Christmas 2014 Bucket List

I personally think that seasonal bucket lists are kind of silly, but it seems to be all the rage in the blogging world, I thought I would join in. You know, to make myself look cool.

As I was going through them, I realised that I do most of these at one time or another every Christmas season, which kind of made me feel good. Ha! they are...

1. Walk Downtown, at night, while the snow is falling.
2. Sleep by the tree with its lights on (you can interpret that how you
3. Make a Gingerbread house with hubby (we usually do this every year).
4. Baking (either with someone or by myself). I have actually done this already. Yay!
5. Bake Christmas cookies for our neighbours (I have done this the last couple of years...not sure if I will do this this year though..)
6. Read Christmas magazines (or a Christmas novel) while drinking some Christmas bevvy, in front of the tree, while listening to Christmas music (Bonus if it's snowing!). 
7. Watch Christmas movies with hubby (I have already watched a couple of Christmas movies this season).
8. Make (and drink!) either homemade apple cider or some mulled beverage. (I already drank homemade cider..while baking! Yummy!)
9. Christmas Carol (I actually don't do this..but hey, you never know!)
10. Go to a store (Wal-Mart, Superstore, etc) at 2 or 3 in the morning (while they are open 24 hours).
11. Take a walk in the snow while the snow is falling.
12. Do a Christmas Bible Reading Plan (am doing this now).
13. Attend a indoor Christmas Event (Play, musical, theatre, Christmas party, etc)
14. Attend an outdoor Christmas Event (Santa Parade, Holiday train, Christmas tree lighting, Christmas Community for Babies...Gift Fundraiser, etc).
15. Watch a Christmas special (not movie). Bonus if it's live.
16. Help Serve the Hungry (Salvation Army, etc)
17. Go to a Christmas Eve (or Day) Service (or Mass, etc).
18. Go Ice Skating.
19. Sip hot cocoa/hot chocolate in front of a real fire (bonus if it's outside!).
20. Go shopping with Mom at night at our local (new!) grocery store around Christmas time.
2.5 Go and check out the lights (on houses) around time.

Things to do with H:

1. Build a Snowman.
2. Bake.
3. Watch a Christmas movie.
4. Do a Christmas craft.
5. Go to a Christmas event (not sure if this will happen, but you never know)
6. Read a Christmas story together.

Well, I clearly won't be do ALL of these, but these are the few that I thought of that would be fun today over the CHRISTMAS season.


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