This Week

Just a weekly update....or something like that...:)

Last Saturday, I texted a friend to see if she wanted to hang out in the evening, and she said yes. About a half hour later, one of the girlfriends in our church group texted saying that she was hosting dinner and a hot tub at her house, and I had to decline, but that was ok :) Saturday morning, I got up early and I made a chocolate cake, since I was, well, craving it. I had invited A and K over for lunch, and I wanted to clean up, grab a few things for lunch, and of course, make the cake. The cake tasted ok, but half of it didn't come out of their pans, so I saved it for cake pops, which didn't really turn out too well, either. So, I bought MORE cake mix, and I am hoping to make another set (since I still have a third of the cake and icing in the fridge) tomorrow. Well, my brother and his family came, and stayed for a couple of hours. They left, and I went to the library, then grabbed an Iced Tea from Starbucks, and waiting to meet up with my friend. We may or may not have gone to the local casino "for the food", and we may or may not have played the slots (which, FYI, isn't nearly as much fun since they don't have the "pully thing" anymore). It was a fun evening.

Sunday, I went to church, then to Starbucks, then I can't remember what I did. I think I just came home, and watched The Oscars, and shows on our PVR, then went to bed. A little note about the is the one of few awards shows that I actually watch, in full (except with maybe a bit of fast forwarding), that includes any country music awards. I think because it has to do with that it was one of the ONLY awards shows that our "peasant vision" tv got, and I think I loved all the glitz and glamour, which was why I would watch them in the first place. I also wanted to be in/at them. I told my little brother that if he ever is nominated for an Oscar (he wants to get into movies...mostly making them), that I want to be his Plus 1 :) My dad calls them "drivvel". I call them "the super bowl of the awards shows". I do watch the GG's, and the PCA's, but there is something about the Oscars. I actually kind of care that Leo "finally" won his first Oscar. I thought that Chris Rock's hosting was great (ok, I did miss the first 15 minutes of his monologue, and I DID miss the 2 or three hours of Red Carpet shows, which I watch about half the time. I am not THAT crazy that I have be glued to the tv for 8 hours EVERY I rand a few errands (including grabbing some Sushi on the way home), before coming home around 4, then went back out to see if I could find my friend walking her dog (we were supposed to meet up, but we ended up missing each other), so I went to the park and walked for a few minutes, before heading home, and then I had my Oscar Night Fun! I made a few calls (thank goodness for PVR), and then after they were over, I watched various shows on our PVR. I thought Lady Gaga's performance was awesome!!!

Monday, I had a 9:45 appointment, then ran a few errands, and came home and relaxed in the evening.

Tuesday, I had my dentist appointment, and since I was sedated (I can't even handle my teeth being cleaned hurts too much), I was out from the time we got home, until around 6.  Hubby made some keichla (picture at the bottom). I must have been out, cause I didn't hear or smell anything to jar me from my sleep until I woke up (then I could smell that something had been deep-fried) on my ow. I relaxed in the evening, and watched tv. I was still really tired, so I went to bed at 11 (early, for me).

Wednesday, I woke up at 6, and laid in bed for an hour. I got up at 7, and got my day started. I made my sad version of cake pops, and hubs started on the taxes. I went to our ladies coffee morning (where I took said sad cake pops). I went to help out a friend of a friend for a couple of hours, and I got home at around 4 and we just relaxed all evening. I have a bad habit of hanging out in our room, with my magazines, laptop and tv. I guess it's ok, but I feel like I should be hanging with hubs more.

Today (Thursday), I met my aunt for coffee, and ran uptown to return something, got my bangs cut, and went to Walmart, then came home for a bit....went back out to the library, and then grabbed supper. We watched Grey's, and I watched the new Annie, which was actually really good.

Well, that's my week (so far!). Hubby has had a good week. He has been in a good mood (for the most part), and he has been feeling pretty well. He thought he was getting sick the other night (I may or may not have given him a puke pail), but he woke up feeling fine the next morning. I am feeling super tired, and a bit out of breath today, but other than that, it has been a good week. I have a list of a few things to do tomorrow, and I hope to get them done. I DID manage to do a sink load of dishes, and a load of laundry (including folding and putting away).

                                             This Virgin Caeser came with its own meal.

Calico "helping" me watch the Oscars. And yes, I followed along in the Cineplex's Ballot. That is on how sad I am.

This is what Anker made on Tuesday. It is called Keichla. It can either be savory or sweet. It is similar to the Mennonite bread/pastry Rollkuchen. Speaking of which I may have to try Paska this year...or better yet...make some Resurrection Buns.

                                 My first iced tea from Starbucks of the season/year.


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