Five Favourite Things Friday!

Yay! I FINALLY found a blog where I can link up to (on this subject) every week!  Darci from does this every Friday!!! (which I found through another blog I frequent). So, since I wont be doing SUYL this week, I will be doing this. On the weeks that I will be doing SUYL, then I will be doing this on Thursday (where I can still link up the next day).

Ok, so as usual, there are more than 5 to be grateful for!!! So, in no particular order, here they are:
I am sorry that this is upside down:( It is a picture of a calendar/book that  got for Christmas my from Aunty. I love it. I have it on the side of my bed, and every week (where the next picture comes in) there is a beautiful picture and saying that I get to look at.
This is the picture that I get to look at this week. Isn't it pretty?
I am not sure if I posted this last week or not (I forgot to check before I started this post), and I am sorry that it is blurry, but it is Chris Tomlin's new CD, Burning Lights. I have to admit that it isn't my ABOSOLUTE facvourite from him, but I really am enjoying it.
Steel cut oats. I love these. I never thought I would, either. I will make a batch, and I will store it in the fridge and have more during the week. I usually have it with yogurt instead of milk.
I found this cute and colourful spiral note book to use for phone messages, etc. I love it and it only cost 1 buck:)
The Super-Nova Slurpee from 7-11. I don't know why, but it is SO good! Both hubby and I love it. We can't tell what the flavour it grape?? Cream soda (which I normally hate)? Lime?? Who knows? Who cares? It is DELISH!
And that, my friends is my FFTF for this week! I was going to post the books that I reading, but I think I will save that for next week, since I am only reading two of them, having barely started on one, and haven't yet started on the other.
Happy Friday!!


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