more...and by more, I mean, actually MORE. Maybe Anker is rubbing off on me, I think. LOL. (he could honestly stay inside 360 days of the year, and not be bothered to get out). I DO get out, of course. I have a job. I run errands. I go to church (sometimes). But I definitely have been staying in more. It helps that our noisy neighbours have left (I never wanted to be home, as they were pretty noisy). At night, I come home, and pretty much don't move from the bed until bedtime. I think it has to do with it being winter; cold and or snowy. My job is awesome, but it is very taxing, so I often don't feeling like relating to/with others at the end of the day. I did get out twice last wk (for the Christmas concert), and other than errands, I didn't go anywhere. I had a few invites to places, but, because o…

Five on Friday

Yes, I do realize that the ol' blog is lacking. Just not as into it lately. Never fear...April is here!

Here are some favourites of/from this last week:

1) Cold Snap.
Kamloops has had a biiiit of a cold snap lately. We are all wusses, so we have been whining a lot. I kind of like it, though. It kills colds...or something!! Last wknd, we got a big dump of snow. We are getting some more, as I type this.

2) Christmas Break.

We are on a 2.5 wk Christmas break. I love my job, but I am needing a break. I think all the kids are looking forward to it, too. We had a fun last day of school yesterday; most of the classes had parties...we did a few things in the morning, and had a party in the afternoon. We had snacks, and we watched a movie. A few of we EA's had a small party upstairs, which was fun.

3) School Concert

The school had its two night epic School concert this last week. It went SO well, and all the kids did amazing1!

4) Feeling Appreciated

I got so many lovely gifts from &quo…

Life Lately

Hi! I'm April. I used to have a blog. Anyway, moving on!!

Happy Sunday night, friends!!! I hope your December is going well so far. Our is going pretty well. Here are some highlights of late...:)

Last Friday, our girls group from church had our Christmas party! It was at our friends new place, and we had a lovely evening! There was A LOT of food!! And, two days ago was my work Christmas party...and, surprise, surprise!..Anker came! It was pretty fun. The was great, and he got to meet some of my co-workers, and we played some TV games...very fun!!! It ended at 8, which was a bit early, but considering I was getting a cold, and hubs doesn't like being out too long (esp at/to places he doesn't know many ppl), it was actually good timing.

We had a day and a half off last week. Thursday aft, I spent...well, I don't remember what I did, but I think I went to the library. Friday, I slept in, relaxed in the morning, and then ran out to get a few things, then back here to get r…