Nearly 2K "hits" on the blog!

I am very happy to annoumce that I have nearly hit 2K visitors. Yes, I know a few of them have been me..but I am still very happy that it has gotten some exposure! I can thank Kelly's Blog for that:) I don't have a ticker thing on the blog, but if you THINK you are the 2000th visitor, please leave a comment, and I might send you a litle something (well, first I would need your addy, but we could get to that after). I think I am at 1984 views now.

I hope everyone's Saturday went well. I worked today, and it was quit busy. Just hanging out tonight. Even though it is an easy job, I find that when I come home (especially if I have worked all day), I am actually quite tired:) I did manage to clean up a bit in our bedroom, and hubby has arranged the furniture to fit in the "new" couch.

I am watching one of my "faviourite" movies.."EVER AFTER".  I love it. Drew B@arrymore does an awesome job. I love Angelica H0us ton as well in this role.

It was a HOT day today! I think it got up to about 25C today. I thankfully had brough my fan to work, and until mid afternoon, I had the door open. I am SO glad that had I brought the fan, or I would have was very hot, and I don't think that our building has A/C.

I had to laugh at my American friends, especially in Arkansas as they got a spring snow storm today! And they are always saying that Canada is the Great White North:) I am sure it will melt away soon.


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