A Trip to the Ranch

Just watching movies on TV that I have PVR'd, and hubby is knitting, so I thought I would do a blog post or two (or three?).

The first weekend of April, I decided I needed to get away for a couple of days, and hubby didn't really feel like going with me, and I had a few days off (not scheduled) work, so I decided to head out. I had a great 2 days away, that I very much enjoyed.  I think Anker enjoyed his time alone, too.

After seeing the movie Noah (which I reviewed on here...), I left around 7:30. After finding out at the edge of town that I forgot my purse, I went home and started out again. Got in around 9:30, just in time to go to bed.

Sunday was a nice day. I helped Mom make Cadence's birthday cake, and went out to the lambing pens. Went to church, came home, ate lunch and had birthday tea. Put a sort of out of control fire and had supper and then had a nap, as I was going to help Vienna with the night shift (lambing doesn't take a break). This year, they did things a bit different for the night shift. They usually have one person who does the nights, but this year, that person wasn't available, so my siblings took three-4 hour shift stints. Vienna's was the middle shift 11-3am. I took my laptop, and watched some Big Bang Theory, and helped her with what needed to get done. I think I am getting citified. I have forgotten pretty much everything about country living...lol. I had a bath, and went to bed. Just hung out in the morning, and left around 12.

Here are some pictures from the wknd:
                                                                   The birthday girl!
                                                       The sheep eating their supper.
                                                                 Aren't I cute?

                                                                  Bi-Racial baby!!
                                                        The semi-out-of-control fire.
                            Hanging out in the sheep wagon with my laptop and magazines.
                                                       Vienna helping a ewe give birth.

                                      A few other ewes wanted help out the new mom.

                                     Here are the triplets sleeping at night. Aren't they sweet?

If you are my friend on FB, you will see more of the pics of the weekend on my page.


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