Picnic in the park

After work tonight, as I ran to get a few groceries for supper, the evening was just gorgeous!! So, I had an idea; how about hubby and I go for a picnic in the park tonight? So, I got a chicken dinner from Superstore (our Canadian grocery store), and I picked him up on the way, and we went to the park!! It was LOVELY!! I think if it were SLIGHTLY warmer, and there wasn't a CERTAIN HOCKEY GAME on:), we might have stayed around and taken a walk around the pond. There were a couple of baseball games happening, and there were a few people in the park enjoying the evening as well. There was even a couple who had had the same idea as us...they had ordered KFC and were at the table below us...anyway...here is the pic. I got it on my phone, so it's not the greatest..
This was my 2nd Slurppe of the year:) The couple at the table below us were the ones that had the Chicken dinner, too:)


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