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Thanksgiving 2007

Well, I am determined to keep up a blog. I don't really think Facebook (for which I am STILL addicted), really cuts it as far as keeping a blog goes. I am going to start to put up pictures here on this site, as I really dont feel comofortable to posting certain pictures on Facebook.

So, I am sitting here on this sort of dreary Fall day, wishing I could get going on other things. I have a bed that needs to be made, a cake that needs to be baked, I birthday party I really should go to (well, that is later), a house to clean (including bedroom), and the list goes on! I thought I would update you on our Thankgiving Weekend. Does anyone read these things anymore??? I think that MySpace is sooooo yesterday...which is why I am not posting there anymore. I mean, who reads it..haha.

So, we went to the Ranch for Thanksgiving. It was a wonderful few days. Both Adam and Luke where there, along with Krystle, of course!, and her friend Janette, who is going to Bible College in Three Hills. We h…