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A Trip to the ER

Well, I know, two updates just two days apart. Shocking!! I really wanted to write more the other night, but I was just too tired!! The last couple of days have been interesting!!

Two nights ago, I decided to try a new recipe, called Shrimp Stroganoff (SP??). Anyway, it was good, but a bit spicy, but I can usually handle abit of spice! (BTW, the recipe was out of "Company's Coming" book "Fish and Seafood". Anyway, I started getting a stomach-ache. That part didnt worry me too much, but when I work up at 4am the next day, I had REALLY bad cramps!! Also, they radiated around to my back. I dealt with that all day, they would come in spasms, and then go away. I hardly slept. During the day, I did manage to get a few things done, but then it got worse, at about 5pm, I finally decided to go to the walk in clinic just down the road. He (at 8 pm) told me to go down to the ER to get X-rays, etc, done. He was afraid it could be a bowel obstruction. Esp w/ all my adhesion…

A long over-due update!

Hello All!! Yes, I am finally going to try to get this blogging thing up and running and again. I thought I would get to this all the time, but alas, I have not!!

Just a short note, as it is late, and I am getting sleepy!! It has been three months since I last updated you all of our lives. We are doing very well. I am now (as of this week) on regular EI. It also means that I have to start looking for work. I hate looking for work. It is almost worse than the work itself:)

I will be (Lord willing) taking an Insurance course in June, in Vancouver.It is only a week, so it is a pretty attainable thing for me to do. I can advance in my career, with more courses that I take. I am really excited about this. Unti then, I will just find something to help us through the next few months. I have been working w/ a wondeful career counsellor, as well as I took a course in nov/dec (3 weeks long), about decision making (careers), so that was very enlightening.

Christmas was a wonderful time. We spent it…