10 On Tuesday-My 10 Favourite Magazines

My girl Karli over at September Farm is starting a new link up every Tuesday called 10 On Tuesday. A list of 10 random things, with no explanation needed! I love to make lists :) I am not sure that I will do this every week, but I will try to link up when I remember, when I feel like it, and when I think of 10 random things (10 favourites, 10 reasons why I like/don't like something/one, etc).

In case you haven't noticed if you follow my IG/FB feed is that I absolutely love addicted to magazines. I blame my mother for that one! I bring them home from the library by the truck-fulls. Just ask my hubby. I THANKFULLY don't buy the majority of them (I DO buy some..but they are mainly the weekly magazines). What better way to begin this new and fun series with my list of 10 favourite magazines!!

So...my  10 this week are my 10 favourite magazines.

1) People

2) US Weekly

3) Chatelaine (A Canadian Magazine)

4) Canadian Living

5) Redbook

6) Cosmopolitan

7) Glamour

8) Woman's World

9) HGTV (or any other home decorating magazine..Canadian House and Home, etc).

10) Pretty much any cooking magazine (Food Network, EveryDay with Rachael Ray).

That's it!!


Regine Karpel said…
I love magazines too.
The A Team said…
Hi Regine...Thanks for visiting. What are your favourite ones? I did have a chance to check out your blog.

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