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Long Time, No Post!

Well, hello everyone! I DO hope that people are reading the blog. I know it's not overly interesting, and I guess most people with Facebook know what is going on, but I still like blogs. I even stalk blogs of people I don't know:)

So, I have about 3 months worth of news to catch you up on...I will try to make it short!

I think the first major event since I last wrote was Joseph's wedding. What a fun day that was! We all braved the -35C weather, and had a great weekend. Because the roads were so bad, Anker and I decided to stay at the Wells Gray Hotel, which was where the rehearsel dinner and Reception were held, and we are SO GLAD we did. It was a "mini-holiday" for us, which was nice. Sadly, that was also the weekend that our cars heat decided to also take a vacation! We aren't really sure what went wrong, but it seems to come back when the weather is warmer. So, the wedding was great. I found a cute dress, and a great price, so that was fun. Everyone looked b…