Friday, May 31, 2013

My Momma's Salad Dressing!

In Canada, we have to make our own salad dressing, as it doesn't come in a jar or bottle. Ok, I'm kidding, but once in awhile I like to experiment and make something a bit different. I grew with this recipe that Mom still makes to this day. The funny thing is, is that I never have really liked it, but since I am TRYING to eat a bit healthier (yes, I will write about that sometime soon), and I had all the ingredients, I thought I would make it tonight. I don't take credit for this (except the added garlic) is all my mom's:) Ok..I don't know if it is "her" recipe, since I have seen similar ones, but this is what I grew up with. When I made it tonight, it was surprisingly good!!! (maybe better than Mom'


1/4 C of (EV)OO (or any oil, really, but (EV)OO is the best)
1 tsp sugar
1 egg (if you don't want to eat raw eggs, then you can leave this out, or use an egg subistute, but I always had this, and I never got sick..up to you.)
1/2 C of mayonnaise (NOT Mir@cle Whip)
1-2 tsp  of lemon juice (I used bottled)
clove of garlic (be careful, it is pretty garlicy, and I used a small one)

Combine all but the EVOO in the blender or food processor,,slowly pour in the EVOO as it is blending. Add additional amounts for/taste and depending on the number of people. This is to be used on savoury salads ONLY:) Can be stored in the fridge for a long time..:)

Five Favourite Things Friday!

Yay! I FINALLY found a blog where I can link up to (on this subject) every week!  Darci from does this every Friday!!! (which I found through another blog I frequent). So, since I wont be doing SUYL this week, I will be doing this. On the weeks that I will be doing SUYL, then I will be doing this on Thursday (where I can still link up the next day).

Ok, so as usual, there are more than 5 to be grateful for!!! So, in no particular order, here they are:
I am sorry that this is upside down:( It is a picture of a calendar/book that  got for Christmas my from Aunty. I love it. I have it on the side of my bed, and every week (where the next picture comes in) there is a beautiful picture and saying that I get to look at.
This is the picture that I get to look at this week. Isn't it pretty?
I am not sure if I posted this last week or not (I forgot to check before I started this post), and I am sorry that it is blurry, but it is Chris Tomlin's new CD, Burning Lights. I have to admit that it isn't my ABOSOLUTE facvourite from him, but I really am enjoying it.
Steel cut oats. I love these. I never thought I would, either. I will make a batch, and I will store it in the fridge and have more during the week. I usually have it with yogurt instead of milk.
I found this cute and colourful spiral note book to use for phone messages, etc. I love it and it only cost 1 buck:)
The Super-Nova Slurpee from 7-11. I don't know why, but it is SO good! Both hubby and I love it. We can't tell what the flavour it grape?? Cream soda (which I normally hate)? Lime?? Who knows? Who cares? It is DELISH!
And that, my friends is my FFTF for this week! I was going to post the books that I reading, but I think I will save that for next week, since I am only reading two of them, having barely started on one, and haven't yet started on the other.
Happy Friday!!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

What Keeps me (us) Busy

I haven't wanted to blog much this week..mainly because I don't know what to say, but also because I the number have viewings have been down..(sigh). I need to partake in another SUYL soon:) I did last week, but it was mostly links to etsy was fun to check them out though.

I have been having fun taking/collecting picture for FFTF post. Again, I have way more than 5:) It is a VERY good reminder of the wonderful (little) things in life, and to be grateful for what we have, and for the things that happen during the day.

First, though, before I continue, I am have been thinking about EVERYONE that was and is affected by the tornados last week in OK. I am sorry that I never said anything last week:( I think of you all, and am in prayer as I see and read that there is another watch:(

Ok..on to today's post:

This is a post that I have been wanting to do for a while. I am sure people wonder what keeps me busy during the day...:) I don't have kids, no full time job (yet!!), and I am not in school. Nor do I have a huge house and NO yard to look after. So, what DOES keep me busy??

Honestly? It just depends on the day!! There are days that I am SO BORED that I HAVE to go outside just to get some new scenery:) But there are other days that I am so busy, that I barely have time to check FB. etc.

Well, there is work (more on that in another post), cleaning and upkeep of the house, and laundry, cooking/baking. Watching my shows, and then I will often watch a movie. I FB, Pinterest, blogging, etc. I usually try to get out at least once a day, so I will go for coffee, or to the mall. And of course, I have errands to run. I also go to the library. I read my magazines and books. Oh, and of course, looking for work! Then there are the social aspects, and keeping up with friends and family. I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but it keeps me really does!!!

Yesterday, for instance..was NUTZ! I had an interview, and since I was downtown, I thought I would drop off some resumes. I had fun doing it, mainly because I got to walk:) I went to a coffee shop and had pie (cause I was craving it) and iced tea. I dropped a few more uptown, and went to one of the malls for a bit..then home:) I watched a couple movies last night, and I called a few people. Tuesday, I had an interview, then I went to the library. I went out for coffee at a local coffee shop, which I have gone to recently, and I like. I ended up going to the mall (the only major mall in our city),and I wandered around a bit. I came home, had supper, and hubby and I watched a movie, he went to bed, and I watched another. Monday, I went to Costco to check out their food samples. We have a membership there, but we haven't used it in a while, so I thought I would go:) I went to Chapters to read one of the books I am reading:) (I am reading three at the moment). I went to work, then hung out in the evening. Sunday, after I wrote in this, one of m Avon/FB friends asked if I wanted to go to Target with her. She also helped me with the new Avon site, which I am finding a bit confusing. We wandered around Target, and the mall, and looked over the site, and then I went home.

So, that is some of what keeps me busy!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Grumpy...and a week recap

Well, I seem to be grumpy today..with no real reason. I could be that we don't have any money (at all) til Thursday. Or it could be that our house is a bit of a disaster. Or it could be because we have had lots of (much needed, mind you) rain this week, and I am in need of some sun. Whatever the reason, I am grumpy and blah. OH well.

So, a quick recap...Today, I went to church, and grabbed a one dollar drink at McD's, and read for a while...and now I am home:)

Saturday, I spent the morning reading, which was nice. I am now done my two bucks, which makes me sad. I ALWAYS hate when I finish a is like a part of me dies:) Ok, maybe not that bad, but it is still sad. At least one of the books is a Trilogy, and we have the second one in at work, so I can read it when I am there..until I pay for it:) Anyway...I had lunch, and I went to work for the afternoon. I came home  and I read for a bit, and we had supper. We watched Pirates of the Carribean #4, which was pretty funny, and I read for a bit and went to bed.

Friday, my plans got changed, as I found out that I my lil sister was coming to get her wisdom teeth pulled..yes, all four! She is doing well, though, so that is good. So we hung out for a few minutes..K brought her in, and she had Bebop with her, and we met at a park for a while. I dropped V off, and we chatted for while she waited. I was supposed to work at 230, but she wanted me in earlier, so I left and went to work. Just hung out and relaxed in the evening. Avon has a new website, so I am trying to navigate through that.

Thursday, I had the last of my HEP B shot, and hubby and I grabbed coffee, and we came home. I went out to the library, and then to school (where they have a printer) to print off some resumes. I came home and just relaxed. I got caught up with some of my family members, via the old communication called the land-line telephone:)

Wednesday, I spent time at home, and then I ran a few errands. I went to the library, and I dropped off some resumes downtown, and I went to my old workplace to chat with girls for a bit. I went home, made, and had supper, and relaxed in the evening.

Tuesday, I met up with a friend from school, and went shopping, then we grabbed Starbucks for lunch/coffee. Not all sure what I did in the evening...probably the same as I do every night..Facebook, and watch TV:)

Anyway, not much of an exciting week, I know..but hey, it seemed to keep me busy!

Have a great Memorial Day Wknd, my American Friends.

Friday, May 24, 2013

SUYL-What I make or sell

I am linking up with this week for what we make or sell.

I hope I am allowed to do this, as what I sell isn't something that I make. You see, I sell Avon. Yes, I am the Avon Lady!

I have been with Avon for about 18 months now. This last "campaign" was the first that I had not ordered for myself or for my customers. It felt weird not ordering, but to be honest I just don't have the money for the fun stuff right now:)

But, I DO love their products. I think my favourite is the eye makeup remover. It is so nice, and smooth, and it doesn't sting your eyes like some of them do.

I also love the mascara. I think my favourite is the waterproof in black. I have the drama mascara that I also use, and it the picture that I was able to find online.
Of course, I also love the nailpolish. I seriously have never had so much NP as when I joined up:) WAAY too many, but they are fun to try:)
I also am ordering the new sunscreen next time. I have the stuff from last year, but this new stuff looks even better...
Of course, who can forget their Aloe Vera? They have the best, I think:)
I also love their Bubble Bath, and their Glazewear Lip Gloss:) Again, I have way too many of those.
They also have a great kids line, as well some great clothes!!!
I hope to get some more customers this summer, and eventually I can build a good business with it. Right now, though, it is more like a hobby. A very expensive hobby!!
It is all I can do to NOT buy everything I see in the catalogues:)
Yes, it is like everything, you have to watch out for your sales. I often won't buy things until I see them on sale, which may not be as son as I need or want them.
I believe in Avon, and what they sell, and I also believe their campaign on helping women out of abusive situations.
There have been a lot of celebrities that have come to Avon's cause, and helped sell some of their own product line (or who have created it for Avon).
All in all, I love their products:) They have a great range of stuff, from inexpensive, to the more expensive skin care:)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Five Favourite Things THURSDAY

Since I am doing SUYL tomorrow, I am going to FFTF today.

Before I forget, though, I had an interview last wk, and I called yesterday, and they found someone else who had more experience. Oh well. What can you do? I hope to send off some more resumes in the next few days to places in town, at least to start with, then I may send a few off to my hometown.

Ok, So in no particular order, here are the things that I am loving this week...
I tried this the other day at Starbucks; the roasted tomatoe and Mozzerella Panini. SOOO good!

Yes, this was already posted, but one of my favourite moments this week.

Techincally this is from last week, but I had to put this in. The Mocha Cookie Crumble Frap.
My new favourite mocktail; cranberry and orange juice. YUMMY!

I also made these beauties..ok, they didn't look good, but they taste delish!! Cranberry yogurt muffins.
I have a couple more that I will add on next wk:)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

FREEDOM (what it means to me)

Bwtn watching episodes of Locked up Abroad, watching Lincoln, and reading books on WW2, I have been thinking (and THANKFUL) about freedom, and how blessed we are live in an WONDERFUL country, with no war, slavery (yes, I know it still goes on, which makes me sad and sick, but thankful that it isn't as prominant-that I know of- as it was back in 1800's), and I can do pretty much whatever and whenever and however I want.

It means that I have fresh clean water, and good and healthy food at the ready whenever we want or need it.

It means that we can go wherever, whenever we want, and plan our days to our preferance.

It means that we can worship in the open and without prejiduce. It also means that I can listen to Christian (or any kind of music) out in the open.

It means that we can go to school and work on our own free will.

It means that we can pray and read our Bibles in the open.

There are so many things that Freedom means, and it would take books to mention it all.

Bascially, I am THANKFUL, and BLESSED!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Grief, Tithing, an Acceptance Letter, and our LW Update

Whew..!! It seems that I have a lot to write about today:) I guess that is what come from not blogging for a few days.

So, first off..I was Sarah's blog, and this post inspired me to write about here goes...

Grief is a funny thing. Everyone has experienced it, and we all experience it in different waves, lengths, and waves. Me? I think I have experienced a different form of it...let me explain..

I don't think that I have really grieved the fact that we can't have kids. I found out that we couldn't have kids last Feb, 2012, and I think I went to work the same day. I mean, how dumb was I? I should have just taken that whole day (heck, maybe the rest of the week) off to contemplate and digest it all. Since then, there has been a bit of me that says "maybe this will be the month"..but it never is. We both can't have no one can "blame" the other one. I have PCOS, diabetes, among other things, but the main reason that i can't have them is that I really am not able to carry a baby, due to my heart/lung/breathing issues. I thought that maybe I could get a donor sperm, but like I stated earlier, the doctors in Vancouver really did say that I shouldn't risk it. That made me sad. So now, I don't know if ever really grieved properly. I mean, yes, I have let myself wallow, and have bad days, but I have never really cried over it. Is that bad? Does that mean that I really didn't want a baby? In some ways, that bothers me, but other ways, maybe that is my way of grieving. I very rarely cry in movies, i hardly cry when ppl die, and I only cry when it has to do with me (i know, selfish), and yet, this is something i haven't cried over. I don't know how or if i should go about doing this. In Sarah's blog, she wrote that for a few month after losing her daughter, she didn't listen to Christ Tomlin, she listened to Taylor Swift, she didn't pray and read her Bible, she perused Pinterest. (you will have to go directly to her blog to get the exact wording) She still loved the Lord, she still respected Him, but she did in maybe a way someone us (me included) wouldn't go about it. And that's ok. And another blogger of mine, Stacy, talks about Rachel in nearly every post. This last post she talked about a seed she saw, and it reminded her of the short time she spent with her daughter. And that's ok, too, even though I don't undrstand it. Some people probably don't understand me (us), either, and that's ok, too. So, suffice it to say, I may take a "break" to allow myself to grieve, too. Oh, I wll go to church, but  may listen to Carrie Underwood a bit more (except when I am at work, cause I have to listen to Christian music), and I may peruse Pinterest and blogs a bit more (oh, who am I kidding? I am ALWAYS perusing these on a daily basis!), and read my Bible/read Christian book a bit less (oh wait, I am ready doing/not doing that, and maybe, I will let myself KNOW that it is OK to feel and grieve for awhile.

So, tithing....I always have had a bit of a problem with tithing..I mean, I know I should do it, but I seem to have not enough faith to do it. Well, this time, I tithed my chq (YES, my American friends..I spelled that right..LOL) from the store. I didn't tithe last chq, and I really want to. Not because that is what God requires us too, but becuse I want to. He gave me this job. Hubby doesnt always tithe, but that is btwn him and, i tithed. Well, I knew we were strapped (thanks to bills and groceries, but I checked our account this morning, and the bank took out $61! I have no clue why (I am going to ask them when I am done here). I mean..what the heck! EVERYTIME we tithe, something bad happens! I was really upset about it this morning! I know God is bigger than that stuff, but it still irkes me to no end! Anyway..I will still tithe on my next cheque, but it still makes me less enthustiatic about tithing.

So...the GOOD thing that happened today..I got an acceptance letter from my school saying that I have been accepted for the second year prgrm of the Human Service Diploma. I am not sure if I will go or not, but that is still pretty cool that I got accepted.
I am sorry that this is at a wierd angle:( You can read it if you enlarge it, though.
So, this past wknd was a long wknd in Canada. I worked on Friday and Saturday, and after work on Sat, I went to Starbucks to just relax for a bit.I had a Mocha Cookie Crumble Frap. It was really good!!!
 On Sunday, I went to church,but only for the first half, and then I left. It was still a farly nice day, so I went to the park. There were some clouds, but the sun was out, so I had a great time journalling, and catching up on my Cosmo mags;)

We had McD's for lunch/supper. We just hung out and relaxed. I watched my PVR'd shows, and then I watched THE LUCKY ONE. It was a great movie, probably one of NP's better book-to-movie movies.
Monday was a holiday, so we let ourselves sleep in. I slept until 10:30!! We watched movies all day, and I either was on the bed or the couch! We watched THE THREE MUSKETEERS, and LINCOLN, which were both ok. We had pancakes for supper (with eggs), and just hung out..I watched my PVR'd shows, and flipped through the channels. Hubby watched ELIZABETH and THE GOLDEN AGE, and I watched a couple of epis of ER.
That about wraps it up for now. I am taking pictures in preparation for FFTF, although I think I will do it on a Thursday this week.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Europe-17 Years Ago!

I was going to post on what keeps me busy, but someone else had blogged about their trips overseas, so I thought I would, too.

Every year about this time, I have memories having being in Europe..with the sun and the cigarette smoke. There is something about smelling ciggy smoke on a sunny summer day that takes me back to Europe:) EVERYONE smoked there..maybe they still do, I don`t know.

Anyway...17 years ago, on May 15, 1996, my aunt and I boared a plane from Vancouver to London, then to Athens..into the unkown (for me) to start our two month trip. I wish I had enjoyed it more. I was scared, because the whole experience was new to me, but I DID have a fun time! We went for a friends wedding, in Italy (she married an Italian), and we decided to make a trip out of it.

We started in Greece, and had a week or so there...went to Athens, Corinth, and camped in various places. We swam in the Aegian sea, camped in a campground beside a beach in Corinth, took a very fast bus all over the country, and saw more olive trees and more ruins than I cared to see.

Then took the overnight ferry, landing in Bari, Italy, and we went straight to where the wedding was. We spent time with our friends before the wedding, and we helped them get ready..the wedding itself was amazing. The reception didn`t lack, either. I think were was about 10 courses, or something. It took HOURS to get through...but we had so much fun.We stayed for a day or so after the wedding to relax and say good by to the new friends we had made.

After spending a few days there, we travelled all over Italy. I can barely remember it was soooo long ago! We went to Rome, Florence (nearly went to jail), went island hopping, saw a bunch of ruins, went to a few more Italian towns and cities..oh, and I had my 20th bday in Venice. Yah, that is definitely one of my favourite bdays for sure! Eating fruit flan in St. Peters Square is an experience I will always remember! We went island hopping in Italy, too, which was totally neat. It was HOT!! We spent quite a few nights camping while we were in Europe, mainly Greece and Italy.Camping in Europe is an experience in an of itself. Especially free camping. With out paying. On an island. Where you are not supposed to camp. Yah, those were fun times:) We walked a volcano, and we swam in hot springs that smelled like rotten eggs. More fun times.

Went to Switzerland and stayed with cousins, but we also went to Zermatt, which was a great little town. After a week or so in Switzerland, we went to Vienna, Austria, and stayed a few days there...took the train to France, where we spent a few hours in Paris. I wish we could have spent more time there...:) Then we took an overnight ferry to England. Spent the last few weeks staying with rellies. Also went to Scotland and Wales for a day.

We came home on July 15th. I loved that trip, and I would love to go back.That is something that my aunt and I will often refer back to. I hope hubby and I can make a trip back. He is from Northern Europe, and I have Penpals in several parts of Southern Europe, so we may go back. We met lots of friends, and friends of friends...and made TONS of memories! I don`t have any pics, since they are all on film..will try to find a few online, though...:)

Here are a few I found online..
Venice, Italy
Bern, Switzerland. I actually have a picture of this clock.
Zermatt, Switzerland
Vienna. I think this was the palace that we toured.
Vienna. I think I have a similar picture of this.
Well, that is all for today (unless I decide to do another post..) I have so many post ideas, so I may start doubling them up, or post twice in a day. It is a long weekend here in Canada, so I have Monday off. Not sure if we will be going out of town or not..we may just stay in town. I am at work now, which was why we didn't leave today.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Five Favourite Things Friday

I am doing going to participate in SUYL this week, b.c I dont have any kids clothes for sale, and I would like to try and do FFTF nearly every Friday (even when I do SUYL). But if you would like to link up this week, go to

So, this week...again, I have a lot of favourite in no particular they are..

Ok, I know it doesn't say it, and I officially didn't pay a dollar for this, because I got a meal, but Dollar Drink Days are back at McD's! I'm Lovin' it!
I always love ER and GA, but I am watching these at night when I go to bed:) (we also just watched the season finale of was SO GOOD!, and there will be a 10th season..yay!)
THE THORN, by Beverly Lewis..Love her, love this book!! You think it is a boring Amish book, then you get into it...and there is a story and usually a dark secret in her books.
Yes, I am slightly addicted to Paul Brandt right now. I have ALL of his CDs (except for one of his CMas albums). They are also so good!
 (check out a couple of posts back regardin his concert that we went to)
I am lumping all these in one...books, magazines, journalling, slurpees, and warm weather!!
And one thing I am NOT loving this week, is that this lil guy and his parents are moving (back) East for a year (or more)!! That makes me totally sad..not sure how I will be able to stand not seeing this cute lil face for a  year! Can you tell he has a new hair cut? And I LOVE his lil vest!
Well, that is all today! Happy Friday!!
 Ps..I am an officially a Target shopper (I shopped for groceries). Does this make me a bad person? LOL

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Country vs City

Well, today was a MUCH more productive day than yesterday! I woke up before 8 with no alarm!! I hung out, relaxed, then I started on my cleaning frenzy. I cleaned the bathroom..and the cabinet shelves, got rid of junk that was cluttering my house, cleaned the kitchen, and FINALLY put away our winter stuff (yes, I am ab bit slow,but hey, we live in Canada, so you never know when you can get snow!). Hubby vacuumed, which was awesome!

I got ready to go, which I had to get in my nice clothes, since I had an interview today. I grabbed lunch (a semi healthy lunch) at MCD's, ran some errands, had my interview, ran some more errands, and I looked for sandals at Target, and got some groceries at Target. Came home, hubby went to his movie, and I read all evening.

So, sort of coming off from last night...honestly, I am torn btwn the country and city living! I always think of wanting to move back to C and get a job there...but then I KNOW I would miss the wonderful parts of the city. I was raised on the farm, and I DO love it there...but I don't love all the work that goes into it. I don't always love the city, either. I don't like all the traffic, and where we live, there is extra noise, becuase we live in a condo bldng. So, you have the EXTRA noise of your neighbours that live close to you. BUT I love going to coffee wherever I want, I love going to the library (although C does have one), and wandering the mall, and shops. I love that there are more job opps for me here. When I was home, however, I LOVED hearing the country sounds, too. The dogs, the birds (ok, maybe NOT the blackbirds SO early in the morning!), the frogs, crickets, the coyotes, and of course, the sheep/lambs when they are close. I love to smell the fresh country air. The semi-quietness of living in the country (although it is NEVER quiet around our house). If we lived in C or V, we would be able to pop in on the family when we wanted...I could help mom can, and hubby could help the guys do whatever needs to be done...we could pop in on the wknds and have iced tea, and chat..and come on over (or invite them) for supper on a moment's notice. There are definitely pros and cons to living in both places.

I had an interview today...I think it went well. I am already getting my 5 Fav things Friday ready to go! I have more than 5! It just goes to show that there are SO many things good and blessed in my life!!!

PS...if any of you watched Grey's Anatomy did you like it? What did you think of the episode?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Concert, A Yearning, and A Very Weird Day

I have SO MANY ideas of posts/subjects that I want to post on! I actually have them written in my day timer. Not sure if it is ad or genius!

Today was a a very weird day. Not a bad one, just an off one. For startets, I slept in. I HATE it when I sleep in past 9, unless I am sick or something. I slept in til 9:30. I am setting my alarm for 8 am:) Even if I FB, etc in the morning, for an hour, then I can start on other things.  So, I started my day by FB-ing and on the internest for nearly two hours. I DID chat with hubby, and I made a few phone calls. As well, my plan today was to clean the mess that is our house, and maybe out and read. I did neither. I did, however, chat with my gramma, and got dressed at noon. True story. My grandma did call me, which was very sweet. We chatted for an hour. I FINALLY ate lunch (the first meal of the day..I know..bad), watch my cooking shows, and a couple of JJ episodes while laying on the couch. After that, I finally went out. I grabbed my chq at work, and met up with my aunt. We had a nice coffee and chat at Starbucks.  The point to my weird day, was that it was just that..weird, and I felt non-constructive. Grabbed hubby, who was napping (which was partly why I couldnt clean the house), and we got his chqs, and as we were grabbing his chq at the church, well, I was a bit foward, shall I say??...and asked a church friend of ours who said he was helping with the PB concert tonight if he could possibly get us in:) Well, he was able to! So, after supper at KFC, we came home, and got all spiffied up!

The concert was amazing! He was awesome..well, God was awesome, but he was used by God. Paul Brandt was/is on his Just as I am Tour, promoting his JAIT Gospel Album. He sang a few other songs, "Convoy", Ì Do``, but most of his songs were form his new album. He also had Gordon Mote with him, who is an amazing piano player. He also has an amazing story. He and his brother were born blind, and they started playing the piano at around 3 years old. He now plays on MANY different country albums, as well as he is with the Gaither Vocal Band. We got one of his CD's and also PB's new one (so, now i have ALL of his cds), and we also got a Rubber Duck (you know, from the song "Convoy"). The only disappointment was that I wish he had come out after the concert to autograph and for more pics:( I HAD gotten his autograph yesterday, but I wanted him to sign my new cd, and there were a lot of other disappointed people, too:( Oh well...

So, my yearning...I will try to keep this short, as it is nearly 12 am:) For YEARS now I have had a yearning to do some sort of mission work. Where, and in what capacity, I dont know. Even before I got married, I wanted to work in an orphange, or even help out with some sort of childrens ministry. I feel that because of my health (my sleep machine in particular) that I wont be able to do that. You have ot have a place where there is electricy (or at least a generator) to plug in my machine. Tonight, PB (and GM) were talking about going to Haiti (which is one of the plaes I would love to go) for mission work (building houses, a church, living with the people), and DO SOMETHING! The last few days I have been really asking/seeking God about where I should work, where God would use me, and where we should live (I will do a country vs city post another time). I want to do what God wants. Whether that is here, or in Haiti, or Africa. I want to be used of God. If we can't have kids, and if I have just put 11K into my schooling (and more if I want to get the diploma), then I want a job where a), I enjoy (and duh, have SOME money) and OR b) where God can use me! I KNOW God can use me just where we are. I don't HAVE to go to Haiti, or another place, BUT I have the yearning, the desire. But I also know that God wants to use me (give me responsibility) in and for the little things, before (or even instead) of the BIG things!!! I don't know why God has allowed us to not have makes me sad, nearly every day, that I am not a mommy. I WANT to do the will of GOD. I want my heart to break for what breaks God. I WANT my DESIRE to serve Jesus in ANY and EVERY way!! Even here in our little town, if that is what He wants:) Tonight during the concert, I was praying and asking God as where he would want me to work with and in this new career, and I believe, a mission field (actually, ANY job you go into is a mission field..just that some are easier to share God's love than others). So, I would ask if you would pray with me, if you remember, and that I will be guied to the job that HE wants me to have...and to also, IF it is possible to be able to serve the Lord in some sort of way, on some kind of mission trip!
This was just as they were leaving the stage.

I am Haiti-bound!! (or I want to be)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Target, Paul Brandt, and a an Update

Happy Tuesday, Friends! We finally had some much needed rain early this morning, and mid morning. Yay! We really needed it:) As much as I love the hot weather we have been getting, I knew we needed some rain to cool things off a bit.

So, first, an update...I kind of already talked about the wknd. I worked all day Friday and half day Saturday. They were both pretty quiet.  We have ordered two bunches of orders/stock, so we are really excited about them coming in!

No new jobs, really...I did apply to a couple last week, but nothing really has come out of them. Most of the jobs that I have seen require a 2 year diploma, but then you also need exerience! UGH! That is sooo frustrating! Oh well...I guess I am where God wants me, right?

Saturday, like I said, we got to my parents around 8. We just had a nice relaxing evening. Mom and I went for a drive, to check out something on the farm, and had a nice visit. I stayed up late reading my new book..I think I had mentioned that in my past post. I think I will do a book post sometime, too.

Sunday, we had a nice breakfast with mom, and she liked our gifts. They got a brand new bathtub, which I HAD to try out. I loved it! I think that is what I want for our dream home. So, like I stated the other day, it was a nice MD. I got to see Bebops new sandpile, which he seemed to love. Had a nap, and went for supper and came home. It was a very short trip, but we felt that we needed to do it, for Mom:)

So, last week....I visited the place where I did my practicum, which was really nice. I had promised them that I would come at least once to visit them before summer. I spent a half hour just hanging out and visiting. Went to starbucks and I read my book, and then I went to the park. Had McD's for McHappy Day. Thursday, I spent the morning reading my book, then went and visited my friend L who works at the chuch. Ran a few errands, bank, library, etc, and ended up meeting my aunt and uncle at Chapters/SBX. They are SBX newbies, so I had to introduce them to the culture:) I told them what they might like to have..:) We had a nice but short visit. Ended up just coming home. We watched Grey;s. Man is it ever good right now! This week is the last (season finale) episode. I am also getting all 8 (so far!) seasons of GA, which is pretty cool. E.R will always be my by number one show, but GA is definitely a close 2nd!!

So, today...hubby calls me in the morning, and says that he shook hands with Paul Brandt!! He is doing a show at our church tomorrow night, and was there doing a sound check this morning. We may have followed them to where they wer eating breaky...maybe. Well, I HAD to at least say hello...and I was nervous, because, you know..he is famous:) He is SO NICE! I met his wife and two kids. I had also brought my newest CD of his, incase I could get up the nerve to ask him to sign he was leaving..I asked him ever so nicely if he could sign it, and it he did!!! He looks nothing like he does on TV or on his CD inserts, etc...I mean,..he is NORMAL!! I think he is the first famous person that I have met. When I called mom and told her, she thought I had met We can't afford the tix to go, so I am playing ALL of his CD's that I have...which brings me to my next set of news....
His autograph:)
We got a new Target in our town!! It is big, shiny, new and RED! The prices are not like they are (or so I have heard) in the States, and I will miss Zellers, but it was fun to go and wander around. I am not sure how much I will shop there, because they aren't Canadian (not that I am Canadian-only shopper, but I am sad that the bought out Zellers), but at least they may have different selection than Wal-Mart has (which we are now getting a WM Superstore). I try to not shop at Big Box stores, because of where their stuff is made. Since seeing and hearing about the garment factory in Bangledesh, well, I more than ever want to make sure where and how my stuff is made. Anyhoo..I wanted to at least take a look...and yes, I took a picture...
If you look real close, you can see the SBX sign. And yes, it is a real one, too:)
B.C is voting on a new premiere (probably similar to a govener in the US), so we did that this mornig, and we will be glued to the TV tonight:)
That is all for now...I have a few more topics that I want to write be looking for that in the next few days. I won't be participating in SUYL this week, so I will do Five Faviourite things Friday..among other things, i am sure.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Thoughts on Mother's Day-Part 2

Well, I clearly need to think of a new title for MD posts, as I was going through my blog from 2 yrs ago, and I had written an MD post with the similar name:) Oh well, next year!, my thoughts....first last year which I didnt blog about.. I don't remember very much of it..I DO remember being a bit upset, as Mom asked me to hand out flowers, which I felt was a bit insensitive of her (since we had only found out a couple of months earlier that we couldnt have kids), but I honestly think she didn't think about it, in the end I had to run back to the house for something, so I got out of it. I think that was the day we had Bebops Bday party at the church, so I remember that part being a fun day.

This MD was actually really good. I wasn't too upset or disappointed or anything. We had a nice day spent with family, which was great. I worked on Saturday, in the afternoon, which was nice. We had a few ppl come in, and made some sales..yay!

We left right after work at 530. I had made some salmon salad wraps (yum!), grabbed some gas, and "screamers", and were on the road by around 6. The trip went well...I drove the last 1/3 of the way. Spent a nice evening just talking (everyone was tired from Shearing the sheep the last few days),and mom and I went for a drive down the back road then went to bed. I stayed up until 1230 am reading. I think I will do a book post sometime soon.

Ok...on with the wknd...woke up at 430 am to the sound of black birds screeching away right near the window...anyway...had a nice morning with mom...younger brother brought her freshed squeezed orange juice, and made her a special breakfast. We had a nice chat over breakfast; she liked our gifts. Church was good...I ended up looking after Bebop, and two others for nursery, which was fine and fun:) I had a chat with my friend about going doing a missions trip sometime...came home and ready to go, took a few pictures of the sheep, played with the puppies, went for supper with the fam, came home.

This year, I am thankful to my friends who "get it". A lot of other people (blogging/FB friends) have been very sensitive this year, giving a shout out to all the mommas that have lost babies, given their babies for adoption, are infertile, etc. Thank you to everyone who posted something regarding this on their status:) There were a few great blogs that I also read about mommas who did write on their blogs about MD can be a hard time for those of us who can't/don't have kids. I want to point out a did a great post, as well as Hannah, at Both were wonderfully written. Oh, and of course, Kell'sKornerBlog did a great job as well.

Today, no one wished me happy MD (which was just fine), and no one tried to give me a flower. They were giving out flowers for all the moms, and I escaped having to say "no, I am not a mom", which I was thankful. During the service, Mom went up and acknoweldeged all of the aunties (those who don't have kids) in our church.We each got a flower, and a texting wand or a butterfly windmill. That was so sweet of them. I think they usually do this every year (I can't remember what or if they did anything last year).

I think that about wraps it up this time. I think I need to do another update on here as well...maybe tomorrow or Tuesday, not that there is much to update.
Our mom, my sister and Me:)4
Oh...I also wanted to say that there is over 300 hits /views on my SUYL job tips post..I think that is most EVER that have viewed one post.

Friday, May 10, 2013

SUYL-Tips For Finding Jobs

Well, I HAVE to participate in this wk's SUYL ( since I am currently looking for work. As I type, I have LOTS of resumes/cover letters out and about in our city, both in retail and in Community/Angency positions. I hope I hear back from them soon, as I would LOVE (and NEED) to have some more hours and of course, experience in my new chosen field. I LOVE my job that I do have, but I don't have as many hours as I would like, and I need another jobs to supplement it.

So, tips...I have been looking on and off for work for YEARS...back before the digital era:) Everyone says that looking for work is the hardest job there is, and I tend to agree. I HATED lookng for work (I still do, but at least you can do some of it from the comfort of your home)When I lived in Alberta, I spent HOURS pounding the pavement. I also looked in the paper, but that normally doesn't get people jobs, as only about a small percentage of jobs that are available are in the paper (or advertised in general). I still think that dropping off a resume and speaking to someone (not the receptionist or the first person you see/talk to) is probably THE MOST effective way to find a job. That being said, I also love Emailing:) It is great, because you can look like a mess, do it late at night (which is sometimes my most motivating time to look for work), and you can do it in your PJ's. So, good websites...

Consider that I am in Canada, so most of the sites that I give will be Canadian, but you get the drift...Canada Job Bank (which now filters to Work BC) is a great starting point, and depending on which area of your chosen field, the affilliated agency (ie: local school district, adoption/pregnancy services, community living agencies, residential (youth, mental/phsysical disaiblities-yes, they still do exist, although they are few and far btwn), Community Service (s) Agencies to name a few. I also go to to look for work sometimes. are also good sites.

Tell people that you are looking. Go on Facebook, check out the local (if you have any) boards, cold call if you feel comfortable. I also do what I call "Blind Application", in which I send a cover letter, and resume to a company/agency even if there is no job being currently advertised (that you know of). I state who I am, and why I am interested in working with them, and ask if they have any jobs/positions for me, or if /when they do, please feel free to contact me. Job fairs can be helpful, although they don't happen often, at least not in our town. Job placement agencies are also good..I belonged to one for awhile, and even if you haven't been on EI (as some places want you to be) you can always go in and check out their job postings, and use their computers, and talk with someone about your resume, etc. If you want to put up flyers at your church or school/daycare saying that you are looking for work, that is also a good idea. This is great if you run a day care, or are looking for looking after extra kids, if you tutor or do respite care.

 So as far as doing the actual work search/resumes/cover letters...what can I say that may be helpful to you? I think the one key thing is to NOT treat it like a job, working 9-5. That hasn't worked for me. For one thing, at least in our town, it is pretty small, so I don't think you can really plan to search for 40 hours a week. If you lived in a big city, then yes, I can see how that would work (and yes, I DID search for hours at at time when I lived in the big city. are some tips that I have found that have helped me..

Make sure your cover letter is at the most 2 pages long. Unless you are a president of a country, or a major company, no one wants or needs to hear yourself boast about yourself through out the entire letter. However, DO say some postive things in your CL.

If you can, get the persons name who is doing the hiring, so you can put it on the letter. Usually a TO WHO IT MAY CONCERN doesn't cut it.There is usually a way of finding out their name.

Make sure the resume is only 2-3 pages long. Again, unless you are a major corperate person, you don't need a long resume. Only put the last 10 years' worth of work/education, OR the most relevant work to which you are applying for. No one cares that you were a nanny when you were 15 when you are going for a marketing position.

Do what you love. Or always have dreamed of doing.Do you like bookstores? Would you like to be a waiter/ress? Would you like to work in a kids playground? Love pets? Why not? If money isn't a big issue with you, try and find something you LOVE doing, and do that for while. Remember, you don't HAVE to start with a 40 hour a wk job. Do what you love/know. Usually if you find a job that you love, you will enjoy it more, and will hardly ever think of it as work!

Take at least one day off (not a wknd day) to NOT look for work. IF you want to do to SOMETHING, then spend this day following up on the resumes you have left/sent. Don't forget to get business cards (and names if you can) of places you have dropped/sent off resumes. If you are doing this via email, create a document of places and dates (and job positions if applicable).

If you are out and about, if you can afford it, go out for lunch, or even just coffee. Walking around all day can get stresful; your feet get tired, YOU get need a pick me up. Buy a paper, look through the classifieds if you want (and you should), but also read the news, get caught up on events, etc. Meet a friend for coffee (even when you are pounding the pavement that day) and just sit back and enjoy each others company.

Go and enjoy the library. Even if you dont have a library card, you can go and read the new(ish) magazines, and read newspapers, etc.

Go for a walk, bike ride, or swim..or simply just sit outside and relax. Or sit in an outside cafe. Just sitting there breathing the fresh summer air, and watching people will help you feel re-juvenated

Try not to sleep in every day...try to wake up at 8 (or at the very latest 9) to get your day started. Even if it isn't your work search day, it is good to get up and get an early start.

That being said, DO sleep in (if you can!!) one or two days a week..and yes, make one of those a wk day!!

If you can afford it, go and buy a magazine, or something fun (that isn't coffee) for yourself. Go to the dollar store and buy a fun scarf, or some scrapbooking supplies (do they still sell those??).

If you can, and have the time, and enjoy it  find a place to VOLUNTEER. It looks great on your resume, it gives you something to do, and you never know..YOU MIGHT get a JOB out of it (although this has never happened to me). However, make sure you volunteer at a place where you really want to, and that is important to you. State your number of hours, and days that you are able to work. If you belong to a church, do some church ministry. I usually help out with our churchs DVBS every summer, and although I haven't for awhile, I teach Sunday School.

Go easy on yourself. Looking for work is ..well, hard work!!! The economy isn't great out there, so it won't be surprising if you take a few weeks or even months to find something. If someone wants to talk to you about looking for work, if if they have an "idea" or "suggestion" or advice, and if you don't want to listen to it, just kindly say something like "thanks so much, but I have a lot of ideas, and leads already, but thanks for your concern". That being said, however...IF someone that IS currently (within the last few years) knowledgable in job searching (or in HR) has some ideas, then take them. But, trust me, there is NOTHING worse than someone who either thinks they know what they are talking about, or who has never worked, or hasn't been in the workplace for years telling you how to find a job. Trust me. I have been there.

Well, I that is all the tips I can think of for now. I hope you find these helpful:)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Just me and My Mom/Pictures from our trip!

Edited..I found it!!!

I figured since this Mother`s Day week, I would write about my mama, along with my personal thoughts surrounding this (for me) rather sad holiday. Since tomorrow is SUYL, and I want to contribute to that, and I don't know for sure if I will blog over the wknd (Who am I kidding? Of course I will!!), I thought I would at least do part one today.

I was going through my posts from last Summer/Fall, and I hadn't blogged about my mom's and my trip to a city a couple of hours away. For safety reasons, I won't disclose where we went, but you can probably guess or google the images to find out:)

A while back, I had wanted my mom and I to go on mother-daughter trip somewhere before I went to school. It was decided that we would go to this city, since she had to take a trip there anyway(family-related), so that was where we went.

I wish it were longer, but money and time didn't allow it. We had a great 24 hours away, however. After quickly saying hi to my aunt, we just started driving. We stopped at a heritage place, where you made a donation and wandered around. We both love that kind of thing. Mom also wanted to find a dead guy's grave (cause she is weird like that!!), so we went across the street where we found it. It was a lovely a little church, and we had fun wandering around.
The Church. Cute, isn't it?
We went to a fancy (read:expensive) restaurant that had very yummy food. We had a great time just visiting, and eating a late supper.
Mom and I split two dishes:) SO GOOD!!
The next day, we went shopping, and of course, we grabbed a Starbucks:)
One the way home, we stopped in at the Jammery. It was so cute!! It had a store on one side, and a tea room on the other side.

They had yummy scones. Not as good as mom's, but pretty good!

The store. Isn't it cute?
It had little jars of jam, big jars of jam, dieabetic jam (which tasted great), lots of Canadiana Stuff, and some kitchen stuff.
On the way home, we decided to pick some cherries.

There were SO MANY!!! They were dark and delicious!
I am always a country girl at heart..I love taking pictures of hay and or sprinklers in the field.

One of the many pictures of this sunset on the way home.
I am trying to get mom to take all of us girls to California this summer. So far, I haven't succeeded:(

                                 The scene on the way home...I love it..I took lots of pics.