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November Already?

Wow! It's almost that time of year again..CHRISTMAS!! For those of you who know me, I love Christmas!! It is going to be a crazy time this year, as we have the wedding just a few days before, but I think that my Grandparents are coming for the entire time, and they are always fun to hang out with. It will be fun to see everyone else (family, friends) as well, during the wedding. I just hope we get some snow!!

Anker has got a few more contracts, so that has been a blessing! We still need a few extra coins, as we need to get the car some tires and get a tune-up, Christmas, etc, so I have decided to take on part time job. I quit Sears in October, and I have enjoyed staying at home, but I am needing a bit more of a routine, so when I saw this job, I thought I had to apply! (that is a very long sentence) It is at a second hand bookstore downtown. I have had my first little interview yesterday, and I have an hour "hands on" interview this next week sometime. It sounds like I ha…