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Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Saturday/Sunday/Monday!
I had hoped do a link up a couple of Tuesdays ago about My Loves, but that didn't happen. We are still alive, and doing well. Here is a wrap up of my/our wknd:

The Weekend began Thursday night, as Friday was a PD Day.

Thursday: After school, I ran a few errands, and I went home, and had a quick shower, and grabbed a bit to eat, then I headed on over to the school for their annual Pajama-rama Evening. Y'all, it is the cutest thing, seeing all the primary kids in their jammies, listening to a story! Grades K-3 came for an hour or so of story telling by parent volunteers, and a couple of teachers. Yes, even we staff had our jammies on! At the end, we handed out cookies and milk. I stayed and chatted with the staff and moms, and came home. I am not sure what else I did. I think I relaxed and watched some TV, and went to bed.

Friday: We had a half-day of teaching/presentations, then some of us went to a local Indian food place for lunch. I am not a hu…

Ten Things of Thankful

I had hoped to link up last week, but I never got around to here it is...a week late :) But the "Thankfuls" are still the same!

1) GC to/for Safeway
Valentine's Day I was given a gift card to/for Safeway at school. I have no clue who it's from, but we were so blessed, surprised, blown away, and humbled (it was quite the amount).

2) Handy Hubby (Computer Fixer)
This time, he fixed the bugs, etc. Now, it works...with (a little) less drama!

3) An awesome PAC Lunch
 Two Fridays ago, our PAC gave we staff a wonderful Hawaiian-themed appreciation lunch. It was very good. We had pulled pork bunwiches, cupcakes, was SO GOOD!

4) Sister is arriving home in two weeks
She is arriving in less than two weeks! I cannot wait!!!
[Edited February 27, 2017: I should add that she has been away for nearly 2 years doing her Midwifery Training in The Philippines. This isn't a normal coming-home arrival. She did come home June 2015, but it was only for a few weeks.…

Five On Friday

Happy Friday!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful week. Ours went well, and it went by super fast. Thank you, 4 day work week!!!

Here are some top fives of the week.

1) Family Day

Monday we had our 5th (?) BC Family Day. Alberta has had one for years, and I think Onatrio has had one for a long time, as well, and BC was whining about having one for YEARS, and the year I was at school for my School/Community Support Prgrm we had our first one, and I love having an extra day off. I think this was the second year that it really made a last year I was off on sick leave, and the previous two years, I was working at my support worker job, so that didn't really apply to us. It was nice having an extra day off. The kids and staff sure needed it (A quick wknd recap at the end of this post)!

2) Valentine's Day

Anker and I have nearly always had "dud" V-Days. I don't know what it year we had a fight, and most years, we don't have enough money to ce…


Well, as I wrote in my last post, I do love and need to be alone. However, the last week or so, I have been kind of busy with people.

Let me explain...last Monday, I worked a half day the student I work with left early, and I met up with my friend J for a coffee date. Yes, we hadn't seen each other in 6 months, and we saw each twice in two weeks. Did I mention that we live in the same small city? We had a nice 90 minutes together before she had to pick up her kids from school. Tuesday, I met up with another friend after school for coffee (for both of these visits, it was to give them their tea orders). Wednesday, I met up with Mom (and Dad came and visited with Anker) for an hour or so. Thursday, I had a craft night at the library, and Friday, after the dentist, I went to my friends house.

Anker has been doing pretty well with "keeping house" lately. He has been trying to clean out our toilet, he made waffles, bread, roast chicken, and being an initiator of what to make …

Burn Out/Exhaustion and Self Care

I don't know when it started...probably a few years ago...but I really began to notice that I needed a lot of downtime. I love people...and I love going out, but I also need my downtime. I am learning at (ahem!) my age that I am, that I can't be going out every night (or even more than two nights a week), and I don't always want to be around people. I think in part, it has to do with Anker not wanting to get out...but I also think it has to do with my last few jobs. They are all encompassing, then when I get home, I NEED to just relax and chill. I have recognized that I can't always be everywhere and do things for everyone. ***These first few sentences were done a week or so back...this next part is done on February 7, 2017*** I also am finding that I need to be alone. ALL alone! That part started around the time I was at my last job. I would come home, and collapse in our room, turn on the tv, and my laptop (or read magazines and listen to music), and shut the world o…

Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Tuesday! I am feeling a bit down today (the dump of snow over the wknd didn't help!), but I am sure I will perk up tomorrow.

So, my/our weekend was actually quite busy. Friday, it started to snow. Then it stopped, then it started up again as I was leaving work at 3. I picked up Anker, and we went to his dentist appointment. I drove there, and he drove back. The roads were TERRIBLE, but we made it home. As I was heading home, my I had texted my friend to see on how she was doing, and she texted back, saying she wasn't doing well. I asked if she wanted me to come over. We had tentatively planned on getting together on Saturday night, but I thought about switching it to Friday if she said yes to my coming over. Well, she said yes, so I came home, hung out for a bit, grabbed supper, and then, went over there in the bad winter roads and hung out until 11. We watched Big Bang, and chatted. Came home around 11, and stayed up until 1 am playing on my laptop, etc.

Saturday, I sle…