A Sick Husband and a Sick Cat

I thought I should at least do one or two blog posts about our lives of late.  Since there have been a few interesting things happen in the last couple of months, I thought I would do them in separate blog posts, a subject or two at a time.. (I will also try and do things in order that they happened).

Anker hasn't been feeling well for a good year or so. Just very tired and not well. We had chalked it up to his getting old, but I knew that there was something more than that. I finally urged him to go to our doctor to get some blood work done, and it turned out that I was right. It showed that his liver enzymes were/are elevated. He had an ultrasound on his liver/GB/kidneys, etc, and there were no tumors or growths, which was a good thing. He got another test done, which showed them only improving about 5%, so our GP ordered an autoimmune test, which came up positive. In the mean time he had referred Anker to an internist/GI specialist who STILL hadn't called us for an appointment. I FINALLY called them last week, and asked what was going on, and the MOA stated that he was waiting to see on some tests, before he would see him (or at least take the next step). I called them again, and she stated that he wants him to go for a liver biopsy (BX), which was what we were hoping and prepared for, but that he still had to look at work, blah, blah, blah. It is now faxed over to our hospitals radiology lab, and we hope that he gets his BX soon!! He has had no libido, is very tired and cranky, doesn't go out much, and only has short bursts of energy. It is nice to know that he has something, and that it isn't just in his head. We hope to get our final answers SOON!

                                                                   Sick KitKat :(
                                                          A bit better Kit Kat. A day later.

Now to our kitty; About a month ago, KitKat (KK) started getting really lethargic and not eating or drinking much. Actually, he has been like this for awhile now, but it got really bad last month. He started having diarrhea ALL OVER OUR PLACE...and on our BRAND NEW duvet. Yah, I wasn't impressed. At all. We (I) called our closest- to-our-house vet (Anker hasn't taken him to the vet in years, because KK has been really quite healthy). We ended up taking him in on Friday afternoon (thankfully, I didn't end up working) and spent about two hours there. We found out that he was/is in kidney failure. They were going to keep him over night for $700, money we didn't have (thankfully, I got a good paychq from work, otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to have afforded ANYTHING), so we brought him home (after giving him fluids there), and gave him fluids at home, lots of syringe-fed water and food, and he got better. We brought him a couple of more times to give him fluids, etc, but he has gotten better so that we haven't had to take him in again. We know he probably won't last the summer, but wanted to give him (and Anker) a chance to say goodbye and spend some time together. All this being said and done, he seems to be better now, for the most part.  He continues to a part of our lives, annoying and cuddling with us.


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