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Easter 2016/Let's Be Friends Blog Hop

Almost every child in Canada is on their second week of Spring Break. That means, kids everywhere...ALL the time :) 

I went to the ranch (aka: my parents' house, the place where I grew up) without my laptop. Epic, I know. I was only KIND OF missing it yesterday (Monday), so I guess that means I can go without it for a few days. That's a good thing. B/C my parents have very little Gigibites (or whatever they're called), and bc there are about 10 - 12 devices (not including when visitors come), and because they were almost out, I just left it at home. I am only wishing that I had brought to jump on Trainstation for a few minutes, and to maybe watch Friends or Big Bang the last two nights when I was alone. is our Easter Wknd with the family:

I didn't take a ton of pics, b/c well, I didn't feel like it, and I don't post pics of H on SM much anymore, and one can only take so many pictures of scenery and animals.

Because Easter is usually in April, when t…

It's Friday, But Sunday's (A) Coming!

I love this video. I watch this ever year...And I still get goose(God!)bumps!! I will let it speak for itself.

Happy Good Friday! May you all have a blessed weekend.

Friday Faves

1) I bought some cheapo flats from a local thrift store yesterday (Wednesday). I haven't worn them yet, but they seem like nice shoes, and greatly needed!

2) I had a sore on my chin for a week (partly due b/c it started out as a pimple, and I started picking at it), and it was getting quite unsightly. I went to my drugstore to ask the pharmacist what I should do. She advised me to use an OTC antibiotic ointment, so I used their brand...and in less than 24 hours, it has almost healed!! This makes me happy.

3) My EI payments came this week. Both of them!!! Sadly, this will effect on how much disability hubby gets during this time. This does NOT make us happy!

4) Hubby has started on the garden boxes/yard. He actually started on the yard a week or so ago. The weather has been warm enough so that he can do this. He loves being outside, building things, planting things, etc. Oh, AND we found some Sweet Pea plants the other day while we were shopping in CW. Hubby just planted them :) We…

Sanding, and Painting, and Cooking, Oh My!

Before we get into the Easter Wknd, and all of its shenanigans, I should highlight last wknd :)

So, awhile back, Mom asked me if I could help her out on doing some projects on their B&B. The floor needed to be entirely redone. She wanted me to come and help her sand and paint the floor. Anker ended up wanting to come (yay!), so he actually did most of that, while I ran btwn the two houses. I also started painting the batton that is going to on the front of the building, but they changed plans the last minute, so I had to quit that. I didn't feel like I did too much, but it was a fun wknd, anyway.

Thursday: After some errands in town, we left at around 1:30, and while we were grabbing things for hubby to work on the car, we saw a local food truck (which isn't that popular here, yet). He sells hamburgers and hotdogs, and the onions smelled SO GOOD! We each grabbed one, and it was DELISH!

 Oh, and, yes, I did wear green...and my super cool pink SPD socks!!! I even wore some …

Make up Artist/Let's Be Friends Blog Hop

Linking up with Tiffany for this weeks LBFBH (when she posts, that is!).

This what I wore over the wknd. For the eye shadow, I wore Avon's Smoky Moonlight, and Wet N Wild's Petal Pusher. For lipstick, I wore Avon's Iced Cocoa, and I also wore Silver Plum (I didn't post it). And I wore the Glazewear Lip gloss that doesn't have the name on it anymore. For eye liner, I wore Emerald Glow, and Ultra Violet, both from Avon. I wore Maybelline's Brownish Black Mascara.

Friday Link Ups

How does everyone like the extra hour of light? I do!!

Happy Monday!! I hope you had a great wknd. We did! I will write more about that in another post.

But first, here are some of my five faves from last week:

1) We got our income tax refund back, in just under two weeks! We were/are VERY thankful for it. It was a fair amount of money (for us), so it is nice to have a little "extra".

2)..And with that money, we both got hair cuts. Anker REALLY needed one, and I wanted something different. I love my new 'do! And, we also had a date day/afternoon, which was totally fun, and much needed.

I bought this chocolate bar from the bank as they were doing their fundraiser for BC Children's Hospital. It was SO good!!! And I was helping out the kids...:) I have three friends who had their kids/grandkids who were/are at BCCH, receiving treatment for cancer, and they were in my thoughts when I bought it. AND I also bought a new eye shadow pallet, which I like, but it is really ha…