Thursday, February 5, 2009

Long Time, No Post!

Well, hello everyone! I DO hope that people are reading the blog. I know it's not overly interesting, and I guess most people with Facebook know what is going on, but I still like blogs. I even stalk blogs of people I don't know:)

So, I have about 3 months worth of news to catch you up on...I will try to make it short!

I think the first major event since I last wrote was Joseph's wedding. What a fun day that was! We all braved the -35C weather, and had a great weekend. Because the roads were so bad, Anker and I decided to stay at the Wells Gray Hotel, which was where the rehearsel dinner and Reception were held, and we are SO GLAD we did. It was a "mini-holiday" for us, which was nice. Sadly, that was also the weekend that our cars heat decided to also take a vacation! We aren't really sure what went wrong, but it seems to come back when the weather is warmer. So, the wedding was great. I found a cute dress, and a great price, so that was fun. Everyone looked beautiful. They had a dance, which was really fun. It was neat seeing everyone dance. My mom, who doesnt usually dance, was up there almost the whole time. I danced w/ my younger cousins, and all of my family members. Anker and I even danced some dances together.

The week before, we held Cadence's Bachelorette party. Don't worry. It was all very tame. We had supper at Chapter's Viewpoint..very nice, and we went back to the girls' hotel and played a game, and opened presents. That was also the night that it started to snow..ALOT.

So, we came back to Kamloops for a few days, and on Christmas Eve, headed back to my family's place. (FYI..for those of you who may be wondering why we dont spend it w/ Anker's family, it is b/c he only has one sister that is close [in proxmity] to us, and they were renovating their house. His other sister lives in the US, and his parents are dead). We had a nice time with the family. I really enjoyed Christmas this year. We were ALL home...Adam and Krystle did leave the next day for Toronto, but they were there for the yay! Joseph and Cadence came back from their honeymon to help up celebrate. It snowed almost the whole time we were there, so it made it really Christmass-y:) My grandparents were also there. Came home on the 27, I think.

For New Years Eve, we had a Grey's Anatomy Marathon. Yes, I am into that, I had to get caught up w/ this season! It was a quiet night, which was fine.

January was pretty quiet. Anker has hurt his back, so he had to cut down on his work. I am looking for work, but there really isnt much out right now. It is REALLY frustrating. I can't be on my feet or even walking for a long time, so I just can't take any retail job. I am trying to just give everything over to God, as he is our Ultimate Provider. I am seeing this more, and it is being confirmed to me..even in this last week or so. Anker has gone back to his Bible Study, but he skipped yesterday, as he wasn't feeling well. I am going to my ladies Bible study, and I am even reading the book:) I am still struggling w/ making friends here. My friend, Jill moved away, and I really miss her. She lived SO was nice:) I have made a few friends here...but I still feel lonely some of the time. The last weekend of Jan, our ladies had our 2nd Annual Sleepover at the church. We had a fun time. We watched movies (Mamma Mia!, which was ok...the music saved it), and ate, and visited. On Sunday, Anker and I went to the Ranch, as I really missed my family, and I had missed my mom's and Adam's bdays. So, after church, we set out. I was warned there would be bad roads, but we didnt think it would be that bad..sadly, we were wrong. After Heffley Creek, the roads got bad, but Anker insisted on continuing. Anyway..we made it, and had a quick 24 hour visit w/ family. Short but sweet. I then declared that it was time that we move to Clearwater. Dad reminded me that spring would be here SOON:) The roads were much better on the way back on Monday. I think that about does it for this time. I tried to shorten things up. I hope you February has gotten off to a great start! I am looking forward to Valentine's Day. Ours last year wasn't very good, so we hope to do much better this year!

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