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Doctor's Appts, and the Like

Just a quick update...yes, I am alive..and doing quite well. We have had some cool weather and some rain this week, with very little sun. Quite a difference from the HOT weather in April we had, for sure.

Nothing too exciting going on. Just hanging out, watching tv, reading..etc. I have started reading books for the first time in about a year. I do admit that I like Danielle Steel books (well, most of them), and I just finished (almost finished one) reading her two newer ones. I think my next book I will read is a book my mom gave me for my birthday about two years ago. It looks good, but a bit sad.

Last weekend was very quiet...just basically hung around and didn't do a whole lot. I do go to a movie with a friend.."The Backup Plan", which was quite cute, and I also read a lot. We also went to friends BBQ, which was very was "BYOM", so I brought a lamb chop, and it was sooo good!! I also went to a Mary Kay party (at the same friends) on Friday, and it…


Maybe it's the Friday night blues..I don't know, but I feel kind of blah tonight:( I haven't felt well all afternoon, and it's a bit concerning. I feel a bit bloated, and Anker says my stomach seems a bit larger. The scale has stayed the same for a week, and while that is nice, I would rather be losing. So, I am wondering, while I am not gaining fat, maybe I am gaining fluid? We are heading to see Dr. Frank Ryan in Vancouver on Monday for the day, so I am hoping that he can help and see what is up.

Actually, today has been rather nice. I pretty much just read and did laundry all day...I had to run out to the bank earlier, but that was pretty much it. I felt spoilt, today, as two nights in a row, Anker has made supper! Earlier this evening, I just sat outside, and read my was sooo nice and warm!!

So, last weekend, Anker and went to my parents place for Mother's Day. We had been half planning to go, especially since Mom had done SO MUCH for me while I was in…


I have a blogging friend that does this every Tuesday, called Tuesday Randoms..well, it's Wednesday, so I thought I would do "Wednesday Randoms'. Or, how ever often I update my blog.

I added a few more people to this blog. I hope they accept. You can have 100 readers on your private blog. I have been debating about asking certain family members to my blog...Maybe..we'll

You may wonder why I never have any pics on here. Well, simply put, I don't know how. I tried, really, I tried. But, I can't, SOOO...hopefully, you are a Facebook friend, and you can see pics there. I have just added some new pics. They were on my camera, and I had no idea that the Christmas ones where on there. I was wondering where they were. I DID get a book on blogger..maybe I should read it.

I have been going out A LOT lately...errands, coffee w/ friends, etc. It's been fun, but I plan to do NOTHING tomorrow, and just stay home and Facebook, and housework:)

I got a beautiful qui…