Creepy and Greedy, and Don't Be Surprised if you Live Here...

Yes, this will be a rant post :)

Creepy: I have a wonderful blogging friend who has 5 kids on earth and one in heaven. Nearly every post/picture either on FB or on her blogging site has something do with their girl. Her cover photo has all of them at her grave. Don't get me wrong; losing a child is awful, and I am not saying to "move on" and "forget" her, but you have 5 other kids! Enjoy them. Plus, it is a bit creepy to keep your profile picture of you and your girl for over a year. And no one wants to see your daughters grave in every picture. Just saying.

Greedy: I don't like greedy people. Especially people who already have lots and clearly don't need it. One thing that really gets me riled up is multiple baby showers for one (pregnant) mom. Another thing is baby showers for ladies who are on their 2nd and third babies (or more. Yes, my mom had a baby shower for when J and V (and S, too, I think) where born, but that 8 years after her last was born (A and J are 8 years apart) and V got one because she was the first girl born after 3 boys, and it was a HUGE surprise!). I can kind of see it if it your first baby that city; church, etc. You have new friends, and they all want to share in your excitement. Or if it is your first gender after you have the opposite gender. I get it. I do (kind of). But there is a blog that I am following where a couple who adopted a girl nearly 4 years ago (they didn't know whether they could or they couldn't have kids; they just chose to adopt), and who are now having their first Bio-baby. She has been complaining (in my view) that things will change once the baby arrives, and how she will miss just just being the three of them. Yah, boo hoo. My sympathies. She also talked on how long it took them to become pregnant, which was a year. If that. Again, boo hoo. But here is where it gets me; she has had TWO baby showers in just a couple of weeks! First off, who needs more than ONE baby shower per baby? Also, the family isn't supposed to host the shower, and certainly not the mother (grandma to baby)! And why would they give her not only one but three (a diaper shower as well as two gift showers) when she had a baby girl (this is also a girl) not even 4 years ago. Honestly! People are so greedy! I mean, if you want to get together and get the family something large, like a crib or gym membership (ok, that is mean, but you know what I mean)? Or have them give gifts to a woman's shelter (or even better? how about helping someone financially who is trying to adop or do IVF, etc?).

Don't Be Surprised if You Live Here: Every year it's the same. People who live in hurricane or Tornado alley, or places that clearly have deadly storms every year always seem surprised that they get those horrible and deadly storms. I am sorry, but if you live in areas where are volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, tropical storms, you need to expect them, plan for them, and don't be surprised when they happen. Yes, earthquakes happen in BC, but they are not deadly, and don't cause damage. Wildfires happen in our area, and a bad one happened 10 years ago,  and it was horrible, but those big ones don't happen very often (yes, we do get wild fires, but they are usually pretty contained). All I am saying is that if you live where there tornadoes; be prepared for it, and don't be surprised when and if it happens. That being said, my thoughts and prayers are with everyone that is involved. No ONE deserves to have their home and lives ripped apart. It is a sad time, don't get me wrong. I have to laugh because every year at least one bad tornado happens, and everyone seems surprised. live there, you should know and plan for those kinds of storms. Or at least expect it.


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