What Keeps me (us) Busy

I haven't wanted to blog much this week..mainly because I don't know what to say, but also because I the number have viewings have been down..(sigh). I need to partake in another SUYL soon:) I did last week, but it was mostly links to etsy stores..it was fun to check them out though.

I have been having fun taking/collecting picture for FFTF post. Again, I have way more than 5:) It is a VERY good reminder of the wonderful (little) things in life, and to be grateful for what we have, and for the things that happen during the day.

First, though, before I continue, I am have been thinking about EVERYONE that was and is affected by the tornados last week in OK. I am sorry that I never said anything last week:( I think of you all, and am in prayer as I see and read that there is another watch:(

Ok..on to today's post:

This is a post that I have been wanting to do for a while. I am sure people wonder what keeps me busy during the day...:) I don't have kids, no full time job (yet!!), and I am not in school. Nor do I have a huge house and NO yard to look after. So, what DOES keep me busy??

Honestly? It just depends on the day!! There are days that I am SO BORED that I HAVE to go outside just to get some new scenery:) But there are other days that I am so busy, that I barely have time to check FB. etc.

Well, there is work (more on that in another post), cleaning and upkeep of the house, and laundry, cooking/baking. Watching my shows, and then I will often watch a movie. I FB, Pinterest, blogging, etc. I usually try to get out at least once a day, so I will go for coffee, or to the mall. And of course, I have errands to run. I also go to the library. I read my magazines and books. Oh, and of course, looking for work! Then there are the social aspects, and keeping up with friends and family. I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but it keeps me busy...it really does!!!

Yesterday, for instance..was NUTZ! I had an interview, and since I was downtown, I thought I would drop off some resumes. I had fun doing it, mainly because I got to walk:) I went to a coffee shop and had pie (cause I was craving it) and iced tea. I dropped a few more uptown, and went to one of the malls for a bit..then home:) I watched a couple movies last night, and I called a few people. Tuesday, I had an interview, then I went to the library. I went out for coffee at a local coffee shop, which I have gone to recently, and I like. I ended up going to the mall (the only major mall in our city),and I wandered around a bit. I came home, had supper, and hubby and I watched a movie, he went to bed, and I watched another. Monday, I went to Costco to check out their food samples. We have a membership there, but we haven't used it in a while, so I thought I would go:) I went to Chapters to read one of the books I am reading:) (I am reading three at the moment). I went to work, then hung out in the evening. Sunday, after I wrote in this, one of m Avon/FB friends asked if I wanted to go to Target with her. She also helped me with the new Avon site, which I am finding a bit confusing. We wandered around Target, and the mall, and looked over the site, and then I went home.

So, that is some of what keeps me busy!


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