Girls/Sisters Trip/Getaway!

This trip happened about a month ago, but since I am a bit behind in blogging, I am just now getting to this post now.

My sister is going far, far way for midwifery training and needed to renew her passport, since it would expire while she was there. Since the place she is going to is a developing country, where English isn't it's first language, she decided to get to done before she went over there (did you know that you have to write a letter if you are renewing it before it is due, saying why are you renewing it at the time?). Since our lovely town doesn't have a PP office (you send it through Service Canada Office, or mail it), and it can take awhile to get it done, she opted to go to the next town over, which I will call KT. I suggested that we make it a girls trip! I guess I beat her to it, since she was going to ask me, anyway.

Cause neither of us have driven in KT and we wanted to make it more fun, we asked our SIL Cady to come along! It was such a great 32 hours away, and I really needed it. We had a great time together, had lots of laughs, some great talks, and of course, yummy food!

When we got to KT, we went to the PP office first. I think we gave the poor officer who was also the info/please-don't-have-your-kids-play-on-the-chairs guy, as we talked...a lot. We were in and out in about 45 minutes.

Then it was time for food!! We decided to try Woodfire Bakery. (it doesn't even have their own webpage or FB page..odd..I have just linked a review). It was VERY good. I had their corn chowder and tho VERY salty, very good. I also had this odd looking (and tasting) chicken sandwich. It was ok, but not great. I would go back, though, if only for the atmosphere.
We then went to the mall. I love KT's mall. It is bigger than our biggest one here, and so neat to wander around.  I will say that I was very good and didn't buy much. We all went our separate ways, and met up at,  you guessed, it Starbucks.
Cady then wanted to go to Value Village, because as she said, different crap, same store! I bought a nice tshirt, and enjoyed wandering around (FYI, all VVs have the same smell, no matter where you go).

Then it was off to our aunts (we were all so poor that we couldn't afford a hotel, plus our aunt is pretty easy to find...even I could find it, and I have only been there a few times). She was out helping a friend, but our cousins were there, so we had supper, and chatted, while playing The Game of Life. Such fun.

They have more sibs, but one is in S. America, and one was in S. Africa at the time. After an ok sleep, we woke up and chatted with Aunty R, and had the best Breakfast Egg Muffins EVER! We also brought some Cinnamon Buns!
                                                Yes, these were homemade..and SOO good!
                                                  Cinnzeo Cinnamon Buns. Yummy!!

After our goodbyes, we went to a store that Vienna wanted to check out, and then went on a hunt to find (no thanks to Google Maps) some Curly Horses. Ok, we didn't see THESE curly horse, but we saw some similar. Cady has been allergic to horses since well, forever, and she had heard of people who are allergic to non curlies do just fine with CH;s. Well, after a somewhat crazy drive and some off roading, we finally found the farm. It was worth it, that's for sure. Cady did great, and the horses were so cute!
Aren't they adorable!!??

After our trip to the farm, we made tracks back to home. After a quick stop at Wendys for a late lunch, we started on our way. It was a great time away, I hope we can do it again before Vienna leaves this summer.


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