Oh Hey, Friday!!!

I was hoping to link up with the girls for Five on Friday, but I was a tad slow (read:lazy), and the link is now closed..but OHF is still open, so I thought I would still do a post for that...

Linking up with Amy and  Karli

1. Christmas Cups.

I have FINALLY drank coffee from my local coffee houses coffee cups; McDonald's, Tim Horton's, and of course, Starbucks.

K, so that last two where posted after I would have done a Friday post, but hey, work with me!!

2. Warmer weather

After a bit of a cold snap, it has FINALLY warmed up! Almost a little too much! As I said on my FB status today..."We are having a lovely Spring this Winter". All the snow has melted. LOL

3. Family and Friends That Show Up.

Not going to get into all of it...but let's just say that family and friends have been showing up lately Just when I needed it.

4. Our Christmas Tree is FINALLY UP!

 Again, this actually was finished JUST NOW, but it WAS up and mostly decorated on Friday. We just put a few finishing touches on it this evening. I will do a full on (with a proper camera) photo shoot/house tour for Fridays SUYL.

5. New Christmas Coffee Flavours.

I saw this in Wal-Mart the other day, and I HAD to get it. It was VERY good!
I need this in my life..Like every day!!!


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