The Weeknd

 Yes, I did mean to spell it that in the Canadian singer with the great hair!!!

K, so I realize that we are setting to link up with Friday Link ups, and the wknd is almost here, but I wanted to post about last wknd, cause, well, it was so memorable and

Friday, I spent the day on and off going through our tax and paper stuff. Me and the shredder were one, I am SO glad that I finally got it done. I just hung out on and off during the day...I think I went and ran a few errands.

Saturday, Anker and I watched "Max", which was a good movie. I met up with my friend and her dog for a short walk, then I ran a couple of errands, and came home and watched a movie that I got from the library, and also watched "Groundhog Day". Then I left around 4, and I went to the library, got gas, and bought an appie for our girls' night.

During the day, my friend texted us, saying that we were meeting at another friends house for appies and a movie. I arrived at around 5:15, which is early for We had a lovely visit, and TONS of food! We watched "The Intern", which was a good movie. I came home around 10:30, and I finished watching "Groundhog Day".

Sunday, I went to church. Anker almost came with me, but he wasn't feeling well, so I went alone. My friends took me out to lunch, and then I came home and hung out all night...then we watched Downton Abbey. I am very sad that it's over!

It was a great weekend, filled with fun, food, and friends!


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