Thoughts on Mother's Day-Part 2

Well, I clearly need to think of a new title for MD posts, as I was going through my blog from 2 yrs ago, and I had written an MD post with the similar name:) Oh well, next year!, my thoughts....first last year which I didnt blog about.. I don't remember very much of it..I DO remember being a bit upset, as Mom asked me to hand out flowers, which I felt was a bit insensitive of her (since we had only found out a couple of months earlier that we couldnt have kids), but I honestly think she didn't think about it, in the end I had to run back to the house for something, so I got out of it. I think that was the day we had Bebops Bday party at the church, so I remember that part being a fun day.

This MD was actually really good. I wasn't too upset or disappointed or anything. We had a nice day spent with family, which was great. I worked on Saturday, in the afternoon, which was nice. We had a few ppl come in, and made some sales..yay!

We left right after work at 530. I had made some salmon salad wraps (yum!), grabbed some gas, and "screamers", and were on the road by around 6. The trip went well...I drove the last 1/3 of the way. Spent a nice evening just talking (everyone was tired from Shearing the sheep the last few days),and mom and I went for a drive down the back road then went to bed. I stayed up until 1230 am reading. I think I will do a book post sometime soon.

Ok...on with the wknd...woke up at 430 am to the sound of black birds screeching away right near the window...anyway...had a nice morning with mom...younger brother brought her freshed squeezed orange juice, and made her a special breakfast. We had a nice chat over breakfast; she liked our gifts. Church was good...I ended up looking after Bebop, and two others for nursery, which was fine and fun:) I had a chat with my friend about going doing a missions trip sometime...came home and ready to go, took a few pictures of the sheep, played with the puppies, went for supper with the fam, came home.

This year, I am thankful to my friends who "get it". A lot of other people (blogging/FB friends) have been very sensitive this year, giving a shout out to all the mommas that have lost babies, given their babies for adoption, are infertile, etc. Thank you to everyone who posted something regarding this on their status:) There were a few great blogs that I also read about mommas who did write on their blogs about MD can be a hard time for those of us who can't/don't have kids. I want to point out a did a great post, as well as Hannah, at Both were wonderfully written. Oh, and of course, Kell'sKornerBlog did a great job as well.

Today, no one wished me happy MD (which was just fine), and no one tried to give me a flower. They were giving out flowers for all the moms, and I escaped having to say "no, I am not a mom", which I was thankful. During the service, Mom went up and acknoweldeged all of the aunties (those who don't have kids) in our church.We each got a flower, and a texting wand or a butterfly windmill. That was so sweet of them. I think they usually do this every year (I can't remember what or if they did anything last year).

I think that about wraps it up this time. I think I need to do another update on here as well...maybe tomorrow or Tuesday, not that there is much to update.
Our mom, my sister and Me:)4
Oh...I also wanted to say that there is over 300 hits /views on my SUYL job tips post..I think that is most EVER that have viewed one post.


Samantha said…
Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment.

BTW I have very mixed feeling on Mother's Day because I know there are so many wonderful women that don't have a mom, are unable to have kids or have lost a child. I'm glad you had a nice day.

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