Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Friday Favourites!

Weekends don't mean much to me anymore, since I work shift work, but there IS something about a Friday. Especially when it's a pay day Friday....and one you have off from work.

A few other people were doing Christms-related/themed Friday Favourite posts, so I thought I would do the same...

Here are some of my Christmas-related Favourites!

1. Christmas Trees/Christmas Trees Lights
I love Christmas trees. I have a bit of a thing with them. I take pictures of random trees. Love them. I LOVE looking at the lights on the tree, especially night, when they are the only lights in the room, and they glow so bright.

2. Parties and get-tog ether's.
I went to two Christmas parties this week. I love the decorations, the ambiance, the food.

3. Baking, Drinks, Food
I am probably the only one in my age bracket who lives in N. America that loves fruit cake. And plum pudding. And mincemeat. Plus all the other fun Christmas-y baking items that flutter around. Not to mention the fun drinks that get made this time of year. Don't forget the food! Turkey, stuffing, yams, Cranberry sauce.

4. Presents
Gifts are my love language. I love giving and receiving gifts. I love gifts. Buying/giving/receiving. 

5. Time with Family
I love time with family (most of the time! LOL). Playing games. Eating. Visiting. Laughing. Playing in the snow (when there is some), and generally just having a good time together.

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Tired and Overwhelmed (but NOT in the way you may think!)

As I typed the title, I nearly deleted it. I mean, do I really want to write all of my thoughts out and air them in blog-land? I actually (as much as you may think I may do) don't air/write everything out. I get a lot of blog posts in my head that don't make it out to the blogosphere. I usually let them roam around in my head for a day or so, and if they are still there when I decide to blog, then I (might) wright them down. If not, or if I decide that they are a bit too..oh I don't know..personal, and not helpful, or blog-worthy, then I don't write about them. I also may decide to write them b/c part of why I blog is to show people that life ISN'T perfect. I don't have perfect style, we are not finanicially well off (or even "OK"), our house is far from magazine-worthy, and I am not thin and not all that pretty. Oh, and we don't have kids.

At any rate...these are just some of my thoughts for this day...

I am tired and overwhelmed. Last night, I was in bed by 10:15, and for those of you who know me, I am a night-owl. I could probably stay up until 1 or 2 every night if I could. I was SO tired all day long. It was weird, actually. I even slept in, too. I am not getting a whole lot of things done, either. I did, however manage to send a small package to Anker's sister and her family, as well as a little card to my brother and his family. Yesterday, all I really managed to do was run a few errands (that may or may not have included a stop at McD's for pop and a magazine read, and then to Starbucks for a coffee and another magazine read), and helped hubby a bit with his gingerbread village, and sort of cleaned up the kitchen, and watched tv all last night. Oh, and I did do some Christmas cards.

I am overwhelmed, b/c well, I have too many magazines to read (mainly from the library), and too many tv shows and movies to watch. Like seriously. I have a problem (both in admitting it, and even getting to that point in the first place). I get a few too many magazines from the library (again, I have a magazine problem), and movies (though I am now only getting 2-3 at a time), and a TON of shows and movies that I have PVR'd. My regular weekly shows, and then the odd movie, and now I have a of ton of Christmas movies/specials that I have to watch. I did mange to watch a few shows last night, but I still have 40000000000 hours left :). I am also overwhelmed with other stuff; money, gifts (thankfully, we aren't doing gifts this year...only stocking stuffers), work, is our car going to make it?...trying to eat healthy, our house..keeping up with family, telling them what they want (or need) to know...stuff like that.

And now, there's Christmas stuff. With social media, there is always pressure to have the best tree, best decorated house, best and most elaborate baking, the best presents, how many Christmas cards they received and sent, the best looking card/picture, the best letter that they think they should write, not to mention outside display of lights! And honestly, it's exhausting. I don't even think I can BEGIN to keep up, let alone compete with everyone else. Actually, I am not even trying. We have our tree up, and I have baked a few things, and I am sending a few cards, but no letter or picture. We aren't doing presents this year. I am not even baking and doing cards for our neighbours this year like I have done in the last few years.

So, to sum up, we are having a simple Christmas this year. I have too many magazines to read, too many movies/tv to watch, my house isn't perfect, and well, that's pretty much all I have to say!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Blog Crush

Happy Thursday, everyone!!!

I hope today finds you not too crazy, fairly happy, and a (semi) smile on your face. Or at least relatively sane!

I was on someone's blog a few days ago, and they were talking about their "blog crush"; you know what I mean...the one who has the perfect life; children, style, house, husband, or th eone who writes so eloquently, and it got me thinking...who is mine? Well, I have a few...

I think my #1 Blog Crush would be Kelly @ Kelly's Korner. I love her humour, and her style, and of of course, he girls Harper (LOVE that name!), and Hollis (never heard it..but kind of cool), and they are going to have a BOY in April. I love that her styles, traditions, and lifestyle are so much different than mine (Her; Southern US, me: Canadian). Plus her dog, Dawson, is pretty sweet, too. Go and check her out! I also love Andrea @ Babe of my Heart. She has three bio babies, and 2 that grew from/out of her heart. I love this lady. She and her hubby just bought a farm, and they are LOVING it. I also love that she is real in her posts. Nothing fake with her.

My favourite Canadian blogger is probably a tie btwn Louise @ Talk Nerdy to Me and Catherine @ Waiting/Home with Hannah. I love Louise's real and raw documentation of her family life. Plus they are in BC, and her kids are pretty cute, too. I love Catherine's approach to life; She didn't wait for a man to adopt a baby, she did it on her own. Hannah is so adorable, and they always have MANY fun adventures together! If you love Disney, go and check out C's blog!

For "ex-pat"/travel blogs, I love Jennifer @ American Mom in Bordeaux. She and her family immigrated to France a few years ago, and love it. I also love that she doesn't name her girls, which is pretty cool that she has decided to keep some of her life private. If you love France, particularly, Bordeaux, go and check her out. Though she hasn't been blogging recently, I also love Patrica B in France. She has lots of talk about on their life in France; food, makeup, etc. I hope she comes back to blogging soon!

There are MANY more (I follow WAY too many blogs than what is healthy!) blogs, but those are just some of my favourites. Who is your blog crush?

Sunday, December 14, 2014

SUYL: Christmas Tour of Homes

Linking up with Kelly for this years Christmas Tour of Homes!n I did this last year, and it was kind of fun; both doing it, and linking up, b/c it boosted my blog a bit :) So when Kelly said that she was going to do again, well, I HAD to join!!

A Martha Stewart I am not (HA! Far from it!), but I DO love decorating for Christmas!!! THAT is when my inner MS comes out!!!

So, in particular are some pictures...
This picture I used on/in/for my post past year..I didn't take one this year, but it is the same, and it hasn't moved all year. True Story.

I realise that these are similar pics...but I couldn't chose just one!

                                           I have shared this before..the top of our bookshelf
                                               Christmas decorations in our bedroom.

This is our bookshelf. Not sure what happened to our Fake Elf on the Shelf. I see that he is hiding or fell off!
 The Christmas lights. I will try to take a picture from down below this week but these are what I got from our apartment.

                                    We got this tree from our neighbour this year. Love it.
                                This is all I did in the bathroom, and I just got the soap today.
                                          Again, similar to the one above, but a bit different.
             Our headboard with the lights. Yes, that is a Blenz coffee mug (hello, Christmas cup!).
 I have had this up all year, prior years, but I had put this away last year, so I was happy to bring back out this year. Our neighbours gave this to us a few years back.
                                           Our neighbour gave this to us this year. Love it.

                                                             The tree during the day.
                                                      Vintage Christmas ornaments.
                                                               A distance picture.
 The top of our Christmas tree. I bought the ribbon (can you see it?) at the dollar store, and when I got home, I realized that it matched the angel. Hubby arranged it so that it was coming from the angel.
                                                          A ornament close us shots!

                                                             The bottom of the tree.
The side table. I have a blown glass ornament, and in the vase, I put some of Anker's beads that we found. The two ornaments (the one on the right), are a bit heavy to put on tree, so I use them as table decorations.

It took us over a week to COMPLETELY finish our tree, but I am SO glad we did. I may do a bit more decorating, and I will put more pictures on the blog. I  bought a couple of table clothes from the dollar store, and I plan to get those on tomorrow, and will take more pictures when they are ready. I probably could have gone this season with out doing any decorating, but since we are cleaning (and getting rid of) our storage unit anyway, I decided just go ahead and do it. I will add a bit more (either to this post or on another post) pictures when I get the tables picture-ready. I may even take a few more pictures of our tree (close up of lights and ornaments included). I took all these pictures with my Smart Phone. I am very impressed. I gotta say. Thanks for "visiting" me! I hope you enjoyed, and that I proved that you CAN decorate with cheap/free items!

Five on Friday/Oh, Hey, Friday

Happy Sunday!

Yea, a couple of days late...oh well.

Here is what I came up with for my five faves this week...

1. Christmas Nights Out:

Refer to my last post for more information.

2. Bible Reading Plans.

I have been a You Version Bible App lover for a couple of years now, and I have just started in the last few months doing some reading plans. I don't read them every day, but I LOVE having the plans as a way to read the Bible without not being bored.
I am reading 3.5. right now. I also just finished A Christmas Story Plan. The .5 is one that I started at Easter, and I didn't finish it. I will finish it sometime.

3. Baking Days (which turn into late night baking nights).

The other day (Wednesday, I think?), I spent the day baking. I baked three batches of cookies; Gingerbread, Shortbread, and Russian Tea Cakes. They were all so good.

                                           Don't they look tasty? I think so. So does hubby.
4. Late Nights.

I am convinced that I am part owl. Or something. I spent Wednesday night in front of our Christmas tree, Facebooking my sister. I also had a glass of Eggnog and a cookie (or two). I also YT Christmas medley of music playing. Before that, I also watched a couple of Christmas movies. Thanks, W Network! What an great time I had!

 5. Hubby

Hubby has been feeling quite well this week. He has gone out every single day (a big thing for him!), and we have had some great talks.

5.1. Work

After 11 days of no work, I FINALLY got a couple of shifts over this past wknd. Yay! Christmas money!

Well, that's how I saw the world through my eyes this week!

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(Christmas) Nights Out!!!

Christmas parties have been begun around this part of the woods. If you know me, and have followed/read my blog for any amount of time, you know that I love a good party!!! What Rev. Elton say in "Emma"? "A party is a party, but a Winter/Christmas party is divine" Or something along those lines.

Last Saturday, my work had their Christmas party. It was drinks and appies at the local pub...oh, ad Karaoke. Anker still wasn't feeling well, so I went alone, I didn't push him, since he wasn't feeling well, he wouldn't have known anyone, and he would have found it really loud. I went, though, and I had a fun time.

I only took a few pictures, but here are the two I will share....
                                Me all glammed up. I was wearing make up and everything!
                  I forgot to take pictures at home, so I took some in the bathroom at the pub.

I had a fun evening, and it was fun seeing people outside of work, and meeting people who work with the company who I talk to on the phone, but never have met. The food was ok, but not great. I loved their sliders, and potatoe skins, though. I took a picture, but I didn't upload it, and it is now erased off my phone. Oh well. I am VERY strict about NOT drinking and driving, even after having a small drink, so I stuck to Virgin Ceasers, and an iced tea. I got home around 12:30 am. It was a fun evening.

Last Tuesday, my friend J asked me (sort of) at the last minute if I wanted to come to a Christmas comedy,and dessert night at their church (which is very close to us). Anker didn't feel like going, and I wasn't too sure about going either, since I was very tired, and I seemed to be busy (though not sure with what....). However, in the end, I decided to go. I am very glad I did, b/c it was a fun (and free!) evening out. They had music, laughter, fun decorations, and of course, dessert! My brother and his wife (among other friends) where there, too, which was really fun. Leland Klassen is a Christian Canadian Comedian, and very funny. He spoke for an hour, which I think was the perfect amount of time. I didn't get any picture of people, or even of him, but I did get some pictures of the deocorations. Oh, and I even won a draw. I seem to be "lucky" whenever I go there for events, since Anker and I won TWO prizes at the last event that we went to a few years ago.

Pictures from the evening....

What a won...Jalepeno Cheese ball mix and a knife and plate.
                                                The stage was SO beautifully decorated!   

                                                             The centre pieces.

                                            Their Christmas Tree. I love Christmas trees!
                                                                          The ticket.

                          The desserts. They were all so good. I only allowed myself one, though.

Friday night, I went with a client to her day program's Christmas party. It was VERY fancy, and I went in yoga pants and a hoodie. Oops. I didn't know a) for sure if I would even be going, and b), I had no clue on how fancy it was. It was actually a few small businesses that came together for ONE BIG party! Anyway, it was fun night out, with yummy food. We had Spaghetti Bolognese and chicken, with carrot cake for dessert. Very good. We came home around 9, and I was off work shortly after.

Although I didn't go, our church at it's Annual Christmas Play. Anker was very much apart of it (stage crew) and I very nearly went with one of our clients, but in the end, I decided not to go. It was a wonderful play, though, and I think everyone did a very good job. I was sorry that I missed it.

On Thursday, I went to my friends for a Christmas - themed movie night. She shared her take out Indian food with me, and I shared my cookies :) We watched A Christmas Story, and visited. Such a fun night. Then she kicked me out, cause she was getting I think we are meeting up for a swim and visit.

I have two parties to go to this week; one of which we will go together, so I am looking forward to that.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Oh Hey, Friday!!!

I was hoping to link up with the girls for Five on Friday, but I was a tad slow (read:lazy), and the link is now closed..but OHF is still open, so I thought I would still do a post for that...

Linking up with Amy and  Karli

1. Christmas Cups.

I have FINALLY drank coffee from my local coffee houses coffee cups; McDonald's, Tim Horton's, and of course, Starbucks.

K, so that last two where posted after I would have done a Friday post, but hey, work with me!!

2. Warmer weather

After a bit of a cold snap, it has FINALLY warmed up! Almost a little too much! As I said on my FB status today..."We are having a lovely Spring this Winter". All the snow has melted. LOL

3. Family and Friends That Show Up.

Not going to get into all of it...but let's just say that family and friends have been showing up lately Just when I needed it.

4. Our Christmas Tree is FINALLY UP!

 Again, this actually was finished JUST NOW, but it WAS up and mostly decorated on Friday. We just put a few finishing touches on it this evening. I will do a full on (with a proper camera) photo shoot/house tour for Fridays SUYL.

5. New Christmas Coffee Flavours.

I saw this in Wal-Mart the other day, and I HAD to get it. It was VERY good!
I need this in my life..Like every day!!!