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Crazy, Crazy World!!


Well, I really hope this blog is private..haha..not sure..but maybe no one is even LOOKING at this thing. oh well. I wont add any pics now, as I have Facebook for that. BUT once we start expanding, then we will add pics.

So, our trip to the PNE went well. (see FB for pics) Well, actaully, the PNE kind of sucked, but the rest of the weekend went fine. We stayed at his sisters, and had a nice time. We went to Fort Langley on Sunday, and on Monday came home. It was a nice short weekend.

Work continues to be very stressful. I know, I should be happy..and i am..cause I am only part time. But I am struggling with my stats, which makes it really stressful ( I wont even go into my stats, just certain metrics i need to meet). Anyway...I am looking for something else, just not sure what I want to do.

KidsLife and Bible study start at CCC today. I have decided that I wanted to help out. Anker also goes to Bible Study, so it is a time for us to go out together (well, sort of) and just…