Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Well, as I wrote in my last post, I do love and need to be alone. However, the last week or so, I have been kind of busy with people.

Let me explain...last Monday, I worked a half day the student I work with left early, and I met up with my friend J for a coffee date. Yes, we hadn't seen each other in 6 months, and we saw each twice in two weeks. Did I mention that we live in the same small city? We had a nice 90 minutes together before she had to pick up her kids from school. Tuesday, I met up with another friend after school for coffee (for both of these visits, it was to give them their tea orders). Wednesday, I met up with Mom (and Dad came and visited with Anker) for an hour or so. Thursday, I had a craft night at the library, and Friday, after the dentist, I went to my friends house.

Anker has been doing pretty well with "keeping house" lately. He has been trying to clean out our toilet, he made waffles, bread, roast chicken, and being an initiator of what to make for supper. He has been doing dishes, and doing the kitty litter.

My sister is coming home in 4 weeks!!! I remember when she went to the Phillippines, and how we thought that February (it is March that she is coming home now) 2017 was SO FAR AWAY!! Now, it is in mere weeks away. She graduated last weekend (on a beach!) from her course, and we are all so proud of her! She is also flying into our airport, so that will be fun :) We are having a birthday party/welcome home weekend for her early March.

We are going to have a niece in June! My brother, Seth, and his wife, Naomi found out over the wknd that they having a girl!! We could not be happier.

I am doing the 21 Day Bible Challenge with You Version. I gotta say that I will often forget until nighttime to read some of my plan (I have about 30 plans that I am working through), but knowing that I am doing this challenge, and that I *might* win an Amazon Fire Tablet (whatever *that* is!) makes it a bit easier to read.

I have discovered that Vision TV has Little House on the Prairie. I have gotten it from the library, but there is something about watching it on TV. We actually didn't have this channel for awhile...and now that we do (we might get rid of a lot of the channels for the summer), there are lots of shows on there that I like. There is Murder, She Wrote (again, I can get this from the library), Columbo, and I think Matlock is on there, too. I also have started watching (as of tonight) Joyce Meyers!

As also stated prior, I met our new neighbours, and they are really nice. They are Catholic, have two kitties, and seem like normal people who don't drink, party, listen to loud music/tv, or smoke MJ. I have heard them play their instruments, and it is really nice to hear, and as long as there are no drums, nor electric guitars get added to the mix, I am happy.

We have a long weekend coming up. BC didn't have one until a few years ago, and I LOVE having one in February, especially now that I work in a school. I am looking forward to this weekend.

Work/School is going well. I took a day off a couple of weeks ago, b/c I was feeling exhausted, so I asked about taking a day off, and I really enjoyed it. But other than that, school-work life is going well. There are always lots of fun and exciting things happening, and I am always learning (just like the kids!), and I love my co-workers. I did get sick around the time I had my extra day off, and there are a lot of people getting sick right now, but they are all getting better.

Anker is doing ok. Like I said, he has been upping his housekeeping skills, which makes me happy. He has been doing well, for the post part. We haven't gone on any dates lately, except for the dentist on Friday afternoon, but we talk every day, so I guess that's good.

We got a big dump of snow on Friday. I thought winter was over! I hate driving on the snowy roads, but thankfully, the city workers are great at getting to the main roads pretty quickly, and I was able to drive the next day confidentially.

Yesterday, my brother, J, and his wife, C were in town yesterday, and offered to meet up for coffee. They even paid. We had a nice visit, and it was great to see them.

As well, yesterday, I went to a leadership meeting at church. I had only been to one (they have them once a month), so I thought I should go. My friends offered to drive me, which was nice.

I got my bangs cut last week, as they were bothering, but I don't think it helped, as they are now (still!) sticking up all over the place!

Well, them there's the highlights! I hope you are having a great 2017 so far!

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