A Wedding and a Very Interesting Easter Wknd

I thought I would combine two posts in one, since both of them are going to be kind of short. Two wks ago today, I attended a wedding of a friend of mine. To be honest, we aren't extremely close, but we were pretty good friends a couple of years back. I was almost 100% sure I was going to be going alone, since Anker doesn't really know her very well, and didn't know her new husband at all (I only met him once). I don't mind Anker not going to things if he doesn't know the people very well. He also wasn't feeling well, either, so I didn't mind going alone.

It was her second wedding and his first (she has two kids from her previous marriage), so the wedding was a bit fancier than I would have expected for a second wedding, but it was a very nice ceremony, a beautiful day and a great reception. The wedding was held outside on the University Gardens. Met up with friends btwn the ceremony and reception, and grabbed a coffee a Starbucks and headed to the reception. I am so glad that there were a few people that I knew, so I had someone to talk to. There is nothing worse than going to a wedding where you don't know anyone.

Here are some of my favourite pics from the day.
                                                      Little Miss walking down the aisle.
                                                    Her son walking her down the aisle.
                                                          Signing of the registery.
                                                                    Mr. and Mrs!!
                                                One of my favourite shots of these two.
                                                  The best ceremony shot I could get.
                                                             Cupcakes!!! Yum!
                                                                    The candy bar.
 Her hair was amazing! She is a hairstylist herself, so I think she enjoyed getting her own hair done all pretty for a change instead of her doing others' hair.
                                                          The candy bar with lights.
                                                                 The garter!
                                  I pinned my hair up. It took a half hour, but it was worth it.
                                                                Their first dance.

The following pictures are taken by Evolution Photography. I take no credit at all for these pictures.
 The bride has her own Kanzashi business. She does hair accessories, with these designs. She decided to go and do her bouquets this way. What a neat idea!
                                                              Her bouquet. Isn't it gorgeous!

                                                   Her FB page, Anjer Kanzashi Designs. You can read a bit more about her business here. No official webpage.

All in all it was a nice wedding, and I was gad that I was invited and went :) I think the best part of the wedding was watching everyone dance, and listening to the great songs!! I stayed for as long I as I wanted to, because if Anker had been there, he would have wanted to have left way earlier than I did, so I enjoyed hanging out :)

Now on to last (Easter) wknd.

Easter has never been a big holiday in my family. Obviously, Spiritually, it has been, but not as a family get together type of weekend. Mainly it was because Easter usually always fell in April, when the sheep were lambing, which is the busiest time of year. The ODD time, we had a special dinner, and in later years, we would do a Seder supper. Sometimes, we kids would get an egg or two, and maybe we would hunt for a few eggs (maybe), but it was never the focal point of the weekend itself. I was hoping to at least get Easter Sunday off, though.They ended up needed me for the entire weekend, so when I knew that I would be just working and sleeping, I told Anker to head on up to the ranch that weekend. He went on up, and I stayed back and worked, ate and slept. I worked parts of 10 days in a row. Let me tell you, when those days were done, I was exhausted!!! I also worked an afternoon/evening shift the other day, as well. So, that was my weekend. I did manage to have some chocolate, and an Easter Dinner at work (eating at 10:30 at night is awesome, just saying). It was probably the most interesting Easter (or any LW) Weekend that I had ever spent. But it was a good one. And hey, I made money, which is always a good thing.

And that's the update on the wedding and Easter Weekend! I think that about updates everyone on our lives thus far. I will probably do an infertility/childless update either tonight or tomorrow.


Laynah said…
What nice pictures! She looked absolutely beautiful.

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