A Long Overdue Update in Point Form

Yes, Yes, I am still here!! Just haven't been in the blogging frame of mind lately :) I will try to do a short blog post on each individual update, but for now, here is the Cliff Notes Version:

-Work is going well. I am getting at least one shift every week, which is great.
-Kitty got sick, and nearly died, but he seems to have pulled through the worst of it (for now).
-Went on a 32 hour Girls Road trip with my sisters, and had a great time. Pictures to follow.
-Have found out that hubby has an autoimmune disease of the liver. Our GP has gone as far as he can go for now. We are waiting for the Internist to call us to make an appt and for (hopefully) more tests. (In Canada, you just can't walk into a specialists office and get an appointment, you have to be referred. This is one of the things I don't like about our health care system.
-Finally took our Christmas tree down :)
-Am in a bit of a Big Bang Theory and Grey's Anatomy streak right now. Btwn the 4 seasons of GA that I have, and the ones I have from the library, well, I have 9 seasons. I have only two more seasons to get of TBBT.
-The Little Couple,  and 19 Kids are back on! I love these shows.
-I am also into a new show called Remedy. It is the Canadian version of Grey's. I love it. I am also watching DWTS this season.
-I got a $3 shirt from Walmart. I also bought several new clothing items :)
-I have been having fun buying $5 movies from HMV (when we went away), and WM. I also bought Celine Dion`s new CD. It isn't my favourite one of hers, but there are a few good songs on it.
-I am at my parents' place a day or so. Hubby didn't want to come, so I came alone, and I conquered my fear of driving in the dark, WHILE it is raining.
-We are planning a few trips in the next few months. First up is our church's ladies retreat next month!
-I am also having to start to pay off my Student loan at the end of this month, after delaying it for 4 months.
-FINALLY had coffee with my church lady friends the other day. It was great to see them again.
-Mom is speaking at our ladies Bible Study on Tuesday.
-I am working all (or at least most of) Easter Weekend. Oh well. Other than the Spiritual aspect, Easter has never really been a big holiday for us anyway (it usually always comes in/at the busy season at the ranch). We never had a meal or hunted for eggs, etc. It was just another day. Although there are a few years where/ when it comes early (in March) we would have a supper, and do something special.
-I am having fun downloading apps on my phone.
-I have been spending some time on Pinterest again!!
-I am also renewing my love for Twitter!
-We finally saw the move NOAH today...I am still mixed about it.

Well, I think that is all for now. That was actually more than what I thought I was going to say. I will try to do an update on the major important news items soon!!!

Happy Sunday!


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