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Victoria Day Long Wknd

Yes, it is nearly Friday, and I am blogging about last wknd..oooh well :)

It was a long wknd last wknd here in Canada, which is Victoria Day Long Weekend. Generally, the weather has been really crappy (from what other ppl have said, and from what I can remember), but last wknd was HOT!!! It was a four day wknd, as it was a PD Day at our school (the district had theirs last Monday), and we EA's didn't have to go...which kind of is a bummer, money-wise, but great, time-wise!

Friday, I slept in, and then I spent most of the morning outside in our yard, reading magazines. I had breakfast and coffee outside, too :) At around 1, I hung out in our room, and then I went to the library, then Starbucks to grab a cold drink, and then went to my friend/co-worker's/boss' house to look after her kids for the evening. Her kids are really sweet, and I think they liked me, which is good! I came home and then hung out for awhile (I think I watched TV), and then went to bed.

Saturday, I …

Life Lately

I feel like I should do a bit of a life lately post..not that we have been doing anything exciting, but is nice to have a post about normal life (vs a link up post, or one about infertility).

Our garden is doing very well, no thanks to me. Anker has done a great job at planning, planting, and maintaining it. If you want to check out any pictures, hop on over to my IG page.

The city is putting in some new line or something, so they are busy playing in the dirt! When I got home from work and errands today, the pavement had turned into gravel. Awesome.

As stated before, my niece was born on May 23rd. She is so adorable! I cannot wait to see her. I may have to put a picture on Instagram.

It was two years ago this week that our friend Matt died. I still can't believe that it has been that long. I miss him all the time.

I bought my first watermelon today, and I think I will be throwing some of it away. I never know what to look for when I buy them.

I gotta say, I am tote jealz of seeing…

Five on Friday

Happy Thursday/Friday!  I hope your week has been lovely!!

Here are my faves from the week:

1) Kahjianna Kinshosa was born on May 23rd, weighing 6lbs 10z. She is my new niece, y'all! My brother Seth, and his wife Naomi (who's wedding we went to two years ago), and I cannot wait to meet her! Her name is pronounced caw gee anna.

2) We got a/c in our house the other day, and in our car today. Anker was able to find it at a local store  for $80, vs going to the shop for $150. I hope that it lasts at least for a few weeks (there is a leak).

3) I had an impromptu visit with my friend Jill and her two kids yesterday. She tracked me down at my second home (, and we had very nice short visit. I also had a nearly two hour visit with my brother last night. He never calls me (well, not often), and we always have nice visits when we do.

4) I am looking forward to the summer. We will be celebrating 10 yrs of marriage the end of July, and I am taking a one week course on Autis…

CIAW 2017 (Over a Week Late): Infertility Is Rewarding

CIAW ended on Mother's Day this year, and I had hoped to have had written something in infertility around this time, but I never got around to it. Well, better late than never, right? I don't think that I will be writing anything that hasn't been already written (or that I have written) about it, but you can never write too much about it, so, here I go (again)....

Infertility affects 1 in 6 Canadian couples. It can range from low (or no) sperm in the man, to, PCOS in the woman, to unexplained infertility. I am finding, thanks to Social Media, blogs, and celebrities making it a bit more of a mainstream topic, I think the stigma is lessening, but sadly, few people still like to talk about it. Everyone asks if you have kids. They will often ask why. I still find these two questions difficult. What do you say? How do you say it eloquently, and so that you are both "comfortable"? I still have no idea on how go about it. Infertility has affected my family. Three out of…

Wedding Weekend

I thought I should probably post a bit about my very exciting trip to Calgary last weekend! My cousin's who I am very close to) daughter got married, and A and I were invited to go. He doesn't like to go to large family events, and I do pick my battles, but I really wanted to go. I was going to drive out with Vienna, but we thought it would be too expensive (yes, I am poor...all.the.time). In the end A and K ended up going, so I went with them. I was able to take Friday off, and I went to A and K's house Thursday night, so we could all get up and leave and some insane hour in the morning. Well, I ended up getting a cold a few days before, and I was so not impressed, so I started taking meds like they were going out of style. I ended up putting on some Thieves balm that my student's mom gave me a few weeks back. And let me tell worked!

I didn't sleep well the night before, due to V coming in late (due to helping a friend deliver her baby, she ended up comin…

Five on Friday

Happy Victoria Day Weekend Sunday!!! I hope you are all having a great wknd. Ours is...well, interesting! Ha! I will talk more about it on Tuesday, when I do a weekend wrap up.

Here are the five from this last week:

1) Wedding Weekend

Last weekend (which I will do a post about that), I went to a family wedding, and I had a great time visiting with family and friends. I always love connecting with family who I don't see very often, and last weekend was  no exception. Plus, we had free food and wine :)

2) Four Day Weekend

This weekend is a four day weekend for our school. It was PD day on Friday, and we EA's didn't have  any training, and combined it with tomorrows holiday Monday, well, you do the math.

3) Warm Weather

We are finally getting some warm/hot weather!!! It was up to 30C today, and 26C yesterday. Anger put in the A/C in the house yesterday, and we love it.

4) Blogger-tunity

A blogger reached out to me last week, and asked if I wanted to participate in something, …

Show and Tell Tuesday: Memory Lane

Happy Wednesday (or, as I like to call it, Happy-see-what-is-on-the-weekly-magazines-day)! My week is going MUCH better than last week....yay!!!

I am linking up with Andrea for this weeks Show and Tell Tuesday, and this week it is about Memory Lane.

I know must everyone (I went on a few blogs to see on how they were doing their posts), posted pictures, but I don't feee like doing that, bc I don't fee like going on Google, find picture, saving said picture..blah, blah :) I hope that most of you know what I am talking about...if not, well, Google it!!

I am a BC Country girl of the late 70's-80's, and let me tell you, those were the best!!!

Food, snacks, candy, and drinks:

Pudding pops, smal boxed cereal, tang (with ginger ale), hubba bubba gum, surprise bags, Orange Crush (yes, I realize that these are still around, but they are memories for me), those Dip-things, Nerds, candy rings, and I am sure there are more that I ate, but I can't remember..ha!

Books and Magazin…

Five On Friday

Happy Cinco De Mayo (Weekend!)!! My nephew, H had his bday on Friday, so he is our CDM Baby. We are also having tacos/burritos tonight (Sunday).

Is anyone else happy that Friday is here? I am! It's been a week, and I am glad that the wknd is here!!! It's now Sunday afternoon/evening :) I have spent much of the weekend watching tv and on the computer, however, I did do some cleaning and some organizing, so it has been somewhat productive.

Here are the top fives from/of the week:

Class Field Trip

On Tuesday, our class wen not a field trip with another class to release some salmon that had been in the the school for the last couple of months. It was an all school day field trip, and it was a gorgeous day! We had hot dogs and marshmallow, and had a couple of walks, and enjoyed the sun.

A Caring Online/IRL Community

With me not feeling well, and just feeling tired and exhausted in general, it's been a bit of a tough week. I posted on Facebook that I felt like crying, and everyo…

A Tale of Two Weekends (and Too Much TV)/Let's Be Friends Blog Hop

I am slooooowly learning to love Mac :) Or, at least, put up with it. I actually am rather liking it (though, I haven't used any office/word processing software, and I think that that would drive me insane learning all about it), and there are things about that I can see why people would love a Mac over a PC.

I seem to be not into blogging as much...not really sure why. I didn't do a FOF post, nor did I do a TToF, nor did I do a Show and Tell Tuesday last Tuesday. I won't even open the Mac at times...choosing only to use my phone and or Tablet (I can play Train game on the Tablet, and it's faster...yay!!). I finally put in a dvd into the Mac the other day, and I really like on how it is actually simpler than my PC...or at least, more efficient. Go figure!

So...our last two weekends...let's digress, shall we?

TWO weekends ago (April 21-23):

Friday: After work, I met K at the library for a few minutes, then I grabbed gas, and came home, and then Anker and …