Blog Crush

Happy Thursday, everyone!!!

I hope today finds you not too crazy, fairly happy, and a (semi) smile on your face. Or at least relatively sane!

I was on someone's blog a few days ago, and they were talking about their "blog crush"; you know what I mean...the one who has the perfect life; children, style, house, husband, or th eone who writes so eloquently, and it got me thinking...who is mine? Well, I have a few...

I think my #1 Blog Crush would be Kelly @ Kelly's Korner. I love her humour, and her style, and of of course, he girls Harper (LOVE that name!), and Hollis (never heard it..but kind of cool), and they are going to have a BOY in April. I love that her styles, traditions, and lifestyle are so much different than mine (Her; Southern US, me: Canadian). Plus her dog, Dawson, is pretty sweet, too. Go and check her out! I also love Andrea @ Babe of my Heart. She has three bio babies, and 2 that grew from/out of her heart. I love this lady. She and her hubby just bought a farm, and they are LOVING it. I also love that she is real in her posts. Nothing fake with her.

My favourite Canadian blogger is probably a tie btwn Louise @ Talk Nerdy to Me and Catherine @ Waiting/Home with Hannah. I love Louise's real and raw documentation of her family life. Plus they are in BC, and her kids are pretty cute, too. I love Catherine's approach to life; She didn't wait for a man to adopt a baby, she did it on her own. Hannah is so adorable, and they always have MANY fun adventures together! If you love Disney, go and check out C's blog!

For "ex-pat"/travel blogs, I love Jennifer @ American Mom in Bordeaux. She and her family immigrated to France a few years ago, and love it. I also love that she doesn't name her girls, which is pretty cool that she has decided to keep some of her life private. If you love France, particularly, Bordeaux, go and check her out. Though she hasn't been blogging recently, I also love Patrica B in France. She has lots of talk about on their life in France; food, makeup, etc. I hope she comes back to blogging soon!

There are MANY more (I follow WAY too many blogs than what is healthy!) blogs, but those are just some of my favourites. Who is your blog crush?


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