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Creepy and Greedy, and Don't Be Surprised if you Live Here...

Yes, this will be a rant post :)

Creepy: I have a wonderful blogging friend who has 5 kids on earth and one in heaven. Nearly every post/picture either on FB or on her blogging site has something do with their girl. Her cover photo has all of them at her grave. Don't get me wrong; losing a child is awful, and I am not saying to "move on" and "forget" her, but you have 5 other kids! Enjoy them. Plus, it is a bit creepy to keep your profile picture of you and your girl for over a year. And no one wants to see your daughters grave in every picture. Just saying.

Greedy: I don't like greedy people. Especially people who already have lots and clearly don't need it. One thing that really gets me riled up is multiple baby showers for one (pregnant) mom. Another thing is baby showers for ladies who are on their 2nd and third babies (or more. Yes, my mom had a baby shower for when J and V (and S, too, I think) where born, but that 8 years after her last was born (A…

A General Life Lately Post and "Let's Be Friends Blog Hop

I haven't done a LBF blog hop in awhile, so when I saw it was going on today, and when I decided to write a post, well, I thought those were a great combo. So, I am linking up with Tiffany for this weeks

So, what is new with us? Not really too much, but I kind of like it. With me working so much last week, it is nice to lay low for a bit. I have had a sore neck for nearly a week now. GRR! Not sure why or what is up with that. It seems to OKAY, but still sore, and I have been taking muscle relaxants like they are candy. Ok, maybe not that much, but I take at least 4 every 24 hours. I also am loving T!ger Balm. Love the stuff! I hope it goes away before my ladies retreat.

Today, I met up with a friend (co worker) for coffee. I couldn't find my phone, so I thought I had just left it at home. I ran errands (I mean, I went for another coffee, and got my bangs trimmed), and came home, only to find out that I had dropped my phone in the parking lot (probably as I was getting out of …

Sunday Social

Linking up with Ashley this week for Sunday Social!
1. What is your biggest driving pet peeve? People that drive in the SLOW lane. I have done this, but it is usually because I am about to turn left, and I do at least d the speed limit.
2. What is your biggest blogging pet peeve? Word verification is such a pain. I also wish people would follow me when they clearly know that I follow their blog. But I guess that isn't a pet peeve so much as something I wish would happen.
3. What is your biggest shopping pet peeve? People who are SLLOOW, either with their shopping cart or just standing there (esp in the aisle).Umm...figure out what you are doing!
4. What is your biggest general pet peeve? Arrogant People. 5. What is your most irrational fear? Chickens. Although I will say I don't feel that it is irriational, since I was attacked by a rooster at age 3 or 4. True Story.

Next week's questions
1. Who do you call when you need to vent? 2. Where do you go when you need alone time? 3. What is…

What A Person Can Say

Happy Sunday...! I am going to post about Sunday Social in a bit, but I came across this blog posted in/on my FB infertility group, in which she shared about what you CAN/SHOULD say to someone who is experiencing infertility. I thought it was great, so I wanted to copy it here. You can also go here and here to know what NOT to say to people who are experiencing infertility.

This is from my blogging friend Brandi's blog. Again, I don't take ANY credit for this..

10 things you CAN say to someone who is battling infertility
1. "I can't imagine what that must be like". Because it's true. If you haven't been through infertility you don't know the pain that's associated with it. Just like losing a child, or a loved one, or anything hard, or horrible we go through.  If you are battling years of infertility, someone who took 3 months to get pregnant saying 'I know how you feel' just is irritating because they don't. 
2. "Can I do anything…

A Wedding and a Very Interesting Easter Wknd

I thought I would combine two posts in one, since both of them are going to be kind of short. Two wks ago today, I attended a wedding of a friend of mine. To be honest, we aren't extremely close, but we were pretty good friends a couple of years back. I was almost 100% sure I was going to be going alone, since Anker doesn't really know her very well, and didn't know her new husband at all (I only met him once). I don't mind Anker not going to things if he doesn't know the people very well. He also wasn't feeling well, either, so I didn't mind going alone.

It was her second wedding and his first (she has two kids from her previous marriage), so the wedding was a bit fancier than I would have expected for a second wedding, but it was a very nice ceremony, a beautiful day and a great reception. The wedding was held outside on the University Gardens. Met up with friends btwn the ceremony and reception, and grabbed a coffee a Starbucks and headed to the receptio…

A Trip to the Ranch

Just watching movies on TV that I have PVR'd, and hubby is knitting, so I thought I would do a blog post or two (or three?).

The first weekend of April, I decided I needed to get away for a couple of days, and hubby didn't really feel like going with me, and I had a few days off (not scheduled) work, so I decided to head out. I had a great 2 days away, that I very much enjoyed.  I think Anker enjoyed his time alone, too.

After seeing the movie Noah (which I reviewed on here...), I left around 7:30. After finding out at the edge of town that I forgot my purse, I went home and started out again. Got in around 9:30, just in time to go to bed.

Sunday was a nice day. I helped Mom make Cadence's birthday cake, and went out to the lambing pens. Went to church, came home, ate lunch and had birthday tea. Put a sort of out of control fire and had supper and then had a nap, as I was going to help Vienna with the night shift (lambing doesn't take a break). This year, they did thin…

Girls/Sisters Trip/Getaway!

This trip happened about a month ago, but since I am a bit behind in blogging, I am just now getting to this post now.

My sister is going far, far way for midwifery training and needed to renew her passport, since it would expire while she was there. Since the place she is going to is a developing country, where English isn't it's first language, she decided to get to done before she went over there (did you know that you have to write a letter if you are renewing it before it is due, saying why are you renewing it at the time?). Since our lovely town doesn't have a PP office (you send it through Service Canada Office, or mail it), and it can take awhile to get it done, she opted to go to the next town over, which I will call KT. I suggested that we make it a girls trip! I guess I beat her to it, since she was going to ask me, anyway.

Cause neither of us have driven in KT and we wanted to make it more fun, we asked our SIL Cady to come along! It was such a great 32 hours a…

Sunday Social

1. 5 songs you'll listen to the rest of your life 1."My Heart Will Go On" Celine Dion (I know, I am a geek) 2."Mary's Boy Child" BoneyM (yah, it's Christmas, but I still love it) 3. "The Dance" Garth Brooks 4. "Majesty" Darlene Zsech/Delerious 5. "How Great is our God-World Edition" Chris Tomlin. 2. 5 things on your bucket list 1. Re-visit Europe 2. Visit Eastern Canada 3. Visit Eastern US 4. Go on a Road Trip at the last minute, and not have any plans 5. Win the Lottery (hey, I can dream, right?) 3. 5 celebs you'd love to hang out with for a day 1. Carrie Underwood 2. Bethenny Frankel (I don't know why, I just kind of like her) 3. Princess Catherine (uh, duh!!), and Baby George, of course! 4. Anyone from the cast of Grey's Anatomy 5. Anyone from the cast of Big Bang Theory 6. Anyone from the cast of Y&R 4. 5 things you always carry in your purse 1. Keys 2. Phone 3. Pads (hey, you never know!) 4. Meds (usually) 5. Pocket Calender

Five on Friday!

Yes!!! I am still alive! I know you all have missed me!!! I have lots of blogging posts to catch up on. But for now I will do FoF.

1. A new LED/Flat Screen TV.
I am sure we were the last people on earth to have a tube TV as their main TV. Well that changed awhile back. We got our tax refund a couple of weeks back, so we decided to use that to buy a tv that we have been wanting for awhile. We love it!
2. My New Favourite Drink at SBX.
I am REALLY (ok, i fail every day, but I try), am trying to lower the sugar in my the other day, I got a steamed milk with two sugar-free shots of vanilla. Ok, it's no MM, or Mocha, but it will do.
3. Chocolate. Lots of it.
I had a lot chocolate last wknd. My aunt gave me a dark chocolate bunny to eat over my night shifts last wknd. Since I am not a fan of DC, this was easy to do (not eat it at once). But it was very good. I ate his ears the first night, the belly the second night, and I still have the bum to eat. Poor Topsy Bunny.
I also g…

Life, etc

The day before KK got sick, bubby wanted Boston Pizza for supper. When hubby wants to go out (other than to a fast food restuarant), you don't say no. So off we went! We had a very yummy supper. I had Seafood Fettuccine, and hubby had a stromboli. Both were excellent, and we had Chocolate Explosion for dessert. Yum! Ok, maybe I already had written about this...oops!

A couple of weeks back, Anker and I saw the movie Noah, and we weren't that impressed by it. Hollywood totally got it wrong, tho it did say that God punishes sin, and God shows mercy. But other than that, it was disappointing. But it was a movie date with hubby, so that was nice.

A couple of wks ago, my friend and I went to Cora's Breakfast and Lunch for lunch after church. It was SO good! I am (usually) never disappointed! If you love fruit, crepes, eggs, pancakes, and MORE fruit, this place is for you!!! I had the April '89. A crepe with custard and fruit inside!!! The only complaint I have is that I am …