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Almost every child in Canada is on their second week of Spring Break. That means, kids everywhere...ALL the time :) 

I went to the ranch (aka: my parents' house, the place where I grew up) without my laptop. Epic, I know. I was only KIND OF missing it yesterday (Monday), so I guess that means I can go without it for a few days. That's a good thing. B/C my parents have very little Gigibites (or whatever they're called), and bc there are about 10 - 12 devices (not including when visitors come), and because they were almost out, I just left it at home. I am only wishing that I had brought to jump on Trainstation for a few minutes, and to maybe watch Friends or Big Bang the last two nights when I was alone.

So....here is our Easter Wknd with the family:

I didn't take a ton of pics, b/c well, I didn't feel like it, and I don't post pics of H on SM much anymore, and one can only take so many pictures of scenery and animals.

Because Easter is usually in April, when the sheep have their lambs, they don't usually do much in the way of a big dinner, etc. The last few years, we may have something, but this is the first time in a LONG time that we have had a big dinner, egg hunt, etc.

Friday: Anker and I left at around noon. We went into CW to grab a few things for Mom, and then got to the ranch at around 3. The trip (both ways) was beautiful! We weren't there five minutes, and hubby found a project, which delighted everyone :) I hung out with whoever was around, and H and I played with the dogs on the hay wagon for a bit. He went feeding with Dad, and I think I went to help out with supper. We had a lamb dinner at around 6 or so. As always, it was delicious. I don't remember what we did after supper. I think we all hung out and visited. Or something. Oh ya...we tried to Skype my sister, but we were having Internet issues, so that was short lived. H went to bed, and we played Taboo, and probably watched some TV, then we went to bed "early". This was the day that I gave H his Easter gift. He loved, and one of the toys I bought him kind of became somewhat of a fascination for the adults.

Saturday: Woke up at around 8:15, had breakfast, and started on the turkey. It was a lazy morning (of sorts), of wandering around. Everyone was busy, and I had already done my part (at least for awhile) for the dinner. We started getting things ready for the weiner roast; K and I started on the stuffing (Mom wanted us to do stuffing in the slow cooker...a great idea), then we all had the wiener roast. It was a BEAUTIFUL day. We are sure that it hit 20C. After the roast, we all hung out doing various things, and then it was time to get started on the dinner. We were supposed to eat at 6, and the turkey was ready at 4:30. Go figure. I knew I put it in too early. Just sayin`. Anyway...we sat down to/for dinner at around 6:30. We also ended up inviting both sets of aunts and uncles, and a friend. It was a great evening. A few people had to leave early, so that they could finish up preparations for the next day (Sunday), but a few of us sat and visited for awhile. H wasn't feeling well, so Gramma (my mom) gave him a bath, and K put him to bed :) The rest of us either watched TV, and/or went to bed. Cause we're exciting, like that.

Sunday: I had breaky, and then helped Mom hide eggs for the kids (my cousin, Charlene was also there with her kids), and then I got ready to go, then went to church. The place was packed, which was awesome. Helped serve sandwiches in the kitchen for a snack, then went back with my parents, and helped Mom make bun-wiches for lunch. We had ham and turkey. Yum! I had a little visit with Mom, and then laid down for a few minutes, then Anker went home with A and K. He wanted to come home, and I didn't. So, there you go! Mom and I had popcorn and watched Dateline, and then watched Cinderella. I was super tired (I was having an "off" day), and went to bed at around 9, but I didn't go to sleep until 11 or so.

Monday: I woke up kind of early, and talked with Mom for awhile, which was nice. Then, we went for a walk. It was SUNNY, but WINDY! We had a lovely visit during our walk, which was great. I had brunch, then I may or may not have had some Cadbury Creme Eggs for a snack. Then, Dad came in, and I got him lunch, and then, since my brothers were coming in, even though I had just had brunch, I ate lunch. Ha! We had a nice visit, then I helped clean up, and visited with my cousin for a few hours. Came back in, and relaxed for a bit (read a magazine), then shredded cheese for our nacho supper. Watched Dateline with Mom, then I went to my aunt and uncles for a visit, then came home and played on my phone and read magazines until I went to sleep.

So, that was my/our weekend!

Here are the pics:

 The lamb dinner.
 The trifle.
 Turkey ready to go in the oven. I tried something different and smothered margarine all over it.
 K made Resurrection Buns on Sat. Yum!!!
 This was the project that Anker helped my family with. Covering up the BIG ruts made from/by the tractors.
 Slow Cooker stuffing. It was really good. I would def. make it again.
 K made homemade marshmallows. We roasted them on Saturday. They were fabulous!
 C made this. Death by chocolate. It was delish!

 I read my Canadian Living Magazine while eating Cadbury Creme Eggs yesterday.
 Our car this morning.

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